June 15, 2006


The story of what happened while Dixie was away continues to grow and grow.  Next, Tad learns from his ex-wife that she had a rich boyfriend in France named Ian Delaney who was bankrolling her search for Kate.  Dixie is surprised when Tad tells her that when they do find Kate, he will have custody of his daughter. 

Ryan was serious when he said in the courtroom that there would be consequences for JR's actions.  When JR almost comes into harm's way, Ryan reminds him that "accidents" can happen any time at all.

Ryan isn't the only one who has a warning for JR.  Zach has a few words for him as well, but confesses to Kendall that he is not going to go after JR... because Dixie begged him not to do so.

Babe is still on the outside looking in with the Fusion girls, particularly Kendall where the gloves are off.

Lily has nightmares about Terry, the man who accosted her in New York and guess who is coming to town?  Of course, he has connections to other people in Pine Valley.

As you have seen, Jeff Martin is back and is ready to deal with Erica.  They can't see eye to eye on whether or not Josh should be told the truth about his parentage.  Jack knows that Erica is keeping something from him and demands to know what.  Erica tells him the truth and Jack is furious that she would keep something that big from him.  He also is able to put two and two together and figure out that she tried to kill Greg Madden. 

Greg continues to weaken physically.

Jeff tells Jack and Erica that he will tell Josh the truth if he decides it's the best thing to do.

Seething from Erica's betrayal, Jack turns to Brooke when the two meet up at the yacht club.

Joe, Jeff and Tad break up a fight between JR and Josh.

David takes advantage of how vulnerable Dixie is and uses it to his advantage.

Zach promises Kendall that he will never leave her.

Comments:  I am so done with seeing these co-dependent, air-brained, doe-eyed enablers who will protect their crazy beloveds no matter what heinous crimes they commit.  The most recent example is how both Dixie and Babe have thrown their bodies over JR to help him avoid the attempted murder charge for actions that very nearly resulted in the deaths of Kendall and her son.  I threw up in my mouth as I watched Dixie plead JR's case to Babe about how he's been punished enough.  Who is she to determine that?  What punishment did he get?  I saw him get his family back and the chance to move on as though nothing happened which Kendall and her baby struggle to get back to some normalcy of life during a time when, according to AMC timelines if not reality, the baby should still be growing healthily inside her while she and Zach happily await the blessed event.  Now, instead, he tries to gather strength and breath enough to be a normal baby.  Meanwhile, JR gets his life back based on the lies of his Greek chorus while his victim's voice went unheard.  As the judge said, "No one won here, least of all the court."  There is no justice in Pine Valley. 

Now that  Jack realizes that his wife is fully capable of murder and went all out to make it happen, will he, as the DA, press charges?  Of course not!  Like always, Erica must be protected.

Because the Janet Dillons and Greg Maddens of the world inflict their terror onto the golden ones, the Chandlers and the Kanes, they will meet their legal justice... or worse.  The special ones never have to pay for their sins.


John and Bo learn how thoroughly Spencer has covered his tracks when the morgue attendant in Kentucky identifies Bo as the person who claimed the pregnant woman's dead body.

Rex goes to work for Claudia (keeping track of Jessica), which causes friction with both Adriana and Bo. 

David is released on a bail of a million bucks.

John still does not feel closure over his father's death.

Adriana's stalker is still around.

Todd confides to Kelly about Blair.

Cris' hand is even further injured in his next fight.

Layla and Vincent make goo goo eyes at one another.

Viki urges Todd to forgive Blair and rebuild his life with her.

Bo makes a sacrifice.

Blair is determined to find evidence to take down Spencer.

Hugh goes to Nora for advice about Bo.

John dreams about David.

Jessica begins the process of reintegration, but is unsuccessful.  After watching the tape, she goes to visit Norman Leeds, but still cannot remember the abuse.  Antonio watches Norman Leeds die.  Jessica continues her quest for integration by going to the Hot Spot, where she runs into Rose. 

News:  Teen pop star Jeannie Ortega will sing in Angel Square on July 27.

