March 15, 2007


Something to TRULY feel joyful about in regards to the state of All My Children!

Bang the gong, ring the bells, sing out loud with joy; for there is a Zendall baby in the making!

Please, please, PLEASE, don't screw this up Mr. Frons.  In the name of all that is good and decent on this Earth do NOT screw this up!!   Do not kill this baby before it is born.  Do not kill this baby AFTER it is born.  For the first time long as I can remember.... a child has been conceived by two people who are married, madly in love, and reasonably happy.  There is no "Who's the Daddy?" mystery.  There is no third party - (ala Jeff and Josh with Erica and Babe) planning and plotting to break-up the happy parents-to-be. How refreshing is THAT?!  (Very!)  Let this one stand.  Please?  Pretty please?  The type of relationship shared by Zach and Kendall is one of the very reasons WHY we watch soaps to begin with.  The romance, the fun, the unwavering love and support they give one another, the SPARKS for crying out loud!  

While I'm begging here, on bended knee, I might add, please, please, please leave Ryass out of their life?  Okay?  An occasional encounter is one thing.  Ryass is presumably Spike's father (though I STILL don't believe that one) so he can have some (minimal) interaction with Kendall.  Just a little.  But, leave him the frell OUT of their marriage.  Leave Kendall out of Ryass' life, too.  If it takes the Stepford Automaton to finally firmly define that boundary, so be it.  I'll put up with Annie if it means that things are FINALLY done between Ryass and Kendall.  In case TPTB haven't "heard" the fans yet (still?) we don't want Ryass and Kendall together.  Ever.  She's happy with Zach, let her LET GO of Ryass. 

That said, I have an idea how to make life with Annie a little more palatable for the viewers.  Show Annie to be the evil that (some of us know) she is.  Earth mother?  Is that what Kendall called her?  Earth mother my Aunt Fanny!  It's a cover!  It's a con!  Underneath that Stepford exterior beats the heart of a true bitch!  Let it out!  In small increments, maybe, but let it OUT!  Milquetoast Annie isn't going to hold the interest or attention of a sophisticated, experienced soap audience.  And since I want Ryass as far away from Zendall as possible, and Milquetoast seems to be the only game in town (for now) then she needs to be bitched up.  She needs to show her true colors. 

I advocated, not so long ago, for Annie to be the Satin Slayer.  I didn't get that wish, but who's to say that she can't still be a villain?  Who's to say that she can't be working some secret agenda for Alex Cambias the Elder?  Who's to say she's not hiding some other deep, dark secret from her past (aside from the whole ex-husband as child molester/rapist thing)?  And if they insist upon bringing a recast Greenlee into the mix, who better to bring out Annie's inner-bitch than Greenlee?  It's beyond boring (and annoying) to always have her and Kendall going at each other.  Besides, it stopped making sense a while ago.  As I said, Kendall is HAPPY with Zach, it makes no sense for her to care (so MUCH) about who Ryan's boffing.

Zendall will have enough to deal with - drama and angst-wise - when Erica finds out about this impending bundle of joy.  I can just see her, running straight to Ryass, begging him to talk Kendall into aborting this unholy seed that she's carrying.  It's a CAMBIAS, for crying out loud!!  "That baby will bring her nothing but pain and misery, and she'll be forever tied to that Slater person; when she's supposed to be tied to YOU!"  Kendall is supposed to have Ryass babies, NOT Cambias babies.  Everyone knows THOSE are tainted!  I mean, Erica can't even bring herself to look at Miranda, much less interact with her.  (When WAS the last time Erica and Miranda were in a scene together?!)  She's gone to visit SPIKE, but we all know that's just because he's a Lavery (*coughIstilldon'tbelievethatcough*) not a Cambias/Slater spawn.  Trust me, Erica will give Zendall plenty of grief about the baby, they don't need anyone else to make their life miserable.

Oh, and now that McTavish is gone, (I know, I know, Frons is still at the helm) maybe the other writers can think of something else for Zach to do with Ethan's mother, Hannah.  Word has it that she will turn his head.  Those of us who have been paying attention know that Zach loves Kendall with everything he is.  He would not so blithely turn his head for one moment to even look at another woman.  And this is the man who single-handedly saved Kendall's life by holding on to that dead-mans switch, even after Alex the Elder SHOT him!!  We're supposed to believe that some woman, ANY woman, even the mother of his firstborn son, would be able to make him turn his head?  No.  I call BS.  Stop this before it starts.  Sure, let Zach and Hannah have a moment.  They can grieve over the loss of their son, a son neither one of them really knew, and then let Hannah go on her way.  Please, Fronsie, pretty, pretty PLEASE. Do NOT mess up Zendall.  Please?

Give Thorsten Kaye whatever he wants, just don't let him get away!  He is one of the best things to happen to this show in a long, long time; and can continue to be for a long time to come IF he's treated with the respect he deserves. 

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