March 22, 2007

The "Tangled Web" of Carey-deceit unravels...  (At last!)

I swear, I nearly choked on thin air when I heard Josh beratingly ask Bianca if she remembered the living hell that Krystal put her through with the whole MiraBess mess!  Finally!  Someone remembered that Krystal isn't a paragon of virtue!  Too bad it was Josh, and too bad he left off the part about the object of his obsession playing a major role in that hellish year Bianca managed to survive.   In Josh's world it's not okay for Binks to forget what Krystal did, but it's okay - even excusable - for Babe to have made Bianca's life a living hell.  GAWD I hate double-standards!!!!

If it were just Josh exhibiting this twisted mind-set, I could easily shrug it off as a case of love being blind, deaf and dumb; but it's NOT just Josh.  Zoe, who is head-over-heels for Binks is also on the Babe-worship-bandwagon, suffering from the same Carey-induced dementia.  Zoe wasted no time in nailing Maggie for daring to treat Bianca so shabbily, yet she has never once chided Babe for ripping Bianca's heart out (with a far more dastardly deed than Maggie's) stomping on it and then expecting that a smile and a lame "Sorry for the excruciating pain I caused you, but you have your baby back now, just like I have MY baby back, so it's all good" would make everything okay again. 

Jamie let her off the hook for the MiraBess thing - even helped her steal JamAceIII and lie to JR about the tot being dead.  In fact, Jamie is STILL letting Babe off the hook right now.  He's laying all the blame for Tad's broken heart at JR's feet.  WTF?!  Babe doesn't take any heat because you EXPECT her to do anything to protect her Momma, so it's okay for her to hide your sister from you and her father?  Sure, what JR did was despicable, but what about what Babe and Krystal were doing to Tad and Adam?  What about Babe, when the guilt was finally starting to get to Krystal, doing everything in her power to convince Krystal to keep quiet?  Not for ADAM, like she pretended, but for HER.  So she and Krystal could continue to live the good life at Casa Chandler.  

Babe to Krystal:  "Why should Tad be happy and not us?"

*blink, blink*


Gee, I'm sorry Babe...Did Tad ever try to kill you?  Have you thrown in jail? Take away YOUR child?  Try to have you run out of town on a rail?  Tarred and feathered? Demanded that you wear a Scarlett "A" on your chest?  No?  He chose you over his own stepson and helped you run away with your son - taking your side over JR's, cause JR was out of control and he was trying to protect you and JamAceIII.  (Yes, he was WRONG and I still haven't forgiven him for that.) He treated you with kindness, affection and respect, you say?  That RAT-BASTARD!!  How dare he treat you with kindness and decency and then have the gall to expect you to treat him the same way!  It's....It's... barbaric!  BTW. Who were YOU protecting your sister from?  Tad?!  Cause he's such a terrible, out of control, sadistic, destructive unloving father?

While we're running down the list, David Hayward was utterly destroyed by the Carey women. He was lost and floundering, following the death of Leo and then his infant daughter and the disintegration of his marriage to Anna. Those Carey women took a once vibrant, deeply complex man, who only wanted to love his newfound daughter and be a part of her life, and they turned him into evil incarnate.  Yes, David has always been a bad boy, but there were always lines he didn't cross.  He didn't care for or connect with many, but his connection with Bianca was deep and real, and were it not for the Carey women, he NEVER would have become the man who could hurt Bianca by helping keep the MiraBess secret.  Never.

In fact, right on down the line, PV-ites left and right were suffering from Carey-induced dementia, culminating in the final straw:  Bianca herself!! In fact...wasn't that Bianca who was all-but-begging Babe to let them be friends again?  It LOOKED like Bianca.  It sounded like her voice, but... NO!  Come ON!  That had to be POD-Bianca!  Surely she wouldn't succumb (again) to Carey-induced dementia!!  Say it isn't so, Binks!  Come back to the light!  The only two people in town who seemed to remember the unforgivable and indescribable pain Bianca went through were Erica and Kendall, and even Kendall seems to be suffering early symptoms of Carey-induced dementia.

I HATE it when I have to give Erica credit for anything, but she called Babe for what she is.  A lying, baby-stealing tramp.  (No, that does not negate the fact that it takes one to know one, and Erica are one!)

Now, all of that said, I'm not saying that Babe and Krystal do not have their good qualities; they do.  No, Babe is NOT love, as Bianca once dubbed her, but she does have a strong sense of loyalty.  That is a good quality.  Unfortunately, that loyalty does not include her husband or friends who have stood by her through thick and thin - namely Tad, Jamie and Binks.  Babe does have a good heart, for the most part.  Unfortunately that, too, is reserved primarily for herself and her Momma.  She does throw a few tidbits or crumbs to some whom she deems worthy, like Zoe, occasionally.  Too bad it's just not enough to redeem herself.  Too bad the pearls of wisdom Krystal chooses to share with JR and Colby about the way to be "good people" only apply to them, or anyone else who isn't Babe or Krystal.  Rules, morals, honor, decency, commitment?  These are words - IDEALS - that others must live by or live up to, not the Carey women.  And THAT?  Is a crying shame.  Frons and Co. took what had the potential to be two great characters and turned them into redemptionless trash.


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