February 12, 2007

The Siblings, Kane...
In what is sure to be a rare display of brilliance, for AMC, I wanted to commend the writers on one positive in an ever-darkening, negative state of affairs at All My Kids:  Josh, Bianca and Kendall are freaking brilliant as siblings. Especially when
they are concentrating on KANE family dynamics. The only thing that would have made the scenes between Josh, Binks and Erica better would be to have Kendall there with them. Other than that, those scenes were PRICELESS with a capital HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Watching Josh and Binks tip Erica completely off balance finally showcased the chemistry that is there - just under the surface - and largely untapped by TPTB. Josh was actually palatable, when he was focused on Binks' lessons about life as a Kane offspring. Erica was completely at her wits end over her children's utter refusal to see things HER way - and non-plussed when they all but ignored her and began dissing her amongst themselves. Now, Josh has always had Erica's number, probably since before he even met her, but what he didn't have was that number from the perspective of being one of her children. He's learning, and learning fast. When left to their own devices, and dealing strictly with Kane family dynamics - sans the Babeslut obsession - these three siblings shine!
Can we see more of this? Please? Pretty please? AMC is at its best when showcasing core family dynamics. After so many years, (and years and years and years) of Erica calling the shots, her three "children" are now finally in a position to turn the tables on her.  (Although Josh would have more of a leg to stand on if he could get-the-freak OVER his Babeslut obsession!) Throw Zach into that mix and you have soap GOLD! Let's face it, it's always fun to see Erica taken down a peg or three, but only when it's someone who's worthy of the task.  (*cough-not-Annie-cough*) The Kane siblings are uniquely qualified to be able to turn those screws - and do it better than anyone else.  As for Zach, he's always had panache in his dealings with La Kane.  It's delightful the way he refuses to give her the adoration she so desperately craves from everyone orbiting around her.  The fact that Zach gives her respect, but NOT adoration, only further serves to frustrate her and delight the fans. Together, the Kane siblings - along with Zach - have what it takes to bring AMC back to what soaps are all about:  Romance and core families.
Here's hoping that at least ONE of TPTB noticed the brilliance in that scene and exerts enough influence over the others, so we can have more scenes like that.  On another positive note, how adorable are the children on canvas right now?  Emma, Kathy/Kate, Spike, Miranda and even Lil A (who is finally starting to show some life) are some of the best "actors" on AMC, since TPTB started getting rid of veteran performers.  They are - hands down - way better performers than the "teen set".

See there?  I CAN focus on the positive...sometimes!


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