By Mysti

Where Mysti Admits She Might Have Been Wrong

Ok FINE GH Writers.  FINE.  You *don’t* suck.  You *can* write great stuff.  You *can* make me love Lucky & Liz together again – despite all they have gone through.  You *can* make me believe that Liz really has forgiven Lucky, and that she does indeed still love him. (Of course, I already *knew* that last part.) 

Seeing Elizabeth watch Lucky – the man she had loved since he was a boy – walk away from her hurt me.  Watching her really hear Luke’s words about forgiveness and start to wonder if maybe it *wasn’t* too late?  That’s the kind of stuff I watch soaps for.  Not explosions.  Not gunplay (really – was I the *only* one who thought the Craig/Jason shootout in the Metro Corral was *beyond* stupid?), not flying crystal or kidnapped babies or any of that stuff.  I watch for the romance.  And seeing a couple I’ve loved since they first shared that tentative kiss at the boxcar open up and declare their love after the hell they’ve been through the last year?   

Le sigh.   

So much fuss has been made over the “Metro Court Hostage Crisis!” storyline, Sonny & Carly v.8.954730, and the loss of Alan Quartermaine.  But where GH really shined was Monday’s show.  From Carly trying to impress upon Sonny that love is not always enough to Edward’s complete denial of how serious Alan’s condition was – those were the moments that touch the viewer.  The juxtaposition of Monica’s beginning acceptance of what was coming with Tracy’s growing terror of what she was hearing…it was just ….heartbreaking. 

And that’s on top of the perfection that was Liz & Lucky.   

I know they still have a long, long road to travel.  There is still the issue of that baby being the spawn of the Sacred Nipples.  But you gave me hope this week – hope that the true legacy couple of this show just might have a chance after all.    

Yes – it really annoys me that you don’t write like this unless it’s sweeps.  I wish you would just realize what kind ratings GH would have if you writer types delved into character’s motivations more than 3 times a year – and let them have GROWTH!  I know it’s a novel idea – but honestly. You should try it.  But you knocked it out of the park *this* week.  And for that I thank you.  From the bottom of my heart – thank you.   

And you PLEASE write like this more often?