By Mysti

Random Musings of a Perverted Mind


As football and canning seasons have taken over my life, my soap watching has taken a horrible hit.  I did my darnedest to catch up over the weekend, and wanted to share just a few random bits with y’all.  Please excuse the hot sauce and pickle salt all over everything, ok?


While channel surfing and folding laundry, I caught a few minutes of Days of Our Lives.  I just have to say - DAYUM.    No wait – let me change that to DA-YUM.  Patch (portrayed by the divine Stephen Nichols) is smoking these days.  What I wouldn’t give to have Stefan drop into Port Charles and put both Sonny & Jerry in their place.  Shirtless of course.  He could then drop by my place in the boonies - heh heh.


Wouldn’t it be funny if the new bartender working with Babe on AMC was really Annie’s psycho brother?  Oh wait – that was entirely too obvious, huh? 


How is it that Adam & Krystal have 20 times more heat than Annie & Ryan?  Over the hill, my ass.  They may not be a couple I really care for, but I would still rather watch them nearly kiss than 20 minutes of Ava and Jonathan doing … well…anything.


Why is it that the only ones I’d care to see shirtless on AMC are Zach and Aiden?  And Tad?  And why aren’t they shirtless more often?  Surely they all need a visit to the steam room again?


I love Greg Vaughan.  You know I do.  You know that a shirtless Lucky day is a happy Mysti day.  But not even I can buy that Sam would drop her top in front of Lucky and he would do anything but stare at her boobs.  And there is no way that the first place those hands would go would be her neck to cradle her face gently whilst they kissed.  Puh-lease.  *sigh*  Just another case of Mysti’s imagination being 50 times better than GH.


At least Lucky & Sam are having fun.  It seems as though Jason has reapplied the super glue to his torso that guarantees his t-shirt will not only not come off – but will cling to said torso just to taunt us.


Speaking of torsos to taunt us – I miss Coop.  I especially miss Coop shirtless.  I enjoy Logan shirtless a great deal – but Coop was Lucky lite.  I hear rumors of his demise and I wail to the heavens in despair.  It’s just not fair.  Why can’t they kill off Trevor instead?  Or Maxie?


Oh!  Maxie!  How hot were her and Logan?  Sheesh.  I don’t even *like* Logan, but that whole lifting her up to the table thing had me thinking all kinds of things nice married women don’t admit to!  Of course, as you know, I have a soft spot for men with Texas flag tattoos anyway.  But as I’ve said once before today – dayum.


Why is it that GH always tries to portray the men who treat the women the worst as romantic leads?  Why can’t the romantic lead types have just a *touch* of bad boy to them, instead of unstable psychopaths that treat women like dirt except when they want to get laid?  I mean really, is it too much to ask to have Lucky as a hot cop that bends the rules a bit (a la Luke Spencer) and still be the good guy that gets the chick?  Like Robert and Mac back in the day.  Or to have Coop – who already has that touch of bad boy – be the one that keeps Maxie’s boat a-floatin’?  He humanized her.  Now she’s turning into Carly lite.


Can anyone else tell that I just finished “The Wolf & The Dove”  (RIP Kathleen E Woodiwiss – you will be missed) while my husband was out of town? 


Y’all have a great week!