For the Week of Aug 11, 2008

Turns out what happens in Vegas is not much different from what happens in Pine Valley.

Ryan and Annie decide to renew their wedding vows.

I cannot wait to see Richie’s taunting spirit dressed up as a bridesmaid, can you?

Aidan’s and Greenlee’s wedding ceremony is interrupted when Annie, Kendall, Zach and Ryan walk in.

Off all the chapels in Las Vegas, they walk into this one. Quelle surprise!

Kendall’s Ryan’s heart breaks while watching Ryan Aidan marry Greenlee.

Ryan, inquiring minds want to know, how does it feel to be standing Kendall’s stilettos?

Kendall tries to comfort a heart-broken Ryan.

Fortunately, “comfort” does not mean the same thing to Kendall that it does to the Careys. Well, not this time anyway.

Zach gently probes Annie.

No, not that kind of probe. Probe as in asking Annie questions.

After her wedding, Greenlee enjoys a large serving of Spotted Dick.

Lucky girl. I would take a serving of Spotted Dick over a serving of wedding cake, wouldn’t you?

Mr. and Mrs. Spotted Dick fly home with Mr. and Mrs. Slater and Mr. and Mrs. Lavery.

Talk about a turbulent flight.

Greenlee and Ryan get locked in the plane’s bathroom. Together!

This story just keeps getting better and better doesn’t it? What will the writers think of next, Greens and Ryan getting trapped together in a locker at the train station? Or, maybe they will get locked in Lacey’s after closing. Who can forget, all though lord knows I have tried, the last time Greenlee was trapped there.

It dawns on Kendall that Zach thinks Annie killed Richie.

All I ask, really, is that this realization does not result in Kendall becoming hysterical. Hysteria is not her best event.

The Fusion games continue.

Amanda hires Randi to work at Fusion.

Why not? Randi already has the right wardrobe.

Babe hires Carmen to work at Fusion.

The upside? Fusion could use a healthy dose of Carmen’s energy. The downside? Carmen becomes another Babe worshipper.

Carmen recognizes Randi and heads back to Casa Chandler, hoping Adam re-hires her.

I am up for any scene featuring a bemused Adam.

Later, at Confusion, Carmen and Randi talk about their shared past.

I am not crazy about Randi. However, if she is going to stick around the Valley, expanding her relationships beyond the one with Frankie is a good idea.

After talking with Carmen, Randi plants a heartfelt kiss on Frankie.

Frankie knows it is heartfelt because hookers don’t kiss customers.

JR has a plan to takeover Fusion. He asks Adam for help.

Of course he does because heaven forefend JR actually do something on his own. Wasn’t it just last week when JR expressed remorse about almost killing his best friend, Kendall? Kendall, who just happens to be one of Fusion’s owners.

Fed up that once again Kendall and Greenlee don’t show up for work, Babe decides to support JR’s plan.

Clearly Babe has forgotten that Kendall and Greenlee did show up at the cabin in time to save her sorry entitled ass. She has also forgotten that she works for Kendall and Greenlee, not vice versa.

Other stuff happens, too.

Jesse doesn’t stop Tad from breaking into Annie’s car. In case you were wondering, Jesse doesn’t arrest him either.

Thus law enforcement in Pine Valley rolls merrily, whimsically and absurdly along.  Are they trying to kill my Jesse love?

While searching the car’s trunk, Tad and Jesse notice Annie’s tire iron is missing. They speculate that it may be the murder weapon.

Later on, a judge will speculate whether or not this evidence is “fruit of the poisoned tree.” Tad and Jesse will have no idea what the judge is talking about.

Jack informs Erica that their relationship is over.

Jack grew a lovely pair while we weren’t looking. Way to go, Jackson!

Krystal tells Adam that she absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt no longer loves him.

Krystal, this would more convincing if you did not track him down every few days to tell him you don’t love him.

The mystery jogger tells Jake her name is “Taylor.”

“Taylor, hmm, really? You look more like a Harley to me.”

Kathy acts her bad feelings about Krystal.

You go, girl! While you are at it, feel free to act out all my bad feelings about Krystal, too.

Here’s to another week in the Valley!

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