June 27, 2007

Whatever happened to growing old gracefully?  

Seriously?  I mean, I am 10000% behind the belief that over forty can be sexy.  So can over fifty.  There are some women who can pull off sexy into their sixties.  Now, when I say "sexy" I don't mean "kittenish" or "vixenish."  I mean SEXY.  It's a state of mind; a state of being. It's NOT a woman of a certain age, cinched up in a bustier, her poor girls spilling painfully out of said bustier which, by the way, only serves to add "lines" to her neck.  It doesn't mean gushing, breathless, giggly lines to one's male scene-mate like a Jr. High ingénue.  So...what the French Toast WAS that painful display that Erica Kane put on for Jackson Montgomery (and all of us) last week? 

Please... I am imploring you (the new writing team)... Please, please, PLEASE let Erica Kane FINALLY grow up?!  Please?  I'll even bake cookies!   Erica is a woman of a certain age - and that's NOT a bad thing!  Seriously, it's not.  She's still beautiful, sharp, and (can be) very loving.  She can pull off sexy without resorting to teenage ingenuity, so why not let her?  Erica has shown glimpses of the true wisdom she has gained through the many trials and tribulations she's survived - and we fans LOVE to see that side of her:  The strong, sassy, fiercely loyal and protective side.  When Erica is calling someone on their flaws, and she is sometimes DEAD ON, it loses much of its punch because of Erica's own behavior! 

If Erica is allowed to grow up (not old, there is a difference) then she could easily become the Viki Davidson of Pine Valley, instead of something else that is so incredibly beneath her.   Viki Davidson is a character who has been allowed to grow into the mature, sophisticated, and still very desirable woman that she is today.   She actually uses words like "Grandchildren" when describing...well.. her GRANDCHILDREN!  So, she's a grandmother --- so WHAT?  She's still cool enough for her niece (the teenage Starr Manning, who is very cool in her own right) to hang out with, and Starr actually LISTENS to and RESPECTS Viki.  Erica's own children don't feel that way about HER.  Yes, they love her, but do they take her seriously?  No.  Do they respect her?  No.  Do they trust her?  No.  All for good reason. 

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that it's too late for Erica to become that figure - for her children AND for the citizens of Pine Valley.  Everything is in place to make it happen.  She is a successful career woman, she has a great man, who loves her with all due madness, and a gaggle of kids, (her own and Jackson's).  Yes, they are all grown up (mostly) but they still need her.  Both Kendall and Bianca as (still) fairly new mothers themselves need her.  Josh who while independently wealthy (via Greg Madden) is still lost and floundering and quite without direction - he needs her.  God knows Lily needs her!  STAT!  Erica, when focused on Lily and not herself, is amazing with her.  Kind, patient, loving, supportive and a sincere voice of reason.  Why can't we see more of THAT side of Erica?  Sean needs her too.  He's a boy on the verge of manhood, and he's made some pretty horrible choices, which have ended him up in some pretty hot water.  His own mother, through severe character assassination, has pretty much abandoned him, and he could really use a mother figure right now.  He and Erica get along great.  She's dispensed some pretty good advice to him, too.  Again, we need to see more of THAT Erica.  And for the love of all that is good and decent on this earth, get Reggie back in town!!!  The real Reggie, not some recast! 

Instead of this ridiculous LUV-VORCE fiasco, let's see Erica dispense some genuine wisdom on her show - it's there, I've seen it!  What kind of example is she setting for young girls, young women, and older, more seasoned women with her ridiculous behavior on that farce of a reality show?  That's not the Erica Kane *I* want to see!  From what I'm hearing from other fans, it's not what THEY want to see either.  Erica is becoming a joke, and it's not funny.   Erica Kane is a mainstay from the glory days of AMC - why not give her (and Susan Lucci) her due?  Growing up doesn't mean that Erica has to lose her sparkle, it just adds a new dimension to her character.  And for the love of ketchup, let her say the G-Word once in a while?  Susan Lucci IS one in real life, how hard can it be for her character to refer to herself as a GRANDMOTHER?!  It's beyond annoying for her to always call Spike and Miranda "my daughter Kendall's, baby" or "my daughter, Bianca's baby."  I think I speak for most of us when I say that we would actually APPRECIATE hearing Erica refer to Spike as her GRANDSON.  Not only is it appropriate (not to mention realistic) but it also solidifies the familial bond between them.  Referring to Spike as "Kendall's baby" distances Erica from Spike; it says that he's not connected to her, and that's just wrong.  Wrong and sad.  For both of them, and for Kendall.

Finally, let us talk about Erica's pathological adoration of all things Ryass.   Why?  Why, why, why, why, WHY?!  Ryass treated Kendall abominably, and continues to do so.  Erica would NEVER put up with any man telling HER to "just shut up and listen, or you can leave."  Never. In fact, there would be hell to pay, with a capital "K".  So I have a very hard time believing that Erica would put up with anyone treating her daughter's that way.  As part of the transformation I would like to see in Erica, I would love, applaud and praise the decision to allow Erica to see (REALLY see) Ryass for who he really is.  AND, I would love for her to call him on it - with both guns blazing.  Jackson started things off well by calling Ryass on his crap with Greenlee - really nailing his (Ryass') part in obliterating Greenlee's life.  It was GLORIOUS and long overdue.  Now, if Erica were to join in, maybe, just maybe Ryass would actually hear her.  At the very least, seeing Ryass treat Kendall with the contempt and utter disregard and disrespect that he does; will finally rip the blinders from her eyes where he is concerned.  That?  Would be a significant step forward in the evolution of Erica Kane - from immature schoolgirl, to a sexy, sophisticated, savvy, woman - worthy of respect and admiration.  Hope is not lost.  Aren't these new head writers the same team who did "Dynasty"?  They made over forty look fabulous - on Linda Evans and Joan Collins.  They CAN do it for Erica Kane, too! 

I say we all drink to the possibilities!  Who's with me?

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