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By Belinda Ache



June 10 2008

Shocking Confessions 

I have to admit, I didnít watch one minute of television from the first day of June until the eighth. When I returned to civilization (and sanity), the first thing I did was watch the current episodes of our beloved (be-hated?) ABC soaps and I was most shocked to find how much I liked what I saw!  

All My Children 

On second sighting, I might not hate Jake utterly. What a great face! Heís staying till Tad is recovered (something else I need to see that I missed: the heavenly reunion of ďTixieĒ) and looks to be consulting on Ryanís viral infection, rather having been asked to or not. All right, I can dig it. What he is suggesting may kill Ryan? Glory halleluiah I am so ďrightthereĒ. 

I love the seaside location shots. I hadnít heard that All My Children was adopting the hand held cam format but if those shots are any indication, then I like it. Zach and Greenleeís friendship might be the only thing I like about the boresome foursome plus a few. Richie is onto Annieís big fat idea. So yummy! How awesome are Jack and Lily together? (sniff)  Nice touch her leaving to go to MIT. Maybe All My Children is really getting back to old fashioned soap staples? After all, they wrote Lily off screen and didnít have her murdered by breakfast or maimed by any other mealÖ thatís GOT to be a big improvement! 

You know, I like Erica so much better in small doses. Her advice to Kendall to ďfocus her chiĒ was priceless; incorrect about the process by which to do so, but good, solid motherly advice nonetheless. I always wonder why soap people give so much of their power away to other people and it is rarely addressed. Nice job. Ericaís temper fit didnít resonate, but then Iíve never been La-Kaneís biggest fan. 

Oh, I was so worried after the big homecoming was over and they explained Jesseís big fake death that I wouldnít like them anymore. Soap fans are fickle, I can admit it, but I liked the hot senator and Jesse. I think I would love to see a soap police force written as a strong and dynamic procedural. General Hospital flirted with it the last time they miscast Steven Lars. then they hit their backs like a two-dollar date and never followed it through. Wouldnít it be so fine if one of them decided to write a strong, honest, hard working police force that was not a failure or outright joke? This could be it. 

A girl can dream. 

One Life to Live 

Man, oh man, I missed this show. This one. I know I feel like Iím cheating on General Hospital but I just canít help it. I am really jazzed looking forward to a bottle of wine and an all night One Life to Live marathon. Meanwhile, for the first time I like Jared. Cops taking him away, finally I feel him. I also liked Natalie with Charlie and Roxy. Charlie & Roxy could have some chemistry if they decided to play things that way. How sweet would it be top off this show with Roxy getting an old fashioned, slow building love story? Viki could take the loss. Sheís going to have her hands full with Tessica if I hear things right anyway! 

The break up scene with Rex and Adrianna is by far my favorite thing I have ever seen from them; BY FAR. I was slightly irritated at Noraís sanctimonious attitude at the Gannon Spread (doesnít have the same ring as Buchanan Spread nor does Cramer Enterprises sound as grand as Buchanan Enterprises, in my opinion.) How dare Nora act as if she hasnít been on the other side of a scandalous act? Iím not sure I like Nora anymore. She has become one irritating wench. 

I really am impressed with all of the closure and growth Iím watching in the characters on all three soaps. Things like Marcie so bravely closing the drawer with the picture in it and going to try to be a friend to Adriana. Blair and her mothers revealing chatÖ it all really bodes well for things to come. Iím practically a cock-eyed optimist right now. Itís definitely a mood swing I am not normally going through. 

I believe I have mentioned that I didnít want to be invested in the Starr and Cole story in a column where I said ďDamn you, Ron CarlivatiĒ for dragging me into this one! (or something close to that) it is still true, but Starrís intelligent and heart wrenching discussion with her mother about being pregnant touched a few of my heart strings. I hate it that I love this story! Coleís naively thinking that he gets to be a father like the one he wanted, at his age and under these circumstances and without the knowledge that Starr hasnít decided to keep this baby, apparently, is very touching for me. I saw the promos for the ďoriginalĒ returns. I am really looking forward to this! Itís like freakish! 

Donít break my heart, Ron, seriously, I mentioned how fickle us fans are didnít I? I know that people are counting on you not to screw this up but Iím the tough broad at this high school musical revue (call me Rizzo-diva today) and Iím from Missouri so you still have to ďshow meĒ.   

