March 8, 2007

Before we begin, I'd like to take a moment, and the opportunity, to jump on the happy bus with all the others who are celebrating the dismissal of Megan McTavish and the end of her reign of terror over at AMC.  That said, I also join with those who see this as merely a positive FIRST step in a long, long journey ahead.  Until and unless BS Frons is also given his walking papers, it's pretty clear that not a whole lot will change, since he is ultimately the one who dictates what the writers write, and who they focus on.  Still - this IS a positive step, and I can be happy for that much; how about YOU?!

Bang the gong, the Satin Slayer has finally been neutralized!  WEll, at least as far as his serial killing spree.  And - get down on your knees and thank whatever deity you choose - ZACH was the one to stop him AND to save Kendall.  I would have bet a billion of those Cambias bucks (cuz, well *I* don't have that kind of scratch) that Frons would once again have the writers make Ryass the hero who saves the day.  Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou for FINALLY letting Zach be the hero  and Ryass be the ineffectual spud that most people know him to be.

>takes time out for a happy dance<

By the way, most people clearly does not include Annie.  Like Erica, she continues to believe that Ryass walks on water.  Annie actually BELIEVED that Ryass was the one who caught the Satin-Slayer, with ONE HAND, no less - whilst with the other he was arranging for Broadway stars to take the little princesses shopping.

>huge eyeroll<

And Thorsten Kaye?  Forget the Emmy pre-noms for next years award ceremony, okay?  Give that man his props.  T.K. was AWESOME in his scenes with Kendall and Alex-the-Elder.  Such intensity!  Such passion!  Such raw emotion!  The only thing that scares me about this is that TPTB can see what the rest of us already know:  Thorsten Kaye as Zach can act circles around their golden boy and 90% of the rest of the current cast.  That's almost a death sentence on ABC soaps these days.  No, seriously... Look what happened to Vincent Irrizarry, Julia Barr and Cady McClain.  Look at how they've back-burnered the vets, like David Canary - just to name one.  Just the other day, when DC was playing Stuart and Adam (*happy sigh*) and they were talking about how scared and worried Adam was about Krystal...?  DC put more true talent and emotion behind that short (all TOO short) scene than any of the upstarts could convey in fifty scenes. 

I worry, too, about Walt Willey.  Now that he is finally free of being relegated to lapdog status, he has started to SHINE again.  Jackson Montgomery (the REAL Jackson) was BACK last week, and none too soon, in my opinion.  Likewise for Michael E. Knight.  Show of hands, please?  Who DIDN'T love it when he told Ryass to STFU already?!   Me personally?  I STOOD UP AND CHEERED!!  I don't think I was alone in that, either.  MEK was also ON in his scenes with TK, when Tad was trying to talk Zach down off that proverbial ledge, so that he wouldn't kill Alex-the-Elder.  Brav-freakin-O!!!

Someone I don't fear for, employment-wise, is Susan Lucci.  This is simply due to the fact that she hasn't shown the same passion and intensity as the others.  Nor has her character shown any growth in quite some time.  When Kendall returned to Pine Valley, Erica was immediately up to her tired, old inexplicable Ryass worshipping.  "Ryan would never go off and leave Kendall after what she's been through."  I'm sorry.SAY WHAAAAAAAAT?!!  No, Erica, Ryass has done much worse to your daughter and will likely continue to do so; just as you will continue to see him as a God among men.  I swear.Why didn't anyone tell her she was channeling Alex-the-Elder, when she insisted that Ryass and Kendall belonged together?  That might have shut her up for five seconds.

I also don't fear for the continued employment of Alexa Havins at ABC Daytime.  Yes, I've heard the rumors about her leaving when her contract is up, to test the waters on the West Coast, but I'm not holding my breath.  TPTB (read: Frons) seem to dote on her and Babe, so I can't see them letting her go without at least a bit of a fight.  I could live with them keeping her on board, so long as they dial it back about twenty notches with the Babe worship.  Really.  Seriously.  It's all a bit too much.  Babe is not love, nor a paragon of virtue as they continually try to get us to believe.  Neither is Krystal, which is a crying shame, because the woman actually makes sense when dealing with people who are not herself or Babe.   I'm not a fan of Colby Chandler, but it's hard not to feel a little sorry for her, when Krystal holds her to one standard of behavior, yet gives Babe a free pass on all the stupid, cruel, irresponsible stuff she has pulled.  JR is evil incarnate, but Babe, the multiple adulteress and kidnapper walks on water?  Huh?

Okay, I'm just rambling now.  (Must be the booze)  Suffice it to say, I'm holding out hope that TPTB aren't just paying lip-service to the very real concerns Soap fans have expressed, by firing McTavish.  She was only one aspect leading to the downfall of a once great and beloved soap.  I've never been one to wish unemployment on anyone (at least not lightly) but McTavish is not the only one who needs to be given her walking papers.  


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