By Mysti

Potential Lost – Part 2

Last night, while trying to decide whether to read one of my recently received penny used books from, or to watch my tape of GH, I realized something sad. 

I’m not that interested in the GH I see on TV anymore. 

I think of all the missed opportunities for storylines on GH and just sigh.  I think of what a great storyline Jason’s second memory loss could have been.  If only he could have started over yet one more time instead of “choosing” to be Sonny’s lapdog again.  That story had *so* much potential!  So many directions it could have gone.  So many chances for Steve Burton to really shine as an actor.  

Do you know which scene haunts me the most?  When Sam is explaining to Amnesiac Jason who he is, and what he did for a living.  He looks at her, with this look of barely controlled dismay tinged with a bit of repulsion and asks “Why are you WITH me if that’s who I am?”  Amnesiac Jason knew right from wrong.  He knew that killing people for a living was wrong.  He was appalled at who he had been.  And THAT my friends, should have been a defining moment for Jason Morgan.  It should have been the moment where he questioned how he ended up in that place, and started a journey to regain his humanity. 

Instead, we received a few grunted “Manny Bad, Sonny Good, Kill Kill Kill” and a moment of clarity is wasted.  Hmph. 

I enjoy the GH in my head so much more.  In that version, Jason embarked upon a real journey of self-discovery, and ends up working for Mac rather than against him.  I even let him keep his silence about what went on with Sonny’s business before he changed sides.  But never again would he be a bad guy.  The PCPD would stop being portrayed as a bunch of buffoons, and Robert Scorpio would come back and work with Jason to put an end to Sonny’s business.  Jason and Lucky would be partners in MystiLand GH, and friends as well.  The triangle with Liz would be written so that she would be truly torn – as we the viewers would be as well.  No more of this silly Lucky bad and stupid, Jason good and smart crap.  They would be *equals* - as befits the sons of two core families.  Seriously – we haven’t seen a real honest to goodness triangle on GH since the early Sonny/Brenda days.  These days a triangle on GH doesn’t even deserved to be called one, they are so lame.  

Not only that – but in my version of GH – THIS would be REAL. 


Go ahead.  Take a minute.  Watch it.  I’ll wait.  No really.  It’s worth it. 

All done?  Ok.  Now.  How cool would THAT be?  Major kudos to whomever created that video.  Because THAT my friends, is a storyline I would watch.  With relish.  And maybe some onions, and chili and plenty of mustard and a side of tater tots. 

Sorry.  My point is that AJ was another wasted opportunity.  If they really mean to turn Jason into the center of the show (and it sure seems that way lately), how can they really do that without AJ?  On GH in MystiLand, AJ would be back, and he too would be ready to take on Sonny.  Carly as well.  Jason and AJ would finally – FINALLY – find some way to get past the head injury, the accident, and the theft and alienation of Michael.  Maybe Jason could even admit his part in all the lousy things AJ started doing towards the end of his last run.  Faith. The kidnapping of Michael.  All would be worked out – and both parties would admit their part in how things turned out.  And somehow the two of them would learn to respect each other while working to take down Sonny.   

I’d have them settling those issues in the most obviously overlooked possibility of all locations – the missing steam room.  >: )  I mean, where else would Jason the Good be able to meet with AJ the Bad while they work together to Take Down the PC EvilDoers Club?   

Yeah – GH in MystiLand would be must watch TV.