July 2, 2007

If wishes were horses, I'd have a whole herd...
I wish we'd get hot fun in the sun, instead of teenybopper stories in the summertime.  And I'm not talking women in bikini's.  Let's face it, most soap fans are women, and we women don't much care to see other women romping around in skimpy bikini's.  We'd much rather see hot men bopping around in skimpy (read: little to NO) clothing.  There are an abundance of them on all three ABC soaps.  Granted, most of them we'd rather SEE and not HEAR, but that's okay.  They can hang around the pool, yacht club or country club (what-have-you) and be window dressing.  In fact, where people like Ryass or Jonathug are concerned, the less said, the better.  Likewise Del and Jamie.  Just stand in the background and look pretty.  Okay?  OKAY! 
I wish that someone would hit Greenlee upside the head with a big clue-by-four, so she could get over her Ryass obsession.  She saw him for what he was when he faked his own death, et al, and she left town to get away from him.  (Smartest thing she ever did where he was concerned!)  So...what happened?  Absence makes the heart (and mind) grow STUPID?!  Greenlee lost everything about her that made her... well... GREENLEE the moment she hooked up with Ryass.  Greens was always a pain into he arse, but she could be FUN, too.  Ryass took her and made her into some weird, mutant little Stepfordesque-Ryass-Worshipper. 
So, along those lines... I wish that TPTB would NOT go through with any plans they have for putting Ryass and Greens back together.  Word has it that Josh and Greens will be a go IF the fans respond favorably enough.  Jo-lee fans?  Get to writing those cards and letters!  Greens is fun, irreverent, wicked and...herself with Josh - and vice-versa.  Like Greens, Josh can be good AND bad, and that seems like something they can each live with - and ENJOY - in each other.  Not so with Ry-lee.  (Ass-lee?!)
We seem to be on a Greens-bent today, so one more before moving on... I wish that TPTB would not go with their rumored (sadistic) plans for Spike.  The poor babe has been through enough already.  This latest Spike rumor just makes me ill for the wee one.  Please, please, please, PTB, reconsider what you're planning?!  If you want to do a socially conscious storyline in this regard, find someone else to "pick on" and leave the Spike-man alone.   
I wish Rex would dump Adri-YAWN-a on her prissy, sanctimonious little arse when she finally sees the truth about Tate Harmon and "Oh Noes" about how stupid she was NOT to listen to Rex.  Not saying I want her dead, mind you, but she already has several strikes against her where her trust issues with Rex are concerned.  If she didn't learn from her experiences with that psycho-stalker, then she doesn't deserve Rex - who has never claimed to be perfect - but who has done the best he could to love and protect her.  Too bad he couldn't protect her from herself!
I wish Max Holden were coming to Llanview to stay.  There is still a wealth of potential there for him.  And if they brought Tina back?  Well, let's just say I'd be dancing a happy jig right now! 
I wish they'd found a better way to utilize the awesomeness that is Randolph Mantooth, instead of wasting him as Tate's father.  RM is still dead-sexy and would be an asset to any of the three ABC soaps.  So for THAT matter...
I wish they would bring Randolph Mantooth to Port Chuckles.  Now that they've settled on a contract for Natalia Livingston (Emily) and there has been much to-do (rumoring) that Emily will decide to search for her bio-dad, wouldn't RM be perfect for that role?  Heck, he'd even be perfect as Samantha McCall's bio-dad!  I can't decide which option I like better!  He would rock scenes with either Nancy Lee, OR Leslie C.  In fact, he would be a perfect way to bring Bobbie and Monica back from relative obscurity.  (Making them rivals for his attention!)  Throw Alexis into that mix and you have the makings for some real daytime drama, or some wacky hijinks!  Suppose RM played a dashing new doctor, or a high powered attorney?  Maybe even a PI, or a REAL freaking D.A. (with some scruples!)  There are an infinite number of possibilities for someone like RM there!
I wish (hope, PRAY) that they make Spinelli the long lost (read: adopted away) son of Sonny and Kate.  How hilarious would THAT be?!  There have been enough anvils dropping around Kate every time Sonny mentions what "she gave up to become Kate Howard."   And imagine Sonny's reaction to finding out that the geek he can barely tolerate is actually his SON?!   And snooty-booty Kate?  How horrified would she be to learn that her son is so... so... de' classe?!
*hysterical laughter*
Now, I know I have been the last one to wish any more children on Sonny Corinthos, but this is just too great a notion to pass up. 
I wish Sam would stop whining.  And stop drinking.  And stop blaming Elizabeth (and Jake!) for everything that is wrong with her life - right down to a freaking hangnail.  If the writers want to take her dark, then take her dark, but for the love of puppies, make her stop whining!  Make her "get" that it's not okay for her to harangue Jason for not TRUSTING or BELIEVING in her in one breath, and then turn around and relive the memory of watching his baby being kidnapped as she stands there letting it happen!  Gee, Sam...I wonder why he has doubts about you?!
*eye roll*
I wish that they'd finally let the Jason-baby secret come out already!  So many people know now, it's become a joke.
I wish they'd stop infantilizing Lucky Spencer.  He's been written to be quite the arse lately, hasn't he?  Not quite on a par with Sam, but still....  Time to let him man-up and show everyone he's a LOT stronger than they give him credit for.  Time to show that he really IS the progeny of Luke and Laura; and the same plucky, street-smart, resourceful, strong, brave Lucky he was back when Jonathan Jackson first graced our screens all those years ago.  Growing up should have only heightened and intensified those traits, not eliminated them completely.  Let him stand up, strong and determined, when he learns the truth about Jake, like he would have back in the day.  Don't let him remain as the pathetic, needy, jealous, insecure mess he's been this last year.  Lucky once had all the best qualities of both his parents - let him have that again.
I wish that they'd use the vets more often.  On all three soaps.  They add a certain spark, an air of authenticity to the shows.  They are the link these shows need, (a vital link) to the past, which gives them a sense of history and permanence; a path for future growth, be it through their children, or in some other way. 
How about all of you, my lovlies?  What would YOU wish for at this point in time?  I'd love to hear your take on things, so belly up to the bar for a cold one (or three) and make your wishes for any (or all) of the ABC soaps.  Until next time...


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