July 21, 2008
Wasn't that a special moment when Greenlee soooo graciously forgave Kendall for her grief sex with Aiden?  Wow.  I had tingles all over!  I mean, isn't Greens just the BEST?!!  Even the Angles were singing in tribute to her.  Now Kendall really has a reason to live!!! 
*horks up breakfast*
Seriously... And not one mention of how Kendall forgave Greenlee for all the heinous things SHE had done - things that were FAR worse, in fact.  Kendall has her own special challenges, to be sure, but to see her grovel at Greenlee's feet for forgiveness and then be so utterly grateful for said forgiveness was nothing short of vomit inducing!!  Who is Greenlee anyway?  It's not like she was EVER the friend to Kendall that Kendall was to her.  Greens was and always will be the one who TAKES in that relationship, while Kendall is the one who always gives - the one ALWAYS propping up the Green Meanie.   And Zach?  What the french toast is it with him going around talking about how they owe Greenlee soooo much, and how wonderful she is and how she taught him forgiveness and all that garbage?!  What have they done with the real Zach (when it comes to the Green Meanie)?!
Can we PLEASE, PLEASE move Zendall out of Greenlee's orbit and back into their own?  Zendall has a magic that is rivaled by no other couple on AMC - even Angie and Jesse - and that's saying a lot!  But why do none of the writers capitalize on that magic?  Zendall has more onscreen chemistry when they're BOWLING than any of the other couples do when they're sweating up the sheets!  Why not show them TOGETHER more often instead of having them off doing scenes with other people?  And when I say together, I mean TOGETHER - without either of them wanking on about poor widdle Green Meanie!
There IS hope on the AMC front, though - at least where "Fusion" is concerned.  You know..."Fusion"?  The most ridiculously executed excuse for a business ever?  Yeah, THAT "Fusion".  Some of you may have already heard Chuck Pratt (whose work officially hits the air August 27th) give his take on what he has planned for the business - as in making it more realistic.  How's that for a concept?!  It gives my cold, black heart some real hope for the rest of Pine Valley!  Say goodbye to the stripper poles!  (Maybe wardrobe will take a hint and actually begin to dress the Fusionettes in proper, more appropriate BUSINESS attire.  No more sundresses or spaghetti straps!  No more halter tops/dresses at the office!  WOOOOOT!  Here's hoping!)  Anyway, his take on "Fusion" is as follows, in his own words:
Chuck Pratt:  "It took me three weeks to figure out what they actually DO at Fusion and that Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) and Kendall (Alicia Minshew) run the place.   I'm going to blast into Fusion and make it a REAL workplace.   We're going to get into the drama of office politics. We'll see what it's like for the poor assistants and underlings when two spoiled rich girls are in charge."

Cool.  I'm looking forward to that!  My only concern is that he also seems invested in Rylee.  *gag*  I hope I'm wrong about that, but from the interview I read, it sure seems like he thinks Rylee is what everyone wants to see.  I suggest you anti-Rylee-ites start sending in those cards and letters if you want to nip that idea in the bud.  Another promising tidbit is that he recognizes the importance of the vets!  Adam, for example - he sees in Adam the power he still possesses and doesn't think a great character like Adam should be an afterthought or a punchline.  There is also hope for the Erica contingent - as he recognizes her Scarlett O-Hara-ness and wants to show her for the strong, resilient woman she is.  Bring it, Chuck!


Not much to get into here - though I am SOOOO looking forward to the stunts they have lined up for the 40th Anniversary episodes!!!  It was great to catch a glimpse of Phil Carey as Asa again - he has been missed.

I DO have to take the time, once again, to urge Ron Carlivati to hurry up and get the Shane-Rex paternity reveal out.  Now.  Those scenes with Shane waxing on about how MUCH he loves his "dad," Brody... It was just PAINFUL.  It's cruel to keep this going - and it's really painting Gigi in a bad light.  The time has long passed for this cat to be let out of the bag. 



Okay, here we go....


