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January 16, 2006


Todd forces Evangeline to mention John's psychiatrist during cross-examination;

Doesn't that make it sound as though Todd now has Evangeline on the stand?

Hugh calls Blair to the stand;

I would think she'd be his star witness by now.

Natalie tells Tess she is not in love with Cristian;

Exactly.  Tess is in love with NASH.  Get it straight, girl!

Nash and Antonio face off; Rock'em Sock'em Robots!

Michael and Marcie are thrilled to be back together.

Oh yes and aren't we all? 

Blair nearly admits she believes Todd killed Margaret;

Aww, give her a Friday or two and she'll squeak it out.

Starr and Jack ask Spencer to help them see Todd;

Of all of the humans in all of the state of Pennsylvania, they pick Spencer?  How can Starr not see right through this guy?

Natalie defends John to Dr. Crosby;

And informs Dr Crosby that he also is not in love with Cristian.

Tess destroys the DNA sample;

My philosophy is that if you pay someone to stick a needle into your belly and suck out some of your baby's vital environmental fluid, best to not trash the sacred sample.

Adriana and Rex bicker;

Same spoiler, different week.

Rex gets jealous when he sees Adriana flirting in a bar.

And they bicker some more, right?


Tess finds Claudia in a rehabilitation facility in New York;

I'll bet she's much happier to find her in a rehabilitation facility than accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. 

Cristian and Nash get acquainted;

My immediate thought is that they will hit it off.  Plan B will be that Cris joins in on the Nash beating brigade.

Blair tells Spencer she believes Todd is guilty;

Which is music to his ears, I am sure.

Spencer is pleased when David does as he is told;

Because that's what you do when your puppy goes on the paper.

David rescues Dorian and Adriana on their first day at Craze.

And this is the thanks he gets??

Todd maintains his innocence as he testifies;

It sounds like he's going to be hard pressed to prove it, though.

Blair wants to erase the feelings she has for Todd;

Which ones?

Claudia shows her true colors to Nash;

Do we even know Claudia enough to distinguish true colors from false colors?\

Jessica re-emerges and she and Nash head back to Llanfair;

She seems to be settling into the whole "Jess' Life/Tess' Life" thing, doesn't she?

Antonio is not pleased that Cristian sympathizes with Nash.

Aha!  Plan A wins!

Evangeline and Hugh deliver their closing arguments;

And...they're OFF!

Spencer pays off one of his cohorts;

More cohorts and more secondary characters to keep straight?

Blair remains convinced of Todd's guilt;

This gal is so black and white you have to believe she never gets splinters in her ass from sitting on the fence.

Cristian tricks Natalie into spending time with him;

Did the Viki mask work again?

Clint invites Nash to move into Asa's mansion.

Good for Clint!  I'm liking him more all the time!



Courtney obtains her divorce from Jax;

Because you just can't have too many divorces!

Nikolas and Courtney nearly wed in the Dominican Republic;

Because you just can't have too many weddings!

Sonny and Emily decide to try a relationship;

Because you just can't have too much nausea!

Carly is certain Nikolas will come between Sonny and Emily;

Because she just absolutely cannot get a life of her own.

Dillon fears Tracy is really dead;

Now Dillion, I really feel for. 

Sam has a dream.

Somehow I am thinking it's not the same one that Martin Luther King had.

Courtney is angry when Emily distracts Nikolas;

They she should come up with a shiny object of her own.

Carly and Jax watch Courtney and Nikolas argue;

"Pass the popcorn, Jax!"

Courtney considers Carly's offer;

The popcorn?

Sonny holds off on his relationship with Emily;

That was fast!

Dillon confronts Tracy about faking her death;

Yeah, that tends to piss a person off, especially when she is the only one in the family who hasn't already been dead at least once.

Lucas is beaten.

At what, Yahtzee?

Alexis is determined to win Manny's acquittal;

Doesn't she seem to be taking this a little more seriously than one would think?  And personally too?

Carly attacks Alcazar after his testimony;

I'd attack Alcazar any ol' time, testimony or not.  That man needs a face lickin more than anyone I've ever seen.

Jason fails to appear in court;

Don't they know a bench warrant will just piss him off?

Sam confronts Manny and goads him to violence;

Was that her dream?  To goad Manny into violence?

Courtney decides to take Carly up on her offer;

With butter!

Jax finds Courtney's farewell note.

She must have hidden it in his Trojan's box.

Manny takes action when he realizes Sam's intent;

I do wish Manny would stick around, but I don't think that's the plan.

Sam loses her temper on the witness stand;

Can we get her committed too?

Courtney says goodbye to Nikolas;

I admire her for being bold enough to tell both guys to screw off.  Good girl!

Jax begs Carly to tell him where Courtney is;

Does Carly trade the info for the Metrocourt?

Courtney's life is in danger;

Is she trying to fly without her Supergirl cape again?

Jesse sets up a sting to catch Frank.

*blink*  *blink*  Frank?

Alexis calls Jason to the stand;

I am picturing her using a two finger whistle to do it here!

Sam is removed from the courtroom;

They have finally marketed the "SamAway Spray?" 

Sonny wants Manny eliminated;

Because he's a fine Christian man.

Manny has a surprise visitor;

Ricky Martin?

Lulu turns to Nikolas for assistance;

She might want to keep turning (elsewhere) because Nikolas just got dumped and isn't likely to be in good spirits.

Skye and Lulu form an alliance against Tracy;

I like the sound of that!

Lucas is arrested.

Because no way is Mac going to let anyone catch a beatin in his town without going to jail!

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