By Mysti


I just don’t get it.


You know, I like Kendall.  I really do.  I’ve always enjoyed her scrappy attitude – this is a woman who takes care of herself.  Maybe she doesn’t always do it in a socially acceptable way – but she takes care of what is hers.  So let it be known – I *like* Kendall.


But I do not get why she is so determined to ruin Greenlee’s life.  I don’t understand why Zach is equally determined to do so.  Or why Erica believes that it is her duty to have Greenlee committed.  What exactly did Greenlee do?


She lost her only chance to have the biological child of the man she loved.  Ooo – evil woman.  When she discovered that Spike was not her biological child, she was hurt and betrayed and she left town.  Ooo – what a BITCH!  Her husband faked his death because he didn’t want to have children with Greenlee, but Greenlee is the one everyone considers the bad guy.  Her best friend lied to her, yet Greenlee is the evil one.  When she finally came back to Pine Valley, she tried to see her husband, and Kendall locked her up.  When she wanted to return to the company she and Kendall started, she was shunned.


I just don’t get it.


It seems to me that Greenlee, while not perfect, is getting a raw deal here.  After all, although she did have an accident in which Spike lost his hearing, it was an *accident*.  One that occurred as she turned around to return him to his family. 


Think about that.  If she had gone through with her plan to take Spike, he would still be able to hear.


Then there is the blame she is getting for Ian’s premature birth.  Let’s be honest here.  Kendall was having issues with Ian *before* she found out Greenlee and Spike were missing.  Maybe if it hadn’t happened, they could have kept her from giving birth early – but it’s also entirely possible that Ian would have been premature anyway.


Greenlee is just a handy scapegoat for Ryan, Kendall and Zach to blame.  Rather than accept that sometimes accidents just happen.  Or admit that any actions Greenlee might have taken were brought on by *their* actions.  Zach engineered the blackout.  Helped Ryan fake his death.  Kendall substituted her own eggs and lied about it when Greenlee’s weren’t viable.  Ryan was so busy wallowing in his self-pity (woe is me – my wife is pregnant) that he faked his own death which led to the miscarriage of his child with Greenlee.  Then he came back and made such a huge point of being there for Kendall and Spike after Greenlee left him.


Personally – it makes me very uncomfortable to see all these people plotting revenge against Greenlee for wrongs real and imagined.  I hate seeing Greenlee starting to believe that she is forgiven when I know that Kendall is planning the ultimate back-stabbing incident.  She is not just planning to humiliate Greenlee – but to make her look insane.  As is Erica.  And Zach.


It’s ruining my Zendall love.  That irks me.  To be honest, it makes me not want to watch AMC these days. 


Except for Greenlee and Aidan.  I’m not sure that’s exactly what TPTB had in mind – but that’s what is happening.  Am I alone here?  Am I the only one who thinks that Greenlee is getting a raw deal?


Y’all have a great week!