May 13, 2007

A Few Of My Favorite Things...

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens....."


Erm. Never mind.  We're talking favorite SOAP things today and while raindrops on roses might be nice, it's even nicer to think about..

Zach Slater:  In the garden... in the rain... picking roses for his beloved wife, Kendall.  Yes. That's a very nice visual.  How cute are Zach and Kendall in their (finally) wedded bliss?  I'm telling you, it totally warms the cockles of my stone-cold heart when I see them onscreen together.  Add Spike to the mix and things just couldn't be better.  It's  refreshing to see Zach so completely besotted with his wife and stepson and - if not COMPLETELY happy - then he's darn close to it.  I love the way he gently teases her, flirts with her, and lets her be herself, confident in the knowledge that he has made her secure enough (I believe for the first time in her life) that she eventually steps back from the worst aspects of her personality, takes a breath, realizes that she's being ridiculous or unreasonable and laughs at herself or just starts making out with Zach.  Bliss!  Speaking of Spike?  Does that kid not just light up when Zach is in view?  Those two are too adorable for words.  More please?!

Janet Dillon:  Now I've heard some people say that she's too over the top, but I couldn't disagree more.  I think Janet is a breath of fresh air.  Yes, she's done some terrible things and she absolutely should be kept in a secured facility where they can make sure she is taking her medication when she should be.  Thing about Janet is - you can totally see (and believe) where she is coming from.  I wasn't worried for one moment, the whole time she had little Char-nny in her care.  As loopy and confused as Janet gets when off her medication, she is great with kids.   Granted, little Char-nny DID get sick while Janet was off interviewing Tad and Krystal, to make sure they would be good parents to the baby.  I believe she fully intended to give them back the baby or she never would have gone to Krystal's in the first place.   Had she remained at the warehouse with the baby, though, and not gone to see them, she would have seen that Char-nny was ill and she would have done the right thing (taking her to a doctor or hospital) no matter what.  And really, who didn't get a hearty giggle out of Janet knocking her precious Amanda out cold with that little tap from the head (string part) of a tennis racket?  And then when Amanda woke up and started wincing in pain from her bump on the head?  I ROARED!  I love unintentionally funny stuff.

Adam and Tad bickering:  Don't you just love it when TPTB let two accomplished, talented vets like David Canary and Michael E. Knight go to town?  As long as it's not so one-sided, I say let's have some MORE!

Adam and Zach teaming up to take on JR:  SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

The cutest kids EVAAAH:  Emma, Spike, Kathy and Jenny.  Too cute for words!   (And over on GH we have Morgan Corinthos who can steal every scene he's in!)

Jamie Martin really, actually, FINALLY apologizing to JR Chandler:  WOW!!!!!  It's ridiculous how giddy I am over this completely unexpected (and long overdue) development!  Yes, JR is a putz, but what Jamie did to him was Just. Plain. Wrong.  He's never apologized for what he did, but now that McTavish is gone, Jamie is suddenly a new man!  (Sorta)  I LOVE IT!!!!

Speaking of new men....

Josh Madden:   Is it just me, or did he utterly and completely get over Babe Chandler overnight?  Life after McTavish is GOOD!

There are glimmers of hope over at One Life to Live, too.  (Yes, REALLY!)

Starr Manning:  I know they have clipped her wings, and seemingly prozac'd her into someone we don't recognize, but she has been showing glimpses of the smart, savvy, fearless young Starr she was while growing up.  Brief glimpses, but it's there.  I could actually see the child who grew up loving snakes and spiders (and her father) and wasn't afraid of anyone or anything as she went toe-to-toe with Britney.   I'm hoping we'll get to see more and more of that as time goes on!

And finally, on GH...

Luke, Tracy, Alan:  Love it, love it, love it!  I love that they are going ahead with a real love story between Luke and Tracy.  I love how they support each other, even though they know the other to be so flawed and sometimes just plain nuts.  I love that Alan is haunting them.  (I say them, because by haunting Tracy, he's actually haunting them both, even if Luke can't see him.)  I also love how this storyline has brought more focus to the wonderful Quartermaines.  Not as much as we'd like, but more than they've gotten for a long, long time and THAT?  Is reason to celebrate.

Damien Spinelli:  What a great find!  Here's hoping they come up with a great back story worthy of the Jackal.  He brings a light and optimism to Jason's otherwise extremely dark existence and he (whether TPTB made it intentional or not) makes Jason somehow more...human?  Furthermore, Spinelli is the only character in Port Charles who actually encourages Jason to care about his own needs or wants - apart from Sonny, Carly, Sam's needs or wants.  Refreshing.

And those, my dears?  Are just some examples of why I will never give up on these Soaps.  Even when it looks like everything is complete and utter dreck - you can always find beacons of hope within the rubble.  That is what we hold on to.  That is what keeps us tuned in.  That is what keeps us pushing TPTB for more of the quality and glory of bygone Soap days.  Let us now raise a toast to all the little things - our favorite things - that keep us watching.  Cheers!  


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