July 3, 2006

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For some reason, for the past two weeks, I thought my birthday was tomorrow.  :(  Then I mentioned something about fireworks tonight and Max reminded me that tomorrow is the 4th, not today.  So I'm sad because my birthday is actually a day later than I thought it was. 

I'm going to be out of town for a week or so, so I thought I'd do my News and Gossip column early, along with the spoiler commentary, then I'll be back again next Monday (the 10th) with the columns again.

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If Jason Bruening (Jamie) had his way, his character would have been the crazy kidnapper/serial killer in town rather than Janet From Another Planet.  He says, "Why wouldn't you make it Jamie?  It's always the quiet one. No one would ever suspect him.  He's smart.  He could have gotten away with it.  Jamie takes so much ridicule, but he never does anything about it.  It would be interesting if they did push him to the edge."  Yeah dude, everyone wants the big story.

HAHAHAHA!  Babe and Little A just gave JR a Lumiere figure for his birthday.  He did the voice and wiggled the little guy around!  What a moment!  (As an aside, I always want to call that little Frenchie candelabra "Candlewick," which is Pinocchio's little dumb friend who turns into a jackass.  How apropos that is now!)  (Another aside for those who do not know:  Jacob Young, who plays JR, also plays Lumiere in the Broadway production of "Beauty and the Beast.")

Will Amanda end up with Dell or the newly free Jonathan?  Rumors say that Lily will find out that the playing field is no longer level between herself and Jonathan and the two will share a bittersweet ending. 

Eden Riegel, fresh off her third return to the role of Bianca since leaving the show, is prepping for the title role in a Waltham, MA production of "Thoroughly Modern Millie."  The show runs from July 19-23 if you want to catch it.

Jonathan Bennett (ex-JR) will be putting on his plaid shirt and cowboy boots to play Bo Duke in a straight-to-DVD version of "Duke of Hazzard:  The Beginning."

Sam Page (ex-Trey/Ben) is starring in a new CBS show called "Shark" with James Woods and Jeri Ryan.

Who caused Greg Madden's death?  My money is on Julia.

Jeff Branson (Jonathan) loves to cook but hates to bake.  What is he, Fanny Dooley?  (C'mon and zooma zooma zooma zoom!)


Good lord.  How many times are we going to address the Michael Easton thing? OK, so he doesn't know or can't say!  We GET it already!  Still, the magazines buzz endlessly about about his veiled comments and remind us that they just don't know, but their insiders say...  Isn't it almost August?  Shit or get off the pot, people!

Look for Evangeline's blindness to last for a while longer without the standard soap fare of having her pretend to still be blind after she gets her sight back again.

Although Tari Signor's character of Margaret is not only merely dead, she's really most sincerely dead, she will be showing up in dreams and flashbacks.

Ha!  Sherry Saum (ex-Keri Reynolds) is joining the cast of "Rescue Me."

Thank God, Tess is coming back.  It starts with Jessica sharing some of Tess' memories (like steamy sex with Nash) and then during a session with Dr Crosby, UP jumps da devil and Tess pops in.

I have heard that the resolution on the stalker story is stupid, stupid, STUPID.  Makes me wonder if it's Dorian.


Bwahahaha.  A spoiler in Soap Opera Digest says, "Robin and Patrick are going to discover that sex is easy, relationship are hard."  Sex is easy?  Then I don't think they are doing it right...

Robert LaSardo (Manny) last airs tomorrow.  Say your goodbye our favorite tattooed bad boy!

Now that Sharon Wyatt and John Reilly are both finished with "Passions," it is, of course, my hope that we might actually get a full 80's reunion with Tiffany and Sean coming to Port Charles for a visit.  That would be loverly!  Supposedly, both met with GH execs last June.  Of course, this information is in Soaps in Depth and the very next article states that there are no plans in place to bring back Genie Francis. 

Non-Sonny/Carly people are shaking in their boots about a spoiler in which Carly admits that she's not over Sonny and is still in love with him.  Like OLTL's Blair and Todd, there just doesn't seem to be an "enough is enough" button on this show. 

In another HAHAHAHAHA moment, I happened to have on Days of Our Lives the other day while Kurt was here and Patch and Kayla were walking back through their history. I said, "He used to be on GH.  She used to be on GH."  Next scene was Matthew Ashford in a bed shaking and sweating.  "Oh and he used to be on GH."  In walks Billy Warlock.  "He used to be on GH too."

It's like Another World in reverse!

Maurice Benard hit the cover of the magazine "Chicken Soup for the Soul" in an article about his manic-depression.  Now many readers, after hearing what he has to say, have determined that they too are manic-depressive.  The actor also takes exception to Tom Cruise's comments that anti-depressives are dangerous saying, "Does he really have that much authority to say something so bold that could possibly hurt people?"  Perhaps not the authority, but definitely the right.  Living in a free country definitely does not require that anyone have experience or facts to back up their opinions.  If that was the case, we'd never discuss the war.

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