I get that Guza doesn't seem to give a flying fig for CHARACTER driven storylines, HOWEVER... this drivel with Lulu and Johnny and Maxie (by extension) has so many plot holes you could drive several semi-trucks through them - side by side!!!  Take the coverup angle, for example.  Johnny and Maxie were so worried about Scott going after Lulu for murder that they felt the need to cover up what really happened... Um... Scott isn't even in town - or the Country for that matter!  Mac would have TOTALLY bought that Lulu accidentally killed Logan in SELF-DEFENSE - there was plenty of evidence, for crying out loud!!   The evidence could easily have been gathered, statements taken, medical exams given - to both Maxie and Lulu - and Kate could have been a corroborating witness as to Logan's instability earlier that day.  Alexis wouldn't have even filed charges against Lulu and the whole thing could have been wrapped up and closed before Scott even found out that Logan was dead.  There'd be no way for him to taint or manufacture evidence against Lulu or Johnny. Boom. Done.  (We're not stupid, Guza!!)

As for the summer love-on-the-run while Lulu simultaneously spirals into madness could STILL have been done (without insulting our intelligence) by having JoLu go on the run from CrAZy himself!  That's not even a stretch as Anthony would love nothing more than to get rid of Lulu anyway!  Think about it... Lulu could still be slipping into madness from the guilt over accidentally driving Logan bonkers and then killing him - even if it was self-defense.  Not an easy thing to live with, after all.  I know many people who'd rather see JoLu running from CrAZy than from the law. 

Kate, Kate, Kate...


I know a lot of people are cheering you on because you tapped into your inner-Connie and decided to go after Carly, but I'm not one of them.  So many have cheered your grace and class and dignity, but I can't seem to find any of those qualities in you of late.  On the one hand, it's always good to see Carly get her comeuppance - but didn't she already get that when Michael was shot?  Wasn't that supposed to be a turning point - a reckoning of sorts - according to macabe-master Guza?  Anyway, how is Kate really any better than Carly when she is stooping... no, not stooping... WALLOWING in the GUTTER at Carly's level?  Seriously, what is the least bit classy or dignified about intentionally putting the final nail in the coffin of someone else's marriage?  What is classy or dignified about lying to one's business partner and supposed friend about his wife in order to make it "easier" to deal with him?  Nothing, as far as I can see. 

Trust me, I'm usually the last person to defend Carly - EVER, but it's not as if Kate hasn't gone out of her way to provoke and encourage Carly's hatred and loathing of her.  She never misses an opportunity to get in Carly's face - even going so far as to go to Carly's HOME in order to do it.  Kate KNOWS that just showing her face is enough to send Carly into Tasmanian Devil mode, so why doesn't the classy, dignified, supposedly better-than-Carly, Kate Howard at least TRY to steer clear of her?  Carly is a whack - there's no question about that, but Kate is no innocent here.  AND, for all her former supposed street-wise Connie-ishness, she hasn't really thought this plan through, has she?  After all, by blowing up Carly's marriage to Jax, she is essentially ensuring that Carly has nothing left to lose.  And what does Carly do when she has nothing left to lose?  SONNY!  We all know that Carly is going to focus all her time, attention and will on destroying everything in Kate's life - starting with her relationship with Sonny.  So really, what does Kate's plan actually get her?  Five minutes of self-congratulation?  Yay.  Way to sink to your enemies level, Kate. 

Brace yourselves now... I'm about to say something that may shock some of you who know all to well my feelings for Sam McCall...

YAAAAAY!  Finally a storyline for Sam that I can actually root for!!!  It looks like Sam is finally turning her focus onto something other than herself for a change!  She actually wants to HELP people!  HOORAY!!  And it has nothing to do with Lizzeh or The Jason!  WOOOOOOOOOT!!!!  Yeah, I know, she was initially motivated by the plight of a little girl who reminded her of the daughter she lost, but so WHAT!!!  She's doing something positive - and not to benefit herself!  THAT?  Is GREAT!!!  Can't wait to see more!

In other GH news, I'm sure you all know that GH: Nightshift is returning for Season 2 on Tuesday, July 22nd - I, for one, cannot wait!  (In fact, I'm ridiculously excited about it!)  As with last season, I will be doing the weekly recap for NS and I'd love for all of you to join me!


Until next time, the music is playing and the booze is flowing, so belly up to the bar and enjoy the hospitality!



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