By Mysti

A Word to the Whys… 

Warning – possible spoilers ahead….ye’ve been warned. 

(In case you wondered, I’ve been without reliable cable for the last month, due to a move out in the middle of nowhere.  Last week I just sucked it up and taped a snowy GH off the TV’s antenna.  My hubby has promised me DVR via Dish or DirecTV soon.  Until then – let’s just hope I don’t get Lucky and Coop mixed up again.  I swear I saw Lucky in bed with Maxie again one day and just about had a conniption – then the wind apparently blew and the screen cleared up and it was just Coop.  Whew!) 

Why are they making Lucky a jerk?  Lucky is not a jerk.   Lucky is Luke & Laura’s son, raised with love by both parents while on the run.  He is not a paranoid, jealous, insecure asshole.   This is the kid who walked out on his father when he found out about the rape in the disco.  But not until he confronted his father and demanded the truth from him.  He had the ouevos to sit there and hear every awful word.  Lucky has always had character, and courage, and integrity, and I have a real problem with the writers turning him into such a lame, whiney wuss. I guess since they don’t have Billy Warlock for Jason to kick around, Lucky is taking on the AJ role?  If so, that sucketh much.  Greg Vauhan deserves so much more than this.  Hell - *I* deserve so much more than this!   

Why are they making Sam so damn unlikable?  I mean, this is Alexis’ daughter.  Shouldn’t she have a redeeming quality or two?  It was bad enough when she was running around shrieking at all who would listen about how evil Alexis was when she had cancer or was dying or whatever.  But now she sat there and watched some wacko kidnap little Jake?  Seriously – that’s beyond low and taking jealousy a little too far.  This chick is supposed to be a CASSIDINE for pete’s sake!  Cassidines don’t watch other people kidnap the children of the ones they love.  Shoot no!  They kidnap the kids THEMSELVES, then raise them on a Greek island somewhere.  Does no one pay attention to the show’s history anymore? 

Why are they making Carly human?  Don’t they know I usually love to hate Carly?  I don’t know if I can ever forgive her for the laundry cart incident, but damn – hearing her own up to her own faults and insecurities?  I related to her again.  That’s multiple times this year.  I can’t even remember the last time I fast forwarded through a Carly scene.  (Oh wait – I’m pretty sure Sonny was in it) Do they not realize they are taking away my identity here?  Who am I, if not the one who hates Carly????  Before you know it, I’ll be hating Robin or Liz or something. 

Speaking of – Was I the only one that said “You tell him, Robin,” when she told Patrick that she wasn’t going to be the kind of person that made decisions based on whether or not it made him mad?  How oddly refreshing to hear that kind of independent, think for yourself attitude from a woman on GH.  Did they sneak a new writer in on me?   

Why oh why didn’t Liz just tell Lucky the truth months ago about Jake?  Why didn’t she trust in Lucky’s love for her?  It’s not like she didn’t have reason to believe he would love her baby – Lucky’s always loved Cam.  And if she had, then maybe he wouldn’t have to be such a jerk – can you blame him for wondering if she had PPD, when she *has* been crying for no reason that he knows of?  If he had *known* that Jake wasn’t his kid, then maybe he would have understood her uncertainty about keeping Jake out of Jason’s life.  Sheesh. Then maybe I wouldn’t be subjected to the future pairing of Jason & Liz.  (That’s ok.  I’m going to learn from the Carly & Sonny fans, and just tell myself that Liz and Lucky will NEVER be really over….lalalalalala – I’m not listening to anyone who tells me different!) 

Why is Alan getting more screen time now that he’s dead than he ever did alive?  Does anyone else think that TPTB realize what a horrendous screw-up firing Stuart Damon was, and maybe that’s why we still see him?  Dare we hope that he’ll continue to haunt the folks on GH?  How much fun is it watching Tracy talk to furniture?  Although I do wish we could see more of Ned.  LOTS more of Ned.  Preferably shirtless. 

By the way – one last Why question.  WHY don’t we get to see more of these gorgeous men shirtless?  Hmmm?  We get to see Sam in clingy, barely there tops all the time.  Carly shows more back skin than anyone I know.  I think we women are getting’ gypped.  One shirtless hot guy a week is simply not fair.   I think once a day would be more equitable.  And they should rotate.  Monday could be Lucky, Tuesday could be Coop, Wednesday Mac, Thursday could be Logan or Ned or Nik or someone else that should be shirtless more often.  Friday’s could be Sonny or Ric or Jason.  Then the next week they could switch ‘em around.  I’m telling ya – hot shirtless men = more women watching……. 

(Ok – maybe it would just be me.  And maybe if I was watching hot shirtless men, I’d be less bothered by the random characteristics that seem to show up out of nowhere in my favorite characters.  Just sayin.  And if anyone else has any “why’s – shoot me an email!  Y’all have a great week!)