By Mysti

It’s Just a Mom Thing 

(Disclaimer – while it may seem that I hate Sam with a blind purple passion, I really don’t.  I used to enjoy this character.  I just have no patience for women that define themselves by the men they let crawl between their legs.  A real woman defines herself by much more relevant attributes – and knows that men may come and go, but family is forever.  Therefore, my problem with Sam is frustration, on top of pity for one who has no self respect.  Whatsoever.) 

Sam to Alexis:  Why?  Why do you keep doing this?” (after Alexis agreed to be responsible for her when she was released) 

Why?  Because you are her daughter, you ignorant, selfish twit.  Alexis was raised without her mother too.  Yet, unlike YOU, she’ll never see her mother again, because she’s dead by Helena’s hand.  Although she wasn’t able to raise you, she has the chance to take care of you now, any way that she can.  You get what Alexis never did – a chance to know your mom. 

It’s too bad Sam’s not worth the spit it would take to shine her shoes. 

She slept with her mother’s husband.  Before that, she took every opportunity to harangue Alexis about how awful she imagined her to be – when all she did was fight for her children with everything she had.  With the fierceness of a Cassadine, because that is what she was.  That is what she IS.  Maybe she didn’t make all the best decisions or the best choices.  But at least she tried. At least Alexis was willing to do whatever it took to protect her daughters – all three of them, including Sam’s ungrateful butt, from the type of violence that took Alexis’ mother away from her. 

That’s supposed to be a BAD thing? 

I don’t think so.  I think it’s called mothering instinct. 

It’s too bad that Sam’s baby didn’t make it.  (Oh for the love of PETE – do not start with how that was all of Alexis’ fault too.  Yes – she shouldn’t have yelled at Sam.  No – that wasn’t what caused the premature delivery.  That’s what the doctor’s said anyway!)  Maybe if Sam’s baby had lived, she might have understood why the safety of her daughters is Alexis’ number one priority.  Before herself, before anything else.  That’s how it works for most moms.  You want to keep your children safe, and you are able to forgive them damn near anything – because they are your children. 

It’s just a mother thing that Sam can’t understand.  I hope she can someday.  I hope one day that Sam has a baby and finally gets it.  Of course, knowing her, she’ll have a baby, and she’ll STILL put Jason before everything and everyone else.  Because you know, Jason is the be-all end all for Sam. 

And that is just sad.