General Hospital 

Oh, my goodness. This is the part that I donít know how to say. Itís so alien to how I have felt for so long but the growth implied by the scenes Monday and Tuesday June 9 & 10 were awesome. Elizabeth and SamÖ Wow. I am so impressed and then right on the heels of that Lucky and Jason. It was spot on. Sonny has to face the reality of who he was and is not who is going to be from now on and I sincerely love the idea of retribution for all that he has done. For me it needs to be in the form of restitution and I donít mean of the financial kind either. This is what it's going to take to make Sonny anything but the cardboard cut out they made him and I like what I see. 

I also loved Mike and Jasonís conversation at Kellyís. Jason really has to be ďthe borgĒ now or none of this plot works. I find myself hoping he fails. Those still arenít the shocking parts though. The shocking part is I love (love, love, love) Jax and Carly. Iíve said it before and I donít think the hugeness of it was truly verbalized. I like Carly. Surely, some where Hell is freezing over. Wait for it, though:  because that isnít the most shocking part. I love Carly and Sonny right now. I donít know what they are doing with Sonny. I canít BE-LIEVE that they will allow the character to grow and mature and actually get out of the mob but then Iím one of the ones still hoping Jason could reconcile with his Quartermaine roots and abandon the mob too. 

Hold on because I donít want you to think Iím loving them or want a reunion (horrors or horrors, I still fear one may someday occur anyway) but it pleases hell out of me to have Carly verbalizing every thought I have ever typed about her ridiculous, unhealthy romance with that man. I do not see how she can still be Jasonís BFF and cut Sonny out, so my pass on the ďI hate CarlyĒ bus has not been completely revoked. (No, right now it has Carly Lulu on it.) I also donít see how it is alright to leave Kristina in the line of fire. I donít normally back Alexisí neuroses and goodness only knows that is more true now that they are sacrificing her character to the insanity of trying to redeem James Craig (not Jerry Jacks, no dammit I refuse to ever accept that) but they are so right. 

Iím disappointed in Maxie throwing in with Vixenella to seduce J-Yawn-Y ZaCrazy and let Lulu catch them. Trouble is, Iím beginning to hate Lulu, so I almost canít wait! It is so poetic to have this follow on the heels of Loganís bet and getting caught with his pants down. The problem is how much I love Spinelli and Maxie and their rather madcap and unconventional friendship. We know that it will no doubt cost Maxie the opportunity to grow from the scheming, conniving turbo-ho, but I guess she has a few more scandalous years before she has to tie on the respectable faÁade.  

Thatís one of the things I always loved about Bobbie, you know, is that she never quite embraced the whole 9 to 5 lifestyle after her early upbringing in the whore house. Damian Smith had her dead to rights when he and Lucy Coe made the bet he could seduce the seemingly happily married up and mobile young professional woman. It made her so human to me because we never change so much from one time in our lives to anotherónot like, I donít know, getting away with cold blooded murder one year and saving puppies and babies the next? Why do they have to try to make every villain a hero and in doing so make all the heroes idiots? It isnít necessary. We love our villains. You can take that to bank. They just donít have to try to say they are gummi mobsters or decent terrorists. Just saying. 

How adorable was Spinelli and Mir at the wedding? Spinelli was, like, almost normal, and she seemed genuinely charmed by him. I donít really care if it goes anywhere or is just a random chem test, I enjoyed it.   

If there were to be one complaint about the rosy red glow with which I seem to adore these shows since I made it back to the real world, it would be that so few things I am enjoying are in the hospital. Go figure.  Thatís a big gripe I know, and legitimate, but I just want to savor the afterglow of fully loving an entire day or two of the soaps.  

This is how it used to be. All summer days and cold drinks in the a/c, squinting through the afternoon glare to see every aspect of our showsÖ it feels good to have recaptured that feelingÖ If only for the moment.   

Next week, the Diva will have caught up on all the great episodes I missed and might find some of them worthy of commentary, (Dorian took over BE? Rex kicked Bitchy Bangs to the curb? Nik & Claudia? Spinelli is a stud? OMG!) Or if you want to know what I think of a specific event, please just send me an email and Iíll be sure to pay extra special attention to those episodes.  

You can catch me on upcoming ABC Editions of Daytime Continentalís wildly popular podcasts and I sometimes have the honor of blogging about One Life to Live at Daytime Confidential, so you can find me pretty easily. Until thenÖ. 


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