April 1, 2008

It seems that I live and breathe for our trips to Houston. First it was to see our son and daughter in law. Now they are runners up when we visit their children. We really love visiting with Seth and Anna and this trip was no exception. We were greeted at the door by our little guy and then it was Grandpa this and Grandma that wanting to catch up on all the things he absolutely needed to tell us. Then it was "Grandpa lift me up to the bridge." In English, that is Seth's way of asking Steve to lift him up way above so he can reach their 12 foot ceilings. Next on the agenda was, "Grandma, let's play ready, set, go." So I sat at the next to the bottom step on the stairwell and put my arms out for him to yell, READY, SET, GO. Once he did that, he ran into my arms and I kissed and hugged him. Now tell me, is this a great way to spend 15 minutes? I would take it over anything and everything. Our children were busy with our little granddaughter during this time so we played Chutes and Ladders, Leggos and Seth read a variety of books for us. Entertainment at its best!!

I held my granddaughter and even though I know she barely knows me, she really put on a great act and made me think she did recognize myself and Steve. She has a round face and chubby legs and all I wanted to do was hug and kiss her. Her smile lights up the room. People say she looks like me. I really cannot say but if they think so then I feel quite complimented.

There was lots to do for Anna's baby naming. For those who are unfamiliar with what a baby naming is... A Jewish boy is circumcised 8 days after he is born and given his Hebrew name(s). First and middle. A Jewish girl can be named with less pressure. The family was able to get together on Easter Sunday. The Rabbi was able to come to their home and name her and my children wrote a beautiful ceremony. Anna Pazit (pronounced PAWZIT) is named for Anna's two great grandmas. Pazit is for my late mother Pearl. I was so honored that they chose to name Anna's middle name for Pearl. Both Steve and my parents are gone. We are fortunate as it is an honor that each of one of our parents have a name in memory of them. All the grandparents read a portion of the service and Seth read his portion like a real champ. Their Rabbi was amazed that he read so well. Seth went over to his father later in the day and told him, "Daddy, I impressed everyone." The funny thing is not only did he impress everyone but he knew what "impressed" meant. Friends of my son and daughter in law and family all joined and we ate the greatest food. Lox and bagels, noodle kugel, whitefish salad, lots of veggies and fruit. Lots of Jewish delicacies.  My daughter in law baked two cakes. She continues to amaze us. She orchestrated this beautiful table and meal with out sweating or swearing <G>. I am married 32 years and I still stress over entertaining company. Here was a houseful of adults and children and she was a cool and calm.

Two days before the baby naming took place, we all went strawberry picking. I insist on opening a new window every day so this was my day to strawberry pick. I never had this on my Bucket List. However, I just never thought about it. It was loads of fun. We picked and picked and had enough for the entire neighborhood. After we were done we brought the strawberries back to the kids home and then we got some sandwiches from Subway. We enjoyed a picnic. Here is another thing we do not do on an ongoing basis. SO picnic 101 was born. The next day to a park to play and fly kits. OHHH to be young and have this energy. SO much fun. By the end of the day I was limping hard. It was okay. We all had fun. I can sleep in Vegas not in Texas <G>

The visit is always too short for me and I am already planning our next visit in my head. In a week or so I am going to NY to a cousin's son's wedding. Steve isn't going so I will as always take loads of pictures for him. I will get to see my brother again. Funny while we were growing up we fought like cat and dog. Now we actually look forward to seeing each other. I get to see my sister in law and my nieces and my best friend Gail. Not Oprah's Gail. Max's Gail!!!. I cannot wait. Then in June to the Daytime Emmy's with Leslye, and some others and then the GH weekend which will be one entire week. Yes I know I am constantly going somewhere but I have to do it now. I do not know when it's going to end. So I am grabbing that brass ring every day because my life is worth living and I intend to live it up for as long as I can.

Whether you open a new window or have a bucket list, live your life. How many times can we say this... There is no rehearsal for living. Live is (A)L I VE. It 's a wonderful life if you let yourself LIVE

Love, Maxine

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