April 9, 2007

The Vilification of Adam Chandler...

WTF is wrong with these writers?!  Now, I realize we're not totally done with Megan McT's storylines (or as I prefer to call it: Reign of Terror) but COME ON!!!

Let's talk about Adam Chandler.  THE Adam Chandler.  A man who has been known to be cold, cunning, and ruthless in pursuit of his various agendas.  Adam has done some dastardly things in his time, but he has always - way down deep - had a heart.  A heart that could be reached.  If not by Stuart, then by his children.  Sometimes his heart and conscious didn't kick in until after he'd gone a little too far, or until some tragedy pulled him back from the precipice.   But, he always saw the light - eventually.

Now, I am one of the multitude who has been SCREAMING for the real Adam Chandler to make his return.  He'd been eviscerated by the Carey Curse for far too long, and we feared that he would never return to us, but. Lo and BEHOLD!!!  A little hard truth and he came roaring back with a vengeance! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!  He finally saw those Carey wimmin for what they truly are.  But wait.. What's this?!

THAT'S not the real Adam.  It looked like him for a few minutes there, but.  NOOOOO!!!!  They're making HIM the bad guy in this whole sordid baby-paternity-lying business!!!  Adam was the VICTIM in this, not the bad guy!!  KRYSTAL is the bad guy, not Adam.  Why the hell are they making it look like Krystal is a VICTIM?!!!  The Carey Conspiracy continues.

Let's face it, folks, Adam has every right under the sun to be angry with Krystal and Tad.  No, Tad didn't know the baby was his, although he should have taken Dixie's word a little more seriously than Krystal's.  He knew there was a slight possibility that the baby could be his - even though he spent only one night with the turbo-ho.  It wasn't as if she'd never lied about a baby's paternity before.  It wasn't as if she'd never gone to extreme lengths to keep another baby from her rightful parent.  Tad knew this and STILL he refused to believe that Krystal would ever lie to HIM? What a putz.   Still, he was also cuckholded and has a right to be angry with Krystal.  Adam, however, was cuckholded by both of them.  Like Tad, he chose to place his blind faith (a rare commodity for a Chandler) in Krystal.  That faith was rewarded with lies - the worst kind of lie:  the promise of a new baby; new hope for the future.

He fell in love with and bonded with that child, allowing visions of sugar plums to dance in his head.  He was smitten.  Adam may be a lot of things, but he loves his children with his whole heart, and he loved that little unborn bundle of joy.   Then, he gets the rug pulled out from under him - not only learning that his wife cheated on him and slept with a man who has for YEARS been a chief rival and thorn in his side, but that the unborn baby he loved and doted on for 8-1/2 months was not really his - she was Tad's.

Who wouldn't be pissed?  And Adam Chandler is (rightfully so) PISSED!

Now they would have us believe that he doesn't have a right to be?  Of course he does! Krystal's declarations of love mean nothing to him (or to me) because her actions say otherwise.  Her actions say that Krystal loves and cares only about Krystal and Babe and their wants or needs.  Think of the pain she could have spared both Tad and Adam (and Dixie too) by coming clean the instant she knew she was pregnant.   Adam never would have bonded with the baby, he would have shown Krystal the door, (Babe too) and Tad would have known (had something to live for) a little joy in spite of the Kate heartache.  The damage would have been much less... well... devastating.  It also would have freed JR from the merry-go-round that is Babe/JR.   She would have been outta that house, right along with her Momma.

I want real Adam back.  Not whipped-Adam, but certainly not Psychotic-Homicidal-Adam either!  I've been thinking back and maybe it's been too long, but I can't ever remember a time when Adam actually tried to kill anyone.  (I could be wrong, but I truly can't recall such a thing.)  He 's had people committed, sure.  He's done cruel and reprehensible things, but I don't think he's ever tried to kill anyone.  (Feel free to correct me.)  He's been just as motivated before, to resort to violence, but he hasn't.  No, no, wait!  He did team up with Palmer Courtlandt, to go after Michael Cambias; I stand corrected.   Okay, but THAT?  I understand.  (I mean, who WASN'T gunning for psycho-rapist Michael?)

Anyway, as pissed off as he is, there are some things that Adam Chandler would not do.  He would NEVER disown his one and only son.  Never.  He'd be pissed off, hurt, and feeling betrayed (rightfully so) but he would never cut him out of his life.  Never.  Also, Adam still has feelings for Brooke.  He would never try to kill her one and only son - no matter how mad he was.  He might try to ruin him financially - that would be classic Adam.  He might try to humiliate him, but he would never try to kill him.  Tad, he might, but not Jamie.  He wouldn't do that to Brooke, even if she is MIA.

I'm taking the long way around here to say that, once again, the character of Adam is falling victim to the Carey Curse.  Adam Chandler is being sacrificed (AGAIN) in order to prop the Carey women up.   WHY??!  Why can't Adam have his righteous indignation?  Why can't Adam be allowed to have his feelings run the gamut; from shock to hurt, to betrayal, to anger, to thirst for revenge without making him behave like a complete psycho?  Why?  I'lll tell you why:  The Carey Women!!  They must be propped up and made to play the downtrodden victims who need to be protected from the evil machinations of the souless and irredeemable Chandler men...

(Excuse me while I retch)

Now before I get bombarded with all kinds of mail reminding me of all Adam's evil deeds, let me assure you that I KNOW Adam Chandler is no Saint.  Trust me, I know.  I know he has committed adultery himself, I know he schemed to impregnate Dixie way back in the day, so he and Brooke could "adopt" the baby - simply because Adam has a pathological need to have his own BIOLOGICAL offspring, rather than taking in (another) adopted child (as he was tricked into doing by his first wife).  Yes, he's done some dastardly things.  Does that mean he had this coming?  Payback for all his past misdeeds?  Some may argue that he is getting what he deserved simply for being stupid enough to ever fall for Krystal in the first place, and I can see that point of view.  I don't agree with it, but I understand the sentiment.  Personally, I think he got his comeuppance when Krystal neutered him into becoming Pod-Adam, but hey... Po-TAY-to / Po-TAH-to, right?

The point is, they do not have to further destroy the complex character of Adam Chandler the way they are doing.  They have crossed the line with him going after and trying to kill Jamie Martin, and now with him flat-out walking away from a woman in labor (even if it IS Krystal) - leaving her alone, to fend for herself in the throes of full-blown labor, with only a phone to help deliver the bambino. Adam at his absolute worst would never do that.  (And I understand David Canary was none too happy about it, either!)   The Carey women have been propped up enough - to the point where it's beyond ridiculous - and it's time to stop sacrificing richer, more complex characters to prop them up any further.  Yes, give Adam back his teeth, but  for crying out loud, don't turn him into a rabid dog who needs to be shot in order to stop him.

I'm heading for the bar....Anyone care to join me?


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