By Mysti

Musing On Another Network 

Lately, I’ve been hard pressed to find inspiration for a column while watching GH or AMC.  I try.  I do.  Yet more likely than not, my notes for those shows consist of “More Ned!  More Ned & Alexis!” or “Sonny & Carly v.3.457832.  ZZZZZZ.”  Not exactly the stuff of scintillating columns for y’all. 

When I watch Days - now that’s a whole new ball game.  I watched Days for YEARS – since I was a kid.  Then back in the late 90’s, after being abused over and over by James E Reilly, I left Days for GH.  Yes – I know.  I should have taken the time to be alone with my pain, and learned to love myself before I turned to another soap, but heck – they had Billy Warlock!  And Luke & Laura!  Plus I had a bit of previous knowledge from watching after school back in the Luke & Laura heyday.  So – I switched.  Other than reading the Early Edition on a regular basis, I was done with Days and I was ok with that. 

Then word got out that Days hired a new writer.  And I was tempted. I knew in my head that you can never go back – once a romance is over, it should be OVER.  Yet - a new writer?  Not just any writer either, Hogan Scheffer, who did such marvelous things with other soaps.  So I watched a couple of episodes.  Then a few more. Then I reprogrammed my VCR (no – I don’t have Tivo – we make do with VCRs still out here in the sticks) since AMC and Days have a time conflict.  And y’all.  It’s awesome. 

Days’ Christmas show?  Had. Me. Bawling.  Ok – so maybe some of it was a hormone thing, but wow.  It was Perfection.  The Horton family ornament hanging tradition?  Still there.  Seeing all of the ornaments with names of Hortons both past and present – it was so nice to see a nod to the history of the show.  When Hope came over to help Chelsea hang her ornament next to Zach’s – talk about your soapy moment.  (A little back story for those who haven’t kept up with Days – Chelsea is Bo’s daughter with Billie who accidentally ran over Zach – Bo & Hope’s son, her little brother - while changing the CD in her stereo – then *lied* about it)  Seeing Hope finally able to reach out to Chelsea, recognizing that Chelsea hurts over Zach’s death too – wow.  Growth in characters – such an interesting concept, don’t you think? 

That wasn’t all – Days had Sami & Lucas happily back together, Shawn & Belle working their way back to each other, and Max & Mimi finally being rescued in time to make the Brady Christmas.  That’s the kind of Christmas soap episode I want to see!  Love!  Romance!  Family!  Growth!  Christmas miracles!  And not a bad guy all day long!  Not even any talk about bad guys! 

If you haven’t watched Days in a while, I suggest you give it a try.  I never know where the stories are going.  The show is full of real emotion – love, betrayal, human weakness, failure, regret, hope, and ultimately growth….I’ve gotten to where I can’t wait to see the next episode.  I watch a character like Billie fall off the wagon – knowing how hard she worked to get clean, and I finally begin to feel a little bad for her – after ages of being annoyed by her interference in Bo & Hope’s marriage.  I relate to her pain – instead of rolling my eyes.   

Oh!  And for those who only knew the disaster that was Stefan and Katherine, I invite you to sample the delight that is Patch & Kayla.  The chemistry that seemed to have deserted these two on GH is sizzling on Days.  It’s fun seeing that easy flow of a couple that’s not forced on the audience by demographics or focus groups or because the show doesn’t know what to do with an actor.  Characters on Days don’t have to be in their 20’s to be featured on Days.  Oh no – they have couples in their 50’s that have tasteful love scenes!  (Ok – 60’s – but for heaven’s sake, don’t tell Deidre Hall I said that)  Every age group seems to be featured – and the cast integration….you know how I love cast integration! 

Sometimes – they mix the decades.  And not your tired ole “older man, younger woman” pairing either.  Yep.  Days went THERE.  Not quite Dorian and Joey from OLTL, but close.  And it was FUN! 

Now don’t you wish you’d turned into NBC the last week or so? 

(Mysti will return to her normal ABC Daytime musing just as soon as one of those shows gives her something to muse about.  Until then, she is happily enjoying the fun of a rejuvenated Days of Our Lives.)