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January 23, 2006


The chickens are coming home to roost and honestly, I think the AMC Gods were benevolent to us for not pretending we are stupid for making the educated guesses we made.  That is one of the things I love about AMC.  They do not condescend to the viewers for the most part.  GH in particular will often show us the specific direction a story is going, leaving us breadcrumbs that are so obvious we practically fall over top of them, then pull the rug out from under us at the last minute by introducing previously unknown elements that change everything.  It's as though they taunt us and make fun of us, falling down laughing and slapping each other on the back when we think we've got something figured out.  AMC works with us as a cooperative partner and GH treats us as the antagonist that they have to "best."  The problem is not only that we feel misled, but the story also seems to suffer.  AMC has been building to a few very strong culminations over the past several MONTHS actually and for me, other than a few speculative "what if's," spoilers indicate that they are leading exactly where I thought they would and that the results are being created in a very satisfying way.

Let's evaluate a few of those pots that are just starting to come to a rolling boil:

Erica and Greg Madden

Between what we have seen in recent episodes and what is revealed in this week's spoilers for AMC, we now know that Greg Madden was actually the doctor who performed the abortion on Erica all those years before.  This means that rather than ending her pregnancy, he simply transplanted it.  Erica's little embryo went directly into the baby catcher of Missus Madden and grew up to be Josh Madden, which is why Greg was freaking out when he thought Josh was sweet on Kendall. 

Man, Erica is going to be PISSED.

It's also obvious that Josh also knows about this and is intent on destroying Erica for wanting to destroy him all those years ago.  If she thought Kendall was angry for giving her away, she's ain't seen nothing yet!  Now she has a baby boy who is not happy that Erica was not only unwilling to give him a life, but was unwilling to GIVE him life.  This is going to be heated, I can promise you that.  After all these months of lazy story-telling, we are going to finally see a purpose for Greg and Josh in Pine Valley. 

Zach and Kendall

It is standard AMC fare that as soon as Kendall gives her heart, it's going to be broken.  Personally, I think Zach and Kendall will survive this one, but it's going to be quite a hurdle!  So Ryan finds out that Zach has a copy of the Pine Valley Power Grid and realizes that he must have been behind the power outage the night that Kendall was artificially inseminated.  Being the egocentric imbecile that he is, my guess is that Ryan is going to immediately think it's about him and figure Zach just didn't want Kendall to be pregnant with Ryan's baby, hoping to kill all the little Ryan spermcicles.  My guess is that he found out that Josh is really Erica's child and blackmailed Dr Madden into inseminating Kendall with his own swimmers and the baby she is carrying is really Zach's.  So now Ryan is going to confront Kendall about Zach's misdeeds, but having his typical Ryan shitty timing, he's going to do it while Zach is in the hospital after Erica, who has been drugged by Josh with Amanda's medication, hallucinates that Zach is actually Michael Cambias (fortunately, this is the momentary return of whatshisname who played Michael Cambias, so we aren't looking at long time exposure) and stabs him a good one.

Kendall refuses to believe Ryan, but of course, the truth is going to come out and Kendall will freak out and kick Zach to the curb and then take him back in a really heated, lovely scene.  Once again, the sperm that Ryan left at the club do not make it into the baby package they were meant to see.  Memories of Colby and Liza...

Jamie, JR, Babe, Amanda

= pee break for me!  Did we see it coming or what?  Now Babe is getting all dewy-eyed over JR's profession of love and thinks she might want to be with him after all, until she sees the prenup! 

I was laughing my butt off at the spoiler that Julia will offer to adopt Ryan and Kendall's baby.  Yeah, OK, give the crazy woman a baby.  That works.  She's trolling clubs for me, wearing her screw me clothes, just slew a dragon and tells anyone who will listen for more than 3 minutes about how horrible her life was in the witness protection program.  She sounds like model parent material to me.  More like the woman I don't want to sit next to me on a flight.


This makes me happy. 
Therefore, we will look at it.

OK, move along...

Todd asks Bo to let him see Starr and Jack before the verdict comes in;

I find it interesting that the Chief of Police is the one who is making judiciary decisions about what visitors a prisoner can have.  Wouldn't that be a warden's job?

John and Evangeline remain friendly;

Well good.  Now I can sleep, knowing they are friendly.

Viki is surprised to learn that Nash is living at Asa's;

From what spoilers say, "surprised," is putting it mildly and "outraged" is a better description.

The jury reaches a verdict;

On a Monday??  Not a Friday?

Roxy is curious about Rex's work.

Any spoiler that gives Roxy a scene makes me happy.

Todd fervently wishes for Blair to believe him;

When you pick a dumb one, it can work for you or against you.  It's definitely a double-edged sword.

Evangeline tells Todd she knows he is innocent;

Pity SHE'S not on the jury then.

