By Starr Raven Madde

Guess the story...


Old bitch-face. 


New bitch-face. 


Old bitch-face. 


New bitch-face. 


Old cute-face. 


New cute-face. 







(On to the story!)  


Once upon a time in a kingdom far away, there lived a beautiful Princess. 


Life wasn’t easy for the young princess, for her wicked husband worked her as a slave. 


The Princess was always forced to stay and watch over her baby, so she could never leave the castle; but what no one knew… 


…was that the King of the Mobsters had fallen in love with the Princess and had given her certain powers. 

The Princess knew, that if she wished it…the King of the Mobsters would take his child and keep it for ever and ever and ever, and turn it into a Morgan. 

So one night, when the Princess could bear it no longer…she called on the Mobsters for help. 


“Mobster King, Mobster king, wherever you may be; take this child of mine far away from me!” she cried. 


That Mobster King granted the Princess’s wish and took his son to the office in the center of his friend’s café. 

Too late the Princess realized she loved her son and his not-father, and so she pleaded with the Mobster King to return him. 


“What’s said is said,” the Mobster King said, for he took his promises very seriously… 

…but the Mobster King could not find it in his heart to refuse the Princess, for he still loved her a great deal. 


“You have thirteen hours to get to the office before our little son becomes one of us…forever.” 


Through dangers untold… 


…and hardships unnumbered she fought her way to the office in the center of his friend’s café to take back the child she had given him. 


The Mobster King offered the Princess her heart’s every desire, if she would only sleep with him, but her will was as strong as his; and her kingdom as great. He had no power over her. 


The Princess returned home with her son, confident that she had seen the last of the Mobster King… 


…for her husband had arrested him… 

…and, sure enough, the Mobster King never bothered her again.


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