For the Week of July 7, 2008


Thursday was a great AMC day. Here is a paraphrased highlight:

Richie: “Yeah, well you are the reason Mom killed herself, not me!”

Annie: “Well, riddle me this, golden child. How did Dad lose his hearing? Oh, wait, it’s because you pushed him out the window!”


It always comes down to which child Mom and Dad loved best, doesn’t it?

I am sorry Richie is leaving so soon. I want to know more about Annie & Richie: The Early Years. What was going on in the Novak household? Why do the Novak siblings have such a pathological need to survive? True, everyone has the need to survive, but the Novaks go to extreme lengths to guarantee theirs. What was so threatening to their survival as children that they will do anything, hurt anyone, to survive?

Annie’s motivation is what makes her interesting. Despite how she explains her reasons for committing perjury, I think she did it to protect herself from Richie. Why? Who knows.  We know Annie equates safety with survival. I suspect that is why she married Terry, to keep her safe from her family’s machinations. When Terry’s actions threatened her sense of safety/survival, she took Emma and fled.

Pine Valley seemed the perfect place. Friends surrounded her and Emma. She found a job. She fell in love. Ryan, the town’s alleged hero, wanted to marry her. Everything was perfect. Annie could relax because no one and nothing threatened her survival.

(Of course, the relaxed Annie also became the somewhat dull Annie, but isn’t that what happens to every woman who becomes involved with Ryan?)

Soon the not-real Greenlee returned to town staking her claim to Ryan and Spike. Annie’s security was momentarily threatened, but luckily Ryan rebuffed Greenlee. In addition, Annie and Zach developed a close friendship, heightening her sense of security.

Annie weathered the return of the really-real Greenlee until Ryan woke up one morning with amnesia. It was a very specific amnesia, wiping Ryan’s memory of all things Annie. The amnesia was not the only bad thing that happened. Zach decided that Greenlee, not Annie, was his BFF.  How could the latter not drive a woman crazy?

So now, we have a desperate Annie doing anything to survive. Lying about Ryan’s un-vasectomy. Aiding and abetting Richie as long as he makes Greenlee disappear. Not only that, but Annie is going around telling the truth about Greenlee. What heinous act will Annie commit next?

Then there’s Richie. Richie’s quest for survival  has taken a more direct approach.  Bribing the prison psychiatrist for a get-out-of-jail-free card. Calling in a favor to have the same shrink shanked in the prison yard. Stealing JR’s bone marrow. Viewing Richie this way almost makes his obsession with Babe understandable. He misguidedly thinks that life with Babe will be safe.  Oh, Richie so bright and yet at the same time, such a fool.

I believe Annie and Richie love each other as much as members of a twisted family can love each other.

Imagine Annie and Richie ensconced in a rented Wildwind. Both using their wiles to wreak havoc in the Valley. Both adoring Emma and doing anything to keep her safe, especially doing anything, short of murder, to keep her safe from her stepmother Greenlee. From time to time, one of them would fall in love, only to be betrayed. And really, who could make better use of a mausoleum than Annie and Richie.

It would all be soapy, gothic, and wonderful.

Alas, that won’t be happening. Richie is gone this week. AMC says that Annie is not going anywhere, but then they said the same thing about Gillian -up until the day she was shot.

I do not understand the reasoning behind dismissing the Novaks. Unless of course, AMC wants to keep Adam as the only source of evil in town.

Richie and Annie had the potential to be a dastardly delightful duo. Adam and Carmen have the potential to be a deliciously delightful duo.

Erica was right about Adam. He will treat Carmen fairly, which will be a new experience for her. Carmen will also treat Adam fairly, which will be an uncommon experience for him. They are approaching each other warily, but with interest. Carmen’s sense of humor plays well against Adam’s dry wit. When Carmen left his office, Adam’s eyes had that “oh, this is going to be fun” sparkle. The last time Adam had that sparkle was when Amanda brokered her 5 million dollar deal. (Sidebar: Amanda and Adam would have made wonderful business partners and/or in-laws.)  

Carmen doesn’t know any of the players in Adam’s life. It will interesting to see those characters through Carmen’s eyes.  This could be the beginning of fun times at Casa Chandler.

On the other hand, if Carmen allows herself to be “Martinized” I will not really care what happens to her. (OK, I’ll care a little bit, but no more than a little bit.)

What else. What else.

“Krystal was really good at keeping things humming (here at Casa Chandler.” I will take your word for that, Adam. All I know is that these days Krystal keeps things humming every Tuesday night behind The Cuomeback.”

You know what is worse than having no one show up at your birthday party? Having Cassandra, Dre, Corrina and Mr. Hats show up, that’s what. What part of “ it’s Colby’s birthday party” didn’t they understand?  At least Sean paid attention to her when she turned 16. True, it wasn’t the best form of attention, but still…

“(Can you believe) that Richie offered to kidnap Lil’A? Who does he think he is? Jamie? Josh?” You mean that isn’t what Babe said?

“Because if someone went vigilante on my watch, there is going to be hell to pay.” Jesse sounded completely in charge. I cannot recall the last time a member of the PVPD sounded competent, can you? I like Jesse’s approach to interrogation. He engages people in conversation instead of putting them on the defensive by verbally attacking them. What crazy thing will they have him do next, pay attention to the chain of evidence?

