May 18, 2006


Binky's here next week and John James shows up as Jeff Martin on June 13.  I hope they bring a new Head Writer with them.

Ooooh snap!  Did I say that?

Lots of Zach and Kendall time coming up as he holds her hostage in her ICU room.  I am quite sure Julia is going to be highly disgruntled that her valuable "making Kendall's coma-life a living hell by jabbering nonstop, inane bullshit" time was interrupted.  I'll bet she was just getting to the part where Noah was insufferable because of the NINE YEARS IN THE WPP and if Zach ever talks about going into the WPP, she'd better think twice about it because it's not nearly as exciting as it sounds and...

Isn't the goal to get Kendall OUT of the coma??  Julia's babbling would put me into one.  I'm thinking if Zach would run his fingers through the "loops of her hair" (a little OLTL buzz for you vets), clench his fist so that she gets a slight tug at the roots, then breathes into her ear, "If you'll wake up, I'll ... " Kendall's eyeballs would just pop right open in nothing flat.

Stuart takes drastic action and handcuffs himself to JR.  He must say something right because afterwards, JR is back to being the blubbering idiot he was before.  If I had a dog as temperamental as JR is, I'd have him put down.

Don't worry.  Jonathan saves Lily.

David does not hesitate to capitalize on his flash of insight that Dixie believes that Kate is alive.  Remember that cartoon where the big dog is walking along with the little dog jumping back and forth over him saying, "Do you wanna chase cats?"  Picture David saying, "Do you want me to find Kate?'  Dixie (metaphorically) slaps him and says, "Ahhh shaddup!"

She instead decides to tell Tad the truth, that Greg convinced her that she was going to die and that Tad would not be able to take care of their daughter.  She confesses to Tad that she signed papers allowing Kate to be given up for adoption and that she has spent the past four years trying to get Madden to tell her where their child was placed.

Tad stops thinking Dixie is delusional about Kate being alive and instead, gets pissed at her all over again, saying he will never forgive her.  Stuart and JR overhear their conversation.

Tad and Greg growl at one another and make threats.


It's Kelly's fault that Duke is dead.  It's Kelly's fault that Kevin was not a good father. It's Kelly's fault that Duke was in love with her.  It's Kelly's fault that Kevin is sterile.  It's Kelly's fault that Kevin is a psychopath who ripped the ring from her finger after being a total asshole to her.  It's Kelly's fault that she needed validation and love after he browbeat her.  Kelly drove him to it.  Just ask Kevin.  He'll tell you.

Paige attempts to grow a backbone and stand up to Spencer, but like everything else, she jacks that up too.

Tess continues sniping with Jessica.

Marcie finds an orphaned baby at the hospital (Margaret's?) and asks Michael, "Can we keep him?  Huh?  Can we?  I'll change his diapers and feed him and walk him every day!"

Andrew (remember him?) helps Todd face the reality of what is to come.  Evangeline gets a court order to have the bodies of Margaret and her baby exhumed.  Blair wonders if Todd might actually be innocent.  Viki and Evangeline work hard to get a stay of execution as John and Natalie try and beat the clock to get Margaret back to Llanview, but to no avail.

Todd flat-lines just as John gets to the execution chamber and...

Kelly thinks she's pregnant (that's her fault too).


Jax continues to keep Nikolas from the truth about John's paternity. 

Sam is devastated when Jason walks away from their relationship and turns to Alexis for comfort.

Dillon and Diego have a fight.

Tracy pulls Luke's strings.

Things heat up even more between Patrick and Robin.

Sam is determined to get Jason back, but he's immersed in the power of being (duh duh dunnn) The Godfather.

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