For the Week of Sept 1, 2008

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Jesse jumping from the roof to a helicopter! It’s  AMC’s Labor Day repeat!


It’s getting crazy at Casa Chandler.

Babe invites Annie and Emma to move into the mansion.

Little does Babe know that they are bringing Richie with them. Please, can we have just one scene where he torments Babe?  Is that really so much to ask?

Adam nudges Colby in Petey’s direction.

Yes, Adam is being manipulative but it is a sweet manipulation. Colby needs more going on in her life.  These days she is either drinking or hanging out at Hypocrisy House. Of course, spending time at Hypocrisy House would drive anyone to drink.

Adam lets Petey in on his plans for Fusion.

Oh, Adam, my dear Adam. Is trusting a Cooney really the right thing to do?  Especially if that Cooney is Tad’s half-brother?

At the Bella launch party, Adam spikes a sample bottle with Petey’s special brew.

Well, why not? As Hayley used to say, “It’s not a party in Pine Valley unless someone does something crazy.”

Adam is horrified when Colby uses the “enhanced” bottle of Bella.

That’s what Adam gets for not running a more controlled experiment.

Hypocrisy House has its own brand of crazy going on.

Krystal works at getting closer to Kathy.

But not too close, because the kid could be packing heat.

Krystal kicks off her home redecorating project by painting the living room.

At first I wondered why Tad wasn’t helping her, and then I realized he must be spending the day with Kathy and Jenny. After all, isn’t that why he quit the PI biz, to be a full time father?

Krystal climbs up the ladder as far as she can go. Kathy knocks the ladder down as quickly as she can.

Wait a minute; I thought Kathy would be spending the day with Tad. Didn’t Tad want to spend every minute of every day with his daughters? Especially the daughter he had with the love of his life? (Note to new viewers: that would be Kathy. In my house, Jenny’s nickname is “Chopped Liver.”)

Krystal and the ladder just missing hitting Jenny, who is hanging out in her playpen.

Kathy was really going for a twofer there, wasn’t she?

Tad believes Kathy’s version of things-that it was an accident. Krystal begins to believe that Adam and I are right, Tad really is an ass.

I made the last part up, but really, how could the Tad scales not be falling from Krystal’s eyes?

Poor Fletcher-everyday it gets harder and harder out here for a pimp.

Fletcher attacks Randi.

He really has lousy management skills doesn’t he?

Taylor rescues Randi. She then chokes Fletcher to death.

Taylor is clearly a caretaker. Could it be her emotional problems stem from not being able to protect someone in Iraq? On a less serious note, I am not sorry that Fletcher is gone. I knew Billy Clyde Tuggle and Fletcher was no Billy Clyde Tuggle.

Taylor heads right on over to the PVPD. She confesses to killing Fletcher.

For a moment, time stops in the Valley as everyone tries to recover from the shock. What shock? The shock that someone confessed to a crime they actually committed. Not only that, but I am betting Taylor doesn’t give the “I did it out of love” excuse.

Other stuff happens, too.

Erica and Ryan have a chat on the beach.

Erica: “I cannot believe that Jackson is actually interested in another woman and dating her, no less. I mean, really, just because I am dating Samuel is no reason for Jack to go catting around, is it?

Ryan: “I cannot believe what Annie just did. I mean, really, just because I told her I was in love with Greenlee is no reason for her to move out, is it?

Erica and Ryan, in unison: “Why don’t our needs matter? Don’t we deserve some happiness? Where is our reward for always putting other people first?”

What has Josh been up to lately? He has been busy embezzling $20 million from Zach, that’s what.

Even on the Planet Crack this makes no sense. On the other hand, why should Josh’s exit story make any more sense than his being an aborted abortion?

Josh confesses to Kendall. Josh tells his sister that he fears Sonny Zach will send his thugs after him.

Yes, it’s true- Charles Pratt and his twisted sense of character development is in the house.

Jesse gives some information about the past 20 years to Angie. He had a breakdown and was confined to a mental hospital for a year or so.

Could Janet and Jesse have a love child?

Here’s to another week in the Valley!

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