“We could make this interesting and you two (Kendall and Greenlee) could kiss and make up.” That would be one way to increase more than one demographic.

“You don’t know how to love, do you? You only know how to take. That’s why we would never work, Richie, because we are too much alike.” You mean that isn’t what Babe said?

“I promise you I have been on this for two hours. That’s more time  than I spent each month looking for Kate.” You mean that isn’t what Tad said?

“It’s also dead and buried.” Unlike Greg Madden who was buried and then was dead.

“The fact is you’ve never said a kind word about Babe.” That’s just one of the many reasons why Adam is so dear to me.

Adam and Krystal’s kiss was wonderfully passionate. Erica and Sam’s kiss was not.

“Maybe Babe left a note.” Whatever, Kendall. Instead of looking for the note, Kendall should have spent that time searching for her brain.

An old friend showed up this week. The green trellis outside the Chandler lodge looks exactly like trellis that used to be part of Joe and Ruth’s porch. Glad to see it is back from its Canadian sojourn.

“You guys, Babe is gone.” For that brief moment, it really was Christmas in July.


Will this week’s spoilers find us contemplating our own sojourn  away from the Valley or not? Let’s see:

One dead body. A town full of suspects.

Zach goes solo to track down Richie.

I was going to write “Zach goes solo and commando to track down Richie” but that just seemed tacky.

Kendall worries about what Zach will do if he finds Richie.

I bet he tells Richie it’s time to cash in his chips. Kendall has the right to worry about the situation, just please do not let her get hysterical about. Please, I am begging the writers, please.

While on his walkabout, Zach stumbles across Richie. Richie is dead. Zach is angry that someone got to Richie before he did.

Maybe Zach will not voice that exact sentiment but it is a safe bet that he is feeling it.

Then Zach does one of the most surprising things in recent history—he calls the police to report a crime before trying to solve the crime himself. Or burying the body himself. Or hanging it in a meat locker. Or throwing it in the town dump. Maybe it will become a PV holiday- The Day Someone Called the Police to Report A Crime.

Color me shocked. I never thought I’d see the day.

Jesse joins Zach at the crime scene. He has many questions for Mr. Slater.

So tell me, it is true the odds are always with the house? Is it also true that you are the same Zach Slater who confessed to killing Greg Madden?”

Jesse checks a few cell phone records. He discovers the last phone call Richie made was to his sister.

Checking the cell phone proves that Jesse spent at least part of the past TWENTY YEARS watching Law & Order.

Jesse questions Annie about the last time she spoke to Richie. Annie manages to turn Jesse’s attention towards Zach.

Oh,Annie, you clever little survivalist minx.

Zach challenges Jesse to arrest him, which he does.

Oh, Zach, it is time you learned there is a new sheriff police chief in town.

Dre and Cassandra drive a drunken Colby home. On the way back to Casa Chandler, the car hits something. They do not stop to see what or whom they hit.

But what if it was Corrina? Or Mr.Hats? Or an unopened keg?

The trio learns that Richie was most likely a victim of a hit and run. They panic and decide they want to tell the truth. They change their minds when they realize Pine Valley residents are under no obligation to tell the truth. Unless that person is Adam.

So much for “Hot Fun in the Summertime.”

Annie remembers what happened on the night Richie died. Tired of yet another bout of arguing with her brother, Annie smacked his skull with a crowbar.

Now all Annie has to do is sneak back into the hospital before anyone notices she is missing. I’m suddenly feeling confused.

Zach begins to think that Annie is hiding something.

Well, duh, Zach, of course she is. Everyone in Pine Valley is hiding something.

Meanwhile, over at the one of the many penthouses in Pine Valley:

Jake tells Greens that she should give Aidan another chance.

After all, the faster Greens reunites with Aidan, the faster she will be reunited with Ryan. Soap logic is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

In an effort to protect Greenlee, Aidan sleeps outside her door.

If Spotted Dick is sleeping outside her bedroom door, it’s almost sweet.However, if he is sleeping in the hall outside her penthouse door, it is downright pathetic. What’s next? Greenlee allowing him to sleep at the foot of her bed?

Determined to sort out her feelings, Greenlee goes sailing.

Which brings us to the location shots. Does the “real” Pine Valley resemble the image you’ve been carrying in your head for decades or not?

Oh no, there’s an accident. Greenlee hits her head. Ryan rushes to her side. When Greenlee wakes up, she has forgotten everything except eating leftover meatloaf with Jake and Joe.

Sure, you laugh now..

Other stuff happens, too.

Babe deigns to continue her stay at Casa Chandler.

Please do not have Babe and Carmen bond. I would rather endure Kendall’s’ hysteria than watch Carmen become an honorary Carey.

Adam strongly encourages Krystal to admit her feelings for him.

Hey, Adam, forget about Krystal. I will be more than happy to admit my feelings for you. Repeatedly.

Sam’s father arrives in town. He asks his son about his relationship with Erica.

“C’mon, son, wouldn’t it make more sense to find a woman with whom you have at least a modicum of chemistry?”

Angie gets quite a surprise when she finds Randi in Frankie’s bed. She is none too pleased.

Well, of course she isn’t. You should always ask your parents before inviting a prostitute friend to sleep over.

Once again Babe complains to JR about how mistreated she is at Fusion.

Those women have some nerve treating Babe like their employee. Oh, wait, she is their employee

Here’s to another week in the Valley!

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