Blair tells Spencer she will never trust Todd again;

You know, on some level, you'd think she's appreciate the machinations he's gone through as courtship offerings... if she knew about them, anyway.

Starr fears that she could lose Todd forever;

Don't worry, sweetheart, you both have contracts with the show.

Jessica feels overwhelmed;

TGIF!  Toes Go In First, Darling.

The verdict is announced.

I swear, we're a day behind on this guilty verdict.

Todd seems resigned to his fate;

Somebody better bring back Tea DelGato to give him something to live for!

Evangeline is convinced of Todd's innocence and wants to plan an appeal;

Everyone needs a crusade, I guess.

Starr runs away after hearing the verdict;

If she's smart, she'll emancipate herself and go live with Roxie.

Spencer finds Starr and brings her home;

I'm sure he probably already implanted a homing device in her neck while she slept.

Rex confides in Adriana;

No chance this guy is finally going to come out of the closet, is there?

David and Dorian miss each other.

I miss them too!  :(

Dr. Crosby sees John lose his temper when a junkie harasses Natalie;

And that's a sin because he'd interrupt the show.  We all paid good money to see that junkie harass Natalie!

John does not want to negotiate with Ray when he threatens Michael;

Who would?  It's Michael now and not Princess Natalie who is in the hot seat!

Cristian tells Carlotta he is not giving up on Natalie;

Good job, hijo!

Adriana fantasizes about Rex.

*sigh*  Don't we all, darling?

Bo and Michael worry that John is out of control;

And it still amazes me that they are ganging up on John while Antonio went all LAPD on everyone!

John becomes enraged by Dr. Crosby's actions;

Provoked, much?

Starr and Blair have a horrible argument about Todd;

The whole "replacing him with Spencer" thing probably isn't working well for the true brains in the family!

Blair asks Spencer to stay with her;


Viki visits Todd;

I hope she gives him some inspiration!

Jessica questions Nash about Tess.

I just know that Jessica is going to end up falling for Nash!  I wonder if Tess will get pissed and beat the shit out of Jess!



Sam leaves the courthouse to go home and shower after Manny is shot;

Well, that's more than she did between sleeping with Jax and Sonny.  I'm impressed!

Sonny asks Ric to keep Alexis from going after Sam;

Aw, come on!  Let her at her!

Sam swears to Jason that she did not shoot Manny;

Since I doubt Jason would set her up and since she's the most obvious suspect, we can figure it's not Sam.

Skye agrees to a date with Alcazar;

She had to be CONVINCED?  It should read that she BEGS to go out on a date with Alcazar!  Alcazar's the hottest bachelor on the planet!

Bobbie's behavior surprises Lucky.

That she got a scene?

Alexis warns Emily not to get involved with Sonny;

Take a number and wait in the long line, Alexis.

Sonny fears his involvement with Emily could hurt his working relationship with Jason;

Y'think???  With the big head, I mean??

Carly tells Alcazar she can no longer protect him;

Um... WHAT?  (Gods, I hate this Carly with a passion)

Lucas is hurt when Bobbie wants him to get counseling.

Does she think he can get the gay counseled right out of him?

Manny accepts Alcazar's offer;

Is he selling Carly to Manny?  Who could blame him?

Sam has a nightmare about Manny;

That he got a fair trial?

Lucky wants Elizabeth to stay out of Manny's way at the hospital;

The whole "once kidnapped me" thing should put her on a whole other floor, one should think.

Nikolas convinces Carly to give him Courtney's phone number;

That is the most middle school spoiler evah.

Lucas is surprised when Lainey is supportive.

Like a Playtex 18-hour bra, baby, if it means she can milk this bit part a tad further!

Sonny wants to prove a connection between Manny and Alcazar;

And we all want to prove a connection between Sonny and Jason.  BFD!

Alexis forces Sam to face the truth;

That her friends can't dance and if they can't dance then their no friends of hers?

Manny confronts Sam;

I wonder if she will shower after that too.

Carly urges Sonny to end things with Emily;

OK, once more with frickin FEELING, Carly.  Zzzzz  How many times now?

Emily stands up to Jason;

And the rest of the world and aren't we all so proud, um of zzzzzz

Skye and Alcazar spend a romantic evening together.

Excellent!  Impress me and show me some real romance instead of this manufactured instant sex bullshit.

Emily convinces Sonny that they owe it to themselves to act on their feelings;

I'll just bet she does.

Jason fears Manny is making a move against Sonny;

And nobody makes moves on Sonny except Jason and an approved list of wimmin.

Patrick lashes out at Noah;

Might want to be cool with Rehab Guy... I mean, he just got BACK!

Carly sees a different side of Patrick;

Please let it be his backside and let me see it too!

Luke finds himself in a sticky situation.

Mental images there I completely do not want!

Stay Cool Everyone,

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