By Mysti

Lulu’s Harem

The other night, I once again found myself grinning while watching Lulu look at Milo, Dillon and Spinelli argue about her, with the most bewildered look on her face.  I wondered why I find it so entertaining.  So charming.  So much FUN.  When they had the Guys Night Out last year, with the hottest males on GH lusting after Carly, I was beyond annoyed.   But watching Lulu with the Three Stooges is a whole different story and I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks so.  Rumor has it that audiences are also charmed by Lulu and her suitors. 

Maybe it’s because it brings back memories – memories of our own early days of young womanhood – when we discovered the power we could have over men.  Julie Marie Berman does a wonderful job of portraying that dawning realization mixed with an adorable confusion and disbelief.  Who didn’t think “Really?  You want to go out with ME?” as a teenager?  How many of us had that moment where we realized that “Hey.  There must be *something* attractive about me!”  And then tried to figure out where to go from there? 

Watching Lulu gaze at her suitors in amused, flattered, befuddlement reminds us of our own youth.  Whether we were the moths or the flame, most of us had moments where there was someone that we just couldn’t stay away from.  That we just wanted to be with.  Frankly, I enjoy watching this fresh new way of showing the show’s pet with a harem.  It’s certainly an improvement over 3 women mooning over some man who gets shot on a regular basis. 

You know what else?  I can’t decide who I want to win Lulu.  Spinelli appeals to my inner geek – and how cool would it be to have a non-traditional soap stud?  Then there is Dillon – oh how I’ve always loved his sense of adventure.  Not to mention his love of old movies.  Wouldn’t it be fun to see Luke and Young Speilberg more often? 

But Milo – how I adore that sweet, shy, bumbling smile of his.  If anyone is the underdog, it’s poor ole sweet Milo.  Frankly – he’s the best looking of the bunch.  Plus Milo is just so darn earnest in his Lulu adoration.  You just know he would put major effort into treating Lulu like a queen.  (While getting walked all over by her in the process of course.  No one said young blossoming womanhood didn’t have a thoughtless streak a mile wide sometimes) 

Of course – being a Spencer, Lulu will most likely say “pfft” to all three and end up with Logan (who might as well have a big ole sign on his forehead that says “I’M SCOTTY’S LONG LOST SON!”)  He will – of course – treat her like crap, yet still be the only one who “gets” her.  She will – of course – run into him at every opportunity, begging him for his forgiveness for daring to be Luke’s daughter or whatever until he shoots her in the head or sleeps with her mom or gets shot in the back, whereupon they will fall into each other’s arms, blissfully happy until she starts having sex-brain dreams about Coop. 

Oops.  Sorry – digressed a bit there, didn’t I?  You’ll have to excuse my dire outlook.  I’ve seen how this show operates. 

Go ahead GH.  Prove me wrong.  Write me a real honest to God, rootin-tootin ROMANCE.  Until then, I’ll just enjoy Lulu and her suitors.  And I think I’ll be pulling for Milo.  Or Spinelli.  But dangit – she and Dillon had that whole connection thing last summer… 

Who do YOU want Lulu to end up with?  Drop me an email and let me know if I’m the only one who leans Milo’s way!