Comments:     They say the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things and expect a different results.  That is why I am on my knees praying to the soap gods that we can once and for all see the end of this mess that is called Todd and Blair.  Can these two please stop beating on one another already?  Todd has seen people rally around him and truly believe in him and want to help him lately while his beloved wife turned against him and literally began sleeping with the enemy.  If he has to dream about something, can't it be the image, no doubt burned into his retinas, of Blair making out with Spencer at the cabin?  Blair did not believe in Todd until the proof was put right in her face, then she was on his comatose body like a cheap suit, begging forgiveness and bawling her eyes out.  It was obvious from the shocked look on her face when he threw her out of the room that she was totally convinced he would take her back with open arms, no matter what she'd done.  I was proud of Todd when he stuck to his guns and refused to give in, but I think the writers are too into Todd and Blair to let them go, sadly.  I can still hope, right?  There's always hope that we won't have to continue watching this train wreck of a relationship careen out of control, mowing down anyone who happens to be in the vicinity.  How about "enough is enough."


Carly is determined to get her revenge against Robin for destroying her happiness once again.

LuLu is warned about tangling with Helena.

Sam moves back in with Ric and Alexis out of fear of Manny.

Nikolas and Robin spend time with Baby John.

Lucky takes his addiction a step further by stealing from a drug dealer.

Sonny continues his downward spiral, this time unleashing his fury on Nikolas.

Ric continues to push Sonny to the edge.

Manny drags Justus' lifeless body from the warehouse, where it is found by Diego.

Diego called Lorenzo, who helps him get rid of the body, but does not see that he has dropped his bracelet in the process.

Edward grieves Justus by lashing out at Jason.

Skye digs deeper into Lorenzo's life and her worst fears are confirmed.

Manny finally gets his hands on Sam.

Sonny continues to be haunted by his past.

Carly and Patrick throw caution to the wind.

News:  Ingo Rademacher has finally, at the last moment, signed a contract to remain on GH.

Comments:  See?  What the other two shows need is a Robin Scorpio.  Nobody gets away with SHIT as long as Robin is around to tell every secret and expose every lie.  the righter of wrongs and defender of the universe, she puts her sniffy little bloodhound nose to the ground and the information just seems to come to her.

If Robin was on AMC, Josh would already know that Erica and Jeff are his parents and Erica would be plotting her revenge.  Robin would have known that JR really meant to kill Babe and would have testified about it.  Even though Jonathan returned to normal yesterday, Lily, Jack, Ryan, Aidan and another other involved parties would already be duly informed, plus Dixie will have been even more appropriately chided and lambasted for being an absentee parent.   Greg Madden would be out of the ground in nothing flat, getting a massage and an alcohol rub and babbling about Kate's whereabouts like a parrot set on tweak. 

If Robin was on OLTL, Spencer would be behind bars, Blair would be in a corner in a fetal position sucking her thumb and Todd would be serving time for one of his prior crimes with Jack and Starr being fostered by Marcie and Michael "for their own good."

There would have been no ambiguity about Duke's feelings for Kelly because Robin would have known them even before he did.  Kevin would not have had a chance to berate and border-line attack Kelly just prior to the tornado because Robin would have already cut him off from his drinking problem and drive his ass to rehab. 

Robin would do the surgery to restore Evangeline's sight and heal Cris' hand.  If she couldn't do it, she'd find a hot surgeon on another continent who could and fly him in.

If Robin was on OLTL, Nora would have been awake at least three sweeps weeks ago. 

It is common knowledge that there are three sides to The Force (Star Wars): The Light Side, The Dark Side, and Robin Scorpio.

Every time Robin tells someone else's secret, an angel gets its wings.

Robin can touch MC Hammer.

Robin has counted to infinity. Twice.

Robin sleeps with a night light, not because Robin is afraid of the dark, but the dark is afraid of Robin.  Nothing lives in the dark around Robin.

Robin doesn't read books. She stares at them until they give her the information she wants.

Robin does not sleep. She waits...and listens.


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