August 5, 2008

SO much is happening and yet nothing is happening. Isn't that how life hits us day in and day out? My friend Bobbie is working on a Bridal Shower for one of her daughter's friends,  Rebekah. I absolutely adore this gal so I asked if I could help. Do you have any idea how much is involved especially during a Las Vegas summer of temperatures of 106 and above?

 OY VEY that's all I can say!!!

The way things are done today makes me feel as if I am a dinosaur. Today hosting a shower is so different from the days I was going to be a new bride. First of all I didn't have a shower. Steve and I had an engagement party. My parents paid for everything and it was held on Long Island in my brother and sister-in-law's home thirty three years ago. I think we got 3 Mr Coffee's and many other wonderful gifts. There was no theme. Just come, wish us well, eat, wish us well again, leave your gift and leave!!! And as the guests left we yelled, "See you at the wedding."

Steve and Maxine June 1975

In 2008, Bobbie was told that it would be a POT LUCK Food Shower. So they had to coordinate who is bringing what. Because this was decided  for us, we agreed to have an ice cream cake and lots of desserts to make it even more festive. Let us not forget the Sangria Punch, water, soda , chips and dip.  Now you ask what about the theme??

 AHHH HAAA !!!  Since it's a couples shower-- oh did I forget to mention that?? - -and our couple, Rebekah and Joe, love the theater as well as the movies-- Bobbie and Stefanie (Bobbie's daughter) named it 


One of my other good friends was able to make this "Playbill" and we used it for our invitations. Then she was able to make the Playbill part into "Thanks" so now our couple has "Thank You" notes. Our bride and groom know about the shower, but not the theme. This way it's a little surprise for them.

Of course Stefanie and Rebekah thought we should email everyone and invite them that way. I am so happy Bobbie put her foot down and insisted on invitations.  However they did have to contend with those who "forgot" to RSVP.  Like my brother quotes from Fiddler on the Roof, ."It's a different world, Goldie."

The shower is next week and yours truly was roped into being the Joan Rivers yenta asking our guests as they arrive what they are wearing and if they have a question for our couple. I am going to dress up as a tourist similar to those I have seen many a time on HOLLYWOOD BLVD.  Trust me it's not the VERA WANG look. The decorations will be Hollywood and Broadway and it will even include a RED CARPET. 

 Wasn't it yesterday we were the brides?? And now it's our turn to pay it forward.

And I say to myself... What a wonderful world.

I will let you know how it goes..


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