By Starr Raven Madde


What the hell happened to all my cell minutes? *phone rings* 




Iím looking for a person named  "Anita Hug." 

I donít know anyone by that name, Iím sorry. 

Can you check? 

Iím the only one here. 

You sure? 


ÖPretty darn. 



*puts on a deep voice* I can see you, Jax. 

Who is this? 

I know what you did on Halloween. 

ÖI donít know what youíre talking about. 

You dropped Michael down the stairs. 

Iím hanging up. 

Okay, bye. 


Hello? *line goes dead* 


Hi, itís Maxie! 

*hangs up* 


Whatís up, Spinelli? 

ÖHow do you know itís me? 

Caller ID. 

ÖBut Iím using your phone. 

I know. 




I work for the Port Charles Utility Plant. Tell me: is your refrigerator running? 

Oh, yes, it was, but we caught it.


Pictures are from:



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