By Mysti

Did We Learn Nothing From The Bad News Bears Go To Japan???


Very rarely does a sequel work.  What was fresh and new and fascinating the first time around is hard to do the second time around.  It’s damn near impossible the 3rd time. 


Now, there are exceptions to the rule.  Return of the Jedi.  Rise of the Machines.  (Hey.  *I* liked it.) Return of the King. I hear The Bourne Ultimatum qualifies.  But for every Beyond Thunderdome, there is a Rush Hour 3.  What was novel and fascinating in The Matrix was beyond dull in The Matrix: Revolutions.  Even if part two succeeds, usually part three doesn’t.  We all remember the disaster that was Rambo III, don’t we?


Sort of like Logan and Lulu.  (Ha!  I bet y’all thought I didn’t have a point!)


Come on – we all see it.  Luke and Laura were the originals.  Lucky and Liz were the sequel – not as good as the first, but has worked pretty well (and was just as good as the original back in the beginning).  Now it’s Logan and Lulu, and sorry folks, I’m just not seeing it.  It’s like the writers saw similar first initials and didn’t even *think* to consider chemistry.  Unless they are seeing something I’m not.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve yet to have a moment where I thought “dang, I wish they’d just do it already!  Or at least get *close!  Because wooeee – that was HOT!”  Nope, most of the time I was just wondering why the heck Lulu would waste her time on such a goober.  Naturally, once the shirt came off, my little Texan heart went pitter patter for that Texas flag tattoo and I rethought the goober comment a little, but still.  Oh-so-chiseled abs and patriotic tattoos will only take you so far.  It does not a super-couple make.


The fact is – Logan just doesn’t spark with Lulu.  He *does*, on the other hand, spark like crazy with Maxie.  So why are we wasting him on Lulu?  Besides, Coop deserves so much better than crazy bi-polar Maxie (I know I know – poor Maxie, mama bailed on her, she had a heart transplant – that doesn’t give her the right to be so ugly to people.  What that girl needs is Mariah to come back to town and teach that girl a few manners!)


As for Lulu – well – I like her on a friendly basis with Spinelli, and I really did like her with Milo.  I’ve also wondered if she would make a good match with Coop – both of them are decent deep down, but cover that decentness like crazy in self-defense.  And face it – it’s been entirely too long since we’ve seen Coop shirtless.  Really – what’s the deal?  So I would be all for that if I get to see Coop shirtless. 


I just know that this L&L3 isn’t doing it for me.  I cannot tell you how glad I am that Luke and Laura didn’t have a 3rd child together – because we all know those “Movie IV” versions were always stinkers! 


What do y'all think?  Did y'all find L&L3 hot? Or not?