June 3, 2007

The wheels in my mind keep on turning...

Yes, yes, I know that's not how the song goes, I'm taking creative license here.  Speaking of creative license, the wheels have been whirring incessantly since I heard the news (rumor?) that TPTB at OLTL have extended an invitation to James DePaiva (aka Max Holden)  to come back (albeit temporarily) to the fold.  In all likelihood, this is probably for Asa Buchanan's funeral.  No, he hasn't died, yet, but it sure looks like they're planning to have him do so, since Phil Carey has told them (TPTB) where to stick their recurring status.  (And bravo to Phil for doing that - not that I want him gone, of course - I'm just glad he stuck to his guns and wouldn't settle for less than all the respect he deserves!)


Like I was saying...wheels, whirring, cogs turning.  Max Holden back in Llanview raises soooo many interesting possibilities.  Instead of having him return just for a funeral, why not have HIM be the one to stumble across, rescue and bring back Todd Manning?  Why not him, instead of Sara (Flash) Roberts?  Or why not the both of them together?  Max has a deep history with Sara's mother, so having him step in to help not only Todd, but the daughter of his former love, is perfect!   He'd have, not only Blair's undying gratitude, but Viki's as well; not to mention Starr and Jack. 

And how cool would it be to have Max and Michael McBain bump into one another in passing and feel that instant, yet inexplicable (to them) connection?  They could be drawn to each other as father-figure to son-figure without being able to explain why - just that they feel a strong bond.   I (personally) LOVE the idea! 

Know what else I find oddly appealing?   A pairing between Max and Marty!  (I know, I know, it's crazy, but.I dunno, it just sounds right to me!)  Max would be a great foil to Marty's uptightedness - and he and Cole could bond as well.  I like this idea much more than Marty and John.  It would also torque Miles off if Marty's eyes strayed to yet another rival.  THAT just gives the idea even more appeal, as far as I'm concerned.  I like the idea of Max being the one to save her, rather than John.  John needs to be on his own for a while.  Marty needs to loosen up a little bit and have some fun - John just isn't the fun-loving type.  He's dark and brooding and scarred - NOT what someone like Marty needs at all.  Max may be older, but he's fun (and handsome!) and his fun-loving ways have been tempered a bit by loss and maturity.  He is exactly what she needs to break her out of her shell, and she is what HE needs to heal his heart after losing Al and Gabrielle.

GH:  Onto a bit of a rant now...

How stupid IS Sam McCall?  I mean, really...how stupid is she?  And pathetic?  The con woman is being conned and she doesn't see it for what it is?  Is it because she's so far over the edge about needing to have Jason's baby that she can't see what's right in front of her?  PLEASE!!!!  I'd like to see a show of hands now: Who believes that Sam will be the one to kidnap baby Jake?  One, three, five, sixty thousand...  Okay then, I'm not alone!  She's been steadily losing it over the past year or more, so shoot her now and put her out of our misery.  K?  Thanks.  Moving on.

Scott Baldwin:  What a waste of a great actor and a great character!  Putting him in this ridiculous storyline - fighting for custody of a catatonic woman who hasn't been married to him for over two decades and with whom he does not even so much as share a child/children with??  Are they insane?  None of us are buying that this would even MAKE it to a courtroom for trial in the first place.  It's insulting to the viewers - REALLY - who can only suspend disbelief so much; even for a soap opera, so WTF are they THINKING?!  Wait... these are GH writers we're talking about here... Nevermind....  'Nuff said.

Back to the sunshine and light. AMC:

WOOOOOOOOOT!!!  Did ya'll see the short but sweet FUN scenes between Josh and Greenlee in that elevator?!  Perfection!!!  Josh was back to being.well.fun!  And cute.  See that?  Get him away from Babe and Josh is a whole new man!  I thoroughly enjoyed those scenes between he and Greens.  Bravo!  Well done!  Can we have more of those kind of scenes?  Preferably a lot more.  Thankyouverymuch!

Also twinkling this week were Tad and Palmer.  How cute was Tad playing with those... WTF were they?  Squirrels?  Anyway, I love it when Michael E. Knight gets to cut a little loose with his scenes - he sparkles!  And Palmer?!  His scenes with Adam were a throwback to the good old days!  Well done!  Wish we could have more of those!

Drat that Ryass Lavery for putting a clone nose on the loverly, effervescent Emma!  I swear, I could hear Kate Brown groaning from the other side of the country!!!!  (I hope this doesn't become a habit!)  Hopefully Annie will nip that particular Lavery trait in the bud. 

Speaking of twinkling and sparkling (again). I just can't say enough how much I love the Zendall family dynamic.  Watching the scenes of Spike's birthday party I was struck by the contrast between how people treated Kendall before, and how they treat her now.  Before, Kendall was always the outcast, the unwelcome one, the odd girl out, unloved, distrusted, scorned.  Now?  Her life is completely different!  She has family rallying around her to hold off the big (snort) bad Greenlee.  Jackson is even defending her against Greenlee's unrighteous anger.  Even Erica, who once couldn't be bothered to give Kendall the time of day, much less her love, is now firmly behind Kendall.  She's even gushing about how great Kendall's life is.  THAT?   Floored me!  Erica can actually SEE how good Zach is for herdaughterKendall and herdaughterKendall'sbaby?!  Well, slap me thrice and hand me to my mama!!!  Kendall now has a great life.  She has love, 1.5 children, and a great (mebbe) career.  Girfriend is a far cry from where she was - even just a year ago.  (Mental plea to TPTB:  Let's keep it that way, okay?)

I am loving this!  Until next time, drink up, me hearties. The rum's on me!


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