By Mysti

Random Musings of a Disgruntled Mind 


You sick twisted bastards. 

It’s bad enough that you had Dixie acting like a twit for months on end.  That you had her throwing herself at Zach, and listening to David, and hesitant with Tad. 

But to make her wait until she was DEAD to see her long lost Kate? 

You people *suck*.  No really. Some of us actually *liked* Tad & Dixie.  Some of us feel that it was bad enough we had to suffer through the David years (ok – maybe it wasn’t years – but it *felt* like years!), but now – now you make us suffer through *this*? 

Sadists.  Why not just have her run away with David?  Why torture us?  As Nancy Kerrigan said – “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????” 

And to top it all off – you let BABE live? 


Note to self – and to my fellow Lucky & Liz fans.   

Do NOT go on YouTube and search for Lucky & Liz videos.  And especially don’t watch the one entitled “We Are Man & Wife.”  It will break your heart – remembering Lucky & Liz as they were before they were sacrificed on the altar of St. Jason’s sacred nipples.  Here they had a *real* legacy couple, and they blew it.  All that history.  All that chemistry.  Damit. 

Heard from my husband during the hostage crisis: 

“Someone gonna shoot Sonny in *his* sex brain?” (We should be so lucky)

“Bet he’d just dream about Jason.” (At least then we’d get it over with)

“Ooo – when did Liz get boobs?” (She’s pregnant goofball.  Of course she’s got boobs)

“Can they shoot Sam next?  And why aren’t HER boobs hanging out?” (That *is* weird) 

Heh.  Gotta love the way a man thinks. 

Speaking of said hostage thingamabob – how much fun would it have been to have Luke and Robert figure out a way in – with help from Lucky, and if you must – Jason, and have *them* take out the mercenaries one by one – preferably with witty repartee as they went?  THAT would have been must see TV.  Much more than “I’m gonna play head games – and Jason will save the day.”  Yawn.  Seriously.  Do they *really* think viewers will see any tension to that?   

And how come we had to sit through Jason putting the beatdown on Ric a while back, but we don’t get to see the bad guys do the same to Sonny?  I mean – there are simply *scads* of us out here who would have LOVED to have seen that….. 


We’ve still got “hours” to go with this sweeps – and despite my ramblings here, it *has* gotten me interested.  I’ve only FF’d through Sonny & Carly stuff so far!