By Mysti

A Mother’s Fear

I don’t write about AMC much.  I’m not sure why.  I tape and watch it most days.  But it doesn’t seem to arouse in me the same annoyance or urge to ramble on like GH does. 

At least that was the case until the last couple of weeks.  As I watched Kendall react to those first unexpected pains, I was affected.  As the first tendrils of fear crept into her face, I was affected.  I remember all too well that feeling.  That fear.  The fear that it’s too soon.  WAY too soon.   

I don’t have a preemie.  I nearly did though.  We lucked out.  I spent a weekend in the hospital, and a week at home on bed rest, then had to restrict how much time I was on my feet for another 8 weeks.  But I assure you – that weekend was the scariest weekend of my life.  I have to give Alicia Minshew credit – she completely sold me – there was no doubt that Kendall was terrified, and torn, and scared, and panicked.  This storyline may not be perfectly accurate, but it’s close enough for me.  Almost too close for my comfort. 

And you know what?   It was nice to be actually moved by a storyline again.  I haven’t been moved for awhile now.   Even when baby Jake was kidnapped on GH – I wasn’t that invested in the story.  Maybe because of all the paternity switcheroo stuff.  Maybe because I had to listen to Sam and Jason on a regular basis.  Or maybe just because I had to watch them continue their morphing of Lucky freakin SPENCER into AJ II during the entire thing. 

On AMC, they had multiple fathers, yet I was still invested.  They weren’t making one look like an ass (well – not any more than Ryan is on a daily basis anyway) and the other like a super-hero.  No – both “dads” did what they could to help find Greenlee and Spike, and both “dads” were there for their kids and for Kendall.  I must admit – I liked it.  I really really liked it.  I know the concept of not demonizing a character to make another look good takes a real writer, so I appreciate the writers of AMC for doing that.  For writing a story that I could sink my teeth into.   

I’d like to see more of that kind of writing on my soaps, wouldn’t you?  Real human emotions?  The highs and lows of mothers and fathers who love their children, and each other?  With not a gun or explosion in sight.  Greenlee’s car didn’t even explode when it went over the cliff. 

I had almost forgotten that you could have high drama without explosions.   

I hope AMC continues writing a semi-realistic story about Kendall, Zach and Ian.  That Ian doesn’t suddenly one day gain 15 lbs and get released.  I’d love it if they touched on the multitude of ailments preemies have.  Not for me so much, but for the moms of preemies out there in TVland.  I’m going to keep my fingers crossed.  And I’m going to keep watching AMC.  If you haven’t tried lately – do!  You just might discover it can touch you too.