By Mysti

Random Musings from a Deranged Mind…..

Erica to Josh:  You have a really big heart.

Was she *trying* to crack me up?  Because a big heart isn’t what I think of when I see Josh.  Big ego, sure, but heart?  Uh huh.  Guys that drug their boss so she stabs people on TV have big hearts.  Guys that drug fellow employees so they get into all kinds of trouble and make their boss look the fool have big hearts.  And let us not forget how he spent months treating his “dad” Greg Madden like nasty gum on his shoe.  Then there is the way he keeps badgering JR in his hospital bed.  I'm not saying JR doesn't deserve a little badgering, but seriously dude.  Oh yeah – those are *all* signs of a “big heart.”  (Excuse me – I know it’s early on in the column, but my eyes did indeed just roll right out of my head)


I cannot believe that Lulu gets kidnapped right when Luke leaves town.  Talk about your missed opportunities.  If only they had done it before he left – heck – Alcazar could have put pressure on Luke to do something to Sonny or Jason or Sam (because let’s face it – SAM is the one who shot Diego for daring to be in the same room with her with a gun, so shouldn’t Alcazar be more focused on making HER pay rather than going after Sonny & Jason?  And I’m not just saying that because I’m about ready for Sam to take a vacation from my show.  Much.) Or who wouldn’t have enjoyed seeing Luke and Lorenzo going toe to toe?  They not only have the conflict of Lulu in Alcazar’s possession, but the whole Skye thing as well.  But noooooooooooooooooooo – another wasted opportunity for a fun story.  After all – we can’t have Luke getting the better of Lorenzo when SONNY couldn’t all these years.  (Ha!  Caught them before they made it out of my head that time!)


You know, making Ric and Alexis enemies was a mistake.  The two of them were refreshing – adults in an uncommon love affair, full of wit, amusement, intelligent conversation.  Once upon a time, they had respect for what the other brought to the relationship.  It was nice to see both of them get that respect, since they spent so much time taking shit from the rest of the mobster contingent.  I *enjoyed* them.  I could watch them trade witticisms back and forth all day.  They made me smile.  They made me laugh.  Now – I could just care less.  No – actually – I do care.  It pains me to see Ric attempt to be kind to Alexis because he still loves her a tiny bit, and it pains me to see her rebuffing those attempts because she can’t trust him anymore.  It’s just such a pointless waste.  (insert big Irish breathy sigh of regret here please)


Flashbacks are wonderful things.  They remind of a time when Sonny had a heart.  A real heart, not the one he drags out when his preferred children are around.  (Preferred children, you ask?  Oh come on – we all heard him say that he was thankful for Michael & Morgan – he never mentioned Kristina.  He only wants to claim her when he thinks it can hurt someone.)  I miss that Sonny.


Aw Maxie -  you are creeping rapidly towards being the Heather Webber of our generation, only with skankier clothing.  You scare me, girl.  Someone should warn Lucky to keep an eye on his tea.


And I think that’s all the rambling I have for this week!  Y’all enjoy the winter weather making it’s rounds this weekend – we had our share yesterday!