June 27, 2007

Word to the (hopefully) wise...

I'm talking to YOU...the AMC writers...The new regime...Yes, YOU!

We have seen some genuine rays of hope shining over the landscape of Pine Valley since the McTavish stories finally sputtered their last, dying breath.  Now we're begging, on bended knee, for the trend to continue.  As mentioned in my last column, we are seeing a return of the dreaded Babe propping tendency (Frons' influence, I'm sure!)  Now, after several weeks of unusually benign (read: tolerable) Ryass behavior, he is starting to show his true colors once again.  His rage boiled to the surface and Annie caught a glimpse of who Ryass really is for a change.  She looked suitably horrified, but apparently she thought his behavior was an aberration - a momentary eruption - due to Greenlee's custody suit.  Annie needs to be schooled.  This wasn't a blip on the radar of Ryass rage, it was a true picture of who he is:  Angry, vengeful, mean, nasty, violent, disrespectful, abusive and utterly dismissive of the feelings of the people he is supposed to love.

Sure, he can turn on the charm when he really wants to, but just try disagreeing with him one time too many.   I mean, how DARE Kendall try to contradict him when he is offering Spike up on a silver platter to Greenlee?!  She's only his MOTHER, for crying out loud!   But, since he's Ryass, he doesn't have to consult with anyone - not his wife, not the mother of his child - when he makes sweeping decisions about what and who he chooses to expose Spike to.  He's back to telling Kendall to shut up and listen, or leave.  Way to go, Prince Charming.  (I really wish Annie would have seen/heard THAT!)  She seemed shocked enough that he offered to let Greens be part of Spike's life - without discussing it with her - and she should be concerned that he'll offer up Emma next!

The thing about soaps is we all NEED someone we can love to hate.  We need a baddie in the mix to make our heroes more heroic.  Someone to represent the good guys.  Problem with Ryass is that he's neither.  I don't love to hate him, I just hate him!  (Not without good reason.)  A big part of the reason I hate him?  Is that TPTB have set him up to be Pine Valley's Saint, Savior, and supposed hero.  He does despicable things, yet everyone is practically falling down to worship him.  (Except Zach, of course.  He seems to be the only one who sees people for what they are, now that Dr. David has left for parts unknown.)  Erica Kane is a HUGE Ryass promoter.  Why?  Has she never once seen the way he treats her daughter, Kendall?  Yes, she saw a glimpse of who he really was the day he nearly pummeled Greenlee for daring to get pregnant against his edict, but that's okay. it was Greenlee after all.  Surely Saint Ryass of the Valley would NEVER disrespect HER daughter in any way.


The new writers have a golden opportunity here to do what past writers appeared to be incapable of:  Define Ryass - once and for all - as a man we can love to hate, the anti-hero, or perform an asshat-ectomy.  (A removal of all asshat tendencies.)  Either let him be the hero, or let him be the villain; you can't have it both ways!  Get rid of his abusive, domineering tendencies, and teach him some respect for women, or stop pimping him as the Patron Saint of Pine Valley.  It's simple.  If he's written to be a villain and only a villain, I can get behind that - wholeheartedly.  I may even come to the place where I CAN love to hate him!  If TPTB want him to be a Saint or hero, then they need to write him as such.  Now, I'm not talking perfect - nobody's perfect - I'm talking good.  Decent.  Respectful.  Non-abusive.  Flawed, but trying to improve.  There is a difference, and really, it's not so hard to pull off!

While we're at it, can we take the blinders off everybody where Ryass is concerned?  Starting with Annie and Greenlee.  Then we'll work our way down the list, Kendall, Erica, Lily, Julia, Di, Babe, etc.  That Greenlee would hate Zach more than Ryass is ridiculous.  Yes, Zach caused the blackout.  She should consider herself lucky.  It was the best thing that could possibly have happened to her!  She doesn't have to have a lifelong connection to the man who treated her so ridiculously shabby since she married him.  The man who took his brother's side over her.  The man who put Greenlee in harm's way, simply because he couldn't accept that he was WRONG about his brother.  I mean, Jonathug had to be perfect since he was a Lavery....right?   How dare anyone imply otherwise of a Sainted Lavery.  This was the man who nearly beat her, drove off a cliff RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER, then pretended to be dead, all so he wouldn't have to be a father to her child.  That ALONE should tell Greenlee that Zach was wrong for all the right reasons.  To have Greenlee still pining over Ryass after all that, plus...what?  Eighteen months of Ryass free air to breathe that HAD to have cleared her head, is utterly ridiculous.  Now, I can see Greenlee wanting to have her "sisterhood" back with Kendall.  After all, the Ryass free air she was breathing also should have given her SOME perspective about what it was Kendall really tried to do for her.  It SHOULD have.  If Ryass will just stay out of it, I firmly believe that Kendall and Greenlee can work things out on their own and come out - on the other side - in a better place.  I suggest that Fusion be declared a Ryass-Free Zone.  Who's with me?!


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