By Mysti

Random Early May Musings



Hannah is wench.  Seriously – must they depict high powered women in the corporate world as bitches extraordinaire?  Why can’t they be successful and professional without being considered ball breakers?

It was kind of nice to see a woman who wasn’t falling for Josh’s so-called charm and “big heart.”  Not that it lasted very long…. 

Silly Erica – anyone else giggle when she told Adam she was his favorite ex-wife?  Everyone knows BROOKE was his favorite ex-wife! 

Janet seriously creeped me out this week.  Seeing her distress as she tried to deal with a newborn – every single new mom fear I ever had came back.  Thank goodness the super twins managed to rescue both Amanda and the baby. 

Do all men up north wear t-shirts to bed?  Because we don’t do that down my way and it always looks so weird to me.  Not to mention it’s a crime to have Thorsten Kaye’s lovely torso covered up like that. 

Oh!  Steam room scenes!  Never mind. 


Wow.  GH needs a steam room.  Seriously.  Maybe at the police station.  Or any where that Lucky, Coop and Mac can drop in and discuss cases on a regular basis.  Wearing nothing but a little white towel.  And Cruz could drop in too.  I don’t think I would even mind seeing Scotty or Ric drop by.  Or Mayor Floyd – it’s been a while since the soap world has been blessed with a John Bolger chest shot.  Yeah – someone needs to build a steam room set over at GH. 

Skipping on to the Carly/Jax wedding – ooo – how I loved Carly’s shoes.  And no offense – but hootchie mama earrings are exactly what Carly should be wearing.  Honestly – Carly-babes wasn’t all that long ago.  Luckily for you – I will forego my lengthy rant on the appropriateness of Lulu loaning Laura’s ring to Carly.  Because it’s too early in the morning for me to be feeling nauseous. 

Alexis looked stunning.  Dayum woman.  Chemo agrees with you.  And look – a Ned sighting! 

Did anyone else think Jason looked at Spinelli and thought “damn – does my hair really look that bad?” 

I adored the color of Bobbie’s dress, but not the cut.  I’m not sure what it was exactly.  It just didn’t float my boat. 

I wonder how it felt for Sonny – to give in to the urge to have a drink.  Did he feel weak?  Worthless?  Or is it necessary to have a bully get up in your face and tell you that you are when you’re hung on a meat hook?  Oh – silly me.  When AJ falls off the wagon, it’s evil.  When Sonny does it – it’s tragic.  Excuse me while I go pick up my eyeballs – they’ve once again rolled right out of my head. 

While it seems there are quite a few of y’all out there who are over the Lulu phenomenon, I for one still enjoy the comic relief we get from their pursuit.  Lord knows we need the laughs when watching GH these days.  I’ll take them from any source I can get. 

I think that’s enough rambling for one day, don’t you?  Besides – I’ve got a Dancing With the Stars blog to write – y’all have a great week!