March 27, 2007

No, no, no, NO!!
I have to ask... Did somebody lobotomize Bianca when I wasn't looking?  I touched on this briefly in my last column, but now that we're a few more eps in, I can see that things are NOT getting any better.  I'm still holding out hope that this is a remnant of McT and Frons' skewed thinking/writing, but I doubt that anything is going to change.
The notion that Bianca would forgive Babe for stealing Miranda from her - for a FREAKING YEAR - is ludicrous at best.  Sure, I can see Binks not wanting to hold onto the anger and the rage; I really do get that.  It would eat her alive inside to hold onto that much rage.  But come ON!  Letting go of the anger is one thing - probably a good thing - especially if she doesn't want to turn into Erica ten years down the road.  However, it doesn't quite follow that Bianca would so easily and readily take up her old BFF relationship with Babe again.   What Babe did to her - that betrayal - cuts far too deeply for the two of them to ever be "friends" again, never mind BFF's.  Co-workers?  Not likely, but do-able.  Courteous, cordial, polite acquaintences?  More believable.  Friends? No.  Just no.  BFF's?  NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS!!!! 
And the instant Bianca learned that Babe was, once again, conspiring to keep yet ANOTHER baby away from its rightful parent?  Bianca, by all rights, should have drop-kicked her little pink arse as hard and as far as she possibly could!!  That, more than anything else, shines a spotlight on the fact that Babe has not learned ANYTHING in the time since finally giving Miranda back to Binks.  She is still as selfish and self-serving as ever.  Did Binks kick her to the curb?  No.  She yelled at Josh for forcing Krystal's hand.  Now, I'm no fan of Josh, but it's about time someone forced Krystal to be honest.  Can't say I care much for the way it came about, but it HAD TO come out.  Krystal is no victim in this mess, and neither is Babe - Bianca KNOWS that; or she SHOULD.  They played God with hers and Miranda's lives and, after swearing up and down that they never REALLY wanted to hurt her and that they were REALLY, REALLY sorry, they turned right around and did it to someone else!  And not just anyone else, but someone who geuinely CARED about them!  Someone who has always stood by them.  Someone who has always been good to them!  Not someone they were afraid of, or someone who abused them or made their lives a living hell and would be a threat to the baby!  Bianca should be beyond livid with Babe and Krystal. 
She should be shaking the rafters with righteous indignation.  Why isn't she?  And, unless I missed something, why hasn't she even CALLED Babe on what she and Krystal sis to Tad and Adam (and JR, Colby and Jamie, by extension)??!!  If she's not going to yell, scream, and rail at her, why isn't/didn't she so much as asking Babe how she could do such a thing AGAIN?!  It doesn't ring true.  The moment she heard about what they did, she should have been instantly in that moment when she learned - and really understood - the full extent of the betrayal Babe perpetrated on her by keeping Miranda from her.  She should have been in Tad and Adam's shoes and she should have felt (again) the full force of that anger and betrayal - especially after having so recently "forgiven" Babe.  For her to behave any other way makes Bianca look like a complete sap.  A dolt.  A dupe.
I don't care how many times TPTB try to prop Babe up, they keep missing the mark.  She doesn't learn from her "mistakes." She doesn't care about anyone else's feelings, or needs, or rights - as long as her and her Momma get what THEY want.  "I said it last time, and I'll say it again, I keep hearing Babe's voice, when she was convincing Krystal to keep the baby-secret from Tad:  "Why should HE be happy instead of us?"   Sure doesn't sound to me like "Babe is love."   Sounds to me like she's as selfish as she always was.  I'll give Krystal one (tiny) nod:  At least SHE had enough decency to LOOK guilty about what she was doing.  Babe never so much as winced or twitched.  Never a downcast eye, or a guilty grimace of pain when she was around Tad.  Never once. 
I suppose this bothers me so much because Binks is supposedly the moral compass in Pine Valley.  For her to (even slightly) accept or go along with what Babe and Krystal have done (AGAIN) means that she has lost her own sense of morality.  She rails against Adam and JR time and time again for their past sins, but Babe can do whatever she wants?  Why?  I'm trending toward the belief that Eden Riegel has seen the utter hypocrisy there and that is why she decided to exercise her "out" clause, thereby taking Binks out of Pine Valley and away from Babe.  I have to say, this time, I won't be sorry to see Binks go.  Not if it will get her away from Babe.  Here's hoping that, if (when?) she does come back, Binks will have gained a little perspective and will see Babe for who she really is.


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