For the Week of Aug 4, 2008

Coffee isn’t the only thing percolating at the PVPD.

Adam, Krystal, Tad, and Sam circle the wagons at the PVPD.  Adam and Krystal kiss while Sam distracts Tad.

OK, so they don’t kiss, but we know they want to.

Dre realizes that his father will support him whether or not he is guilty. Dre confesses to driving the car that hit Richie.

Thank you, Dre, for bringing this story to a close.

Jesse arrests Dre.

Jesse has had one busy day, hasn’t he?  Earlier he arrested Frankie for assaulting Fletcher and now- oh wait…

Jesse arrests Adam for destroying evidence.

One word, one word out of Tad’s mouth and I will not be held accountable for my actions, I really will not.

There is more fussing at Fusion.

During a casual conversation, Amanda tells Randi that Fusion may have a job for her.

Randi is not my favorite character but she could not be a worse hire than Ava. Or could she?

While the bosses are away the employees, Amanda and Babe, whine about doing all the work.

Given that Amanda replaced Simone as the hardest working employee, she has a point. However, most of Babe’s whining stems from not being treated as a former owner. Given how she “earned” her owner’s shares, I have no sympathy for Babe whatsoever.

Kendall convinces Amanda to stay on at Fusion. Unfortunately, she convinces Babe to do the same.

There is one good thing about this-we get Amanda scenes this week!

Petey may not be getting his road trip, but the cool kids and Annie are heading to Vegas! 

Ryan asks Aidan to solve the Mystery of the Hidden Key.

“Well, it’s a key and it was hidden. What else is there to know, mate?”

When Ryan doesn’t return her call, Annie asks Zach for help dealing with the car accident.

Oh, Annie, calling Josh would have been a better idea. He would so excited to be off the backburner that he would not have time to become suspicious.

Zach takes Annie to hospital. Annie has a sonogram to make sure the baby is OK. Ryan arrives in time to watch the procedure.

Dammit, Annie, why are you always interrupting my fantasies of Greenlee ?. Gosh, Annie, you really are giving me the best present ever. Except of course, for the first edition of“Dynamite Kiddo”that Greenlee, the love of my life, gave me.”

Annie suggests a trip to Las Vegas. Ryan reluctantly agrees.

Annie is a real bitch, isn’t she? She has some nerve asking Ryan to take a trip with her. Who does she think she is, Ryan’s wife? Oh, wait…

Zach tells Kendall they need to keep an eye on Annie. The Slaters head to Vegas, too.

Rachel and Corrina are well on their way to being the richest women in Pine Valley. Assuming, of course, they get paid double time for babysitting 24/7.

Zach tells Kendall that he suspects Annie was somehow involved in Richie’s death. Hoping to gain Annie’s confidence, Kendall tells her that she wants them to be BFFs again.

Knowing Annie killed Richie doesn’t stop me from liking her more than anyone else in this storyline, except for Richie’s taunting spirit.

 Ryan’s suggests he and Annie renew their vows. They head over to the Chapel of Unrequited Love.

Thus, Ryan becomes a martyr as well as a saint.

Little does everyone know that Greens and Aidan are also in Vegas.

Is this a small world or what?

Greenlee asks Aidan to marry her. Aidan says “yes”, of course. They head over to the Chapel of Enjoy It While It Lasts Love.

“Do you, Spotted Dick, take this woman….”

The wedding ceremony is interrupted when Annie, Kendall, Zach, and Ryan walk into the chapel.

The happy couple will be, well, happy to have their friends celebrate the joyous occasion. Annie will be ecstatic that Greenlee is now officially off the market. Ryan will be devastated. Zach will be doing his best to keep Kendall from screaming about Ryan being Greenlee’s one true love. All that should make for an interesting group wedding photo, shouldn’t it?

Other stuff happens, too.

At the Martin/Hubbard barbecue, Cassie ignores Dre.

Cassie is not handling the transition from being a teddy bear toting virgin to being an accessory to a hit-and-run, is she?

Frankie asks Randi for a real date.

I am assuming “real date” means one where he doesn’t have to pay her for sex.

Fletcher offers to sell Randi to Frankie.

So much for Frankie’s theory about Fletcher not bothering anyone ever again. Medical school degree aside, Frankie is not very bright, is he? It is a good thing that he isn’t dealing with Billy Clyde and his “persuadinater.”

Adam tells Erica that Sam is just another one of her playthings.

Adam! Erica! Time for my happy dance!

JR and Babe talk to Colby about her drinking. Colby refuses to admit she has a drinking problem.

It would better for all concerned if a non-family member talked this over with Colby. Erica would be a good choice.

Jake notices a new woman in town.

“Have we met before? No, that’s not just a lame line. You really look familiar. It’s coming back to me now. It was in someplace that starts with an “S.” Sarasota? No, that’s not it…”

Here’s to another week in the Valley!

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