By Mysti

Spencers and Webbers and Quartermaines – Oh My!


I hate to say it – but it’s been decidedly difficult to come up with a column about GH these days.  I’ve tried.  I watch and watch, waiting for something to speak to me.  But not much has. 

I do have to say I’m amused by my reaction to the Lucky/Liz/Jason baby situation.  I find it fascinating that at times I wish that Lucky would never find out about the baby’s paternity.  At least not anytime soon.  Maybe 10 years from now – but for now, I’d be content with him continuing to think that it’s his child.  Having Lucky truly bond with the child he thought was his, and then the devastation when it finally comes out – that’s the stuff of good soaps.  Yeah – it’s been done before, and well by shows such as Days of Our Lives, but hell – these writers don’t have an original bone in their body, so why not?  Of course, Liz would have to continue to feel guilty, but at some time finally make peace with it, and settle down into her life with Lucky, and leave her night with Jason a fond memory of a very bad time in her life.  Then *she* would have to deal with all the fallout from her lies.  I’m not sure if I even want her to know that Lulu knows either.  Why not have her just wonder why Lulu turned so cold to her?   

Oh!  And what if it *is* a girl, and said girl grows up and falls in love with Michael, and since they’d be cousins and all – THEN the truth would have to come out!  Because kissin’ cousins is just icky.  Even in New York. 

At other times, I want Lucky to know.  I wish that Liz would trust in their love, and trust that he could love this new baby as much as he does Cam.  Then no one would have to worry about secrets coming out, or lives being ruined, and we could end the arguments that she is just with Lucky for the baby and all that other crap.  I would have *really* loved a storyline where Lucky & Liz knew the truth, Jason didn’t, and 2 years from now he could find out the truth and *really* begin to understand exactly what he put through AJ through.  That’s just the evil side of me though.  I didn’t really think it was right for Carly to lie to AJ, and I would probably have a hard time if Liz did the same to Jason.   

Just a little bit though. 

All in all – this is probably the only storyline that really holds my interest – and not because the baby is the holy spawn of Jason.  But rather, because it *could* be a great storyline for Lucky and Liz – and I’ve always been more interested in the Webbers and Spencers than the mob.  But that’s just me. 

It’s certainly more interesting than Lulu’s harem.  Speaking of which, did she *really* need a fourth guy?  Not that I’ve got anything personal against Logan, but seriously – the guy puts off major Scotty vibes, so of *course* he’ll be Scotty’s long lost son.  Since Lulu immediately hated Logan at first sight, they will of course be the next “destiny” couple. (oh lordy – will we have to call them L&L3?  Don’t we have enough L&Ls????)  

Yawn.  More Scotty & Luke hate each other stuff.  Hasn’t that already been done?  Frankly, it bores me to tears to see parents of a couple hating each other for stupid dumbass reasons that should have been resolved years and years ago.  Move on, Scotty, for pete’s sake.  You too Luke.   

Whatever happened to Pete anyway?  Did he hit on the wrong nubile young student and get thrown in the pokey?  No loss – the character gave me the willies.   

I absolutely love seeing Alan haunt Tracy.  I get more grins out of their scenes than I do watching the supposed antics of Sonny chasing Carly.  Seeing Luke think his wife is nuts is pretty fun too.  I do wish there was more interaction between the Quartermaine bunch and the Spencer bunch.  Of course, if they did that, we’d all probably enjoy it and then no one would care about the mobster contingent – and we can’t have *that* now can we? 

Huh.  I guess I was more inspired than I thought!