June 3, 2008
Written by Maxine on June 1

Well since today is the first day of June, I thought I would write something. I pondered what to write and once I stop pondering, an idea popped into my brain. Now the challenge is to get this idea on to paper. 

Steve and I saw the movie, "Sex in the City." Steve has never seen one episode on HBO nor the syndicated channels that houses the G rated version. However, he being the good guy he is agreed to see it with me. I even told him that since "Ironman" or "Raiders" coincided with my movie, he could see either and meet up afterwards in the lobby. He thought about it for a second and chose to movie with me. He absolutely loved the movie. Same goes for me. The relationship with friends and lovers etc was amazing. I am not a forgiving soul. I think this movie taught me that it's time to move on and forgive. Even if I don't tell the person who I am angry at that I forgive her/him. To remain angry is downright stupid. All it does it hurt. So June 1 is the day I began the act of forgiveness.

If one thinks about it, how ridiculous is it to stay in that state? What am I accomplishing other that having a nasty attitude? There are so many more important things in this world to correct and ease. One of my cyber friends just found out her 14 year old daughter has cancer. My niece was two buildings away from the scaffold crash this week in NY on E 91st. I have been to more funerals this year than any other year and the year is only  six months old. How stupid is it to be angry because someone messed up?  I can be disappointed and the next time not expect that it's going to be different. Being angry because a 14 year has cancer. Absolutely. Sending positive vibes her way, Yes! Sending prayers and finding out she is handling this bump in the road and not saying, "Why me?" made me realize I've wasted too much time on the anger.

SO  today the sixth month of the year 2008 I forgive. I forgive everyone and anyone who has been less than kind to me. I forgive anyone and everyone who has been less than kind to my family. I forgive there is hunger in this world. I forgive there is cattiness in this world. I forgive stupidity in this world and all the other ailments and ills of this world. I hold out my hand and hope that I can make a difference in this world without causing despair.

And the first person I must forgive is me. I have to realize since I am not perfect. Actually much less than any perfection: no one else is either. I am much harder on me then any one else. So as I made this proclamation, Maxine, I forgive you for being angry. I now forgave myself and can move on and help those are in need and not feel any more pain.


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