July 16, 2007

I have to wonder...

When TPTB first began toying with the notion of bringing Greenlee back to Pine Valley - Rebecca Budig or not -- was it always their intention to ruin her completely?  I recall hearing something about a comment Rebecca Budig made about her being uncomfortable with the idea of a Greenlee return, because she was afraid they might ruin her, the way they've done with other returning characters.  (Maria and Julia come to mind, right off the top of my head.)  If I'm remembering correctly, and that IS what Ms. Budig said, then I'd say she was right to be concerned.

Yes, Greens has always been a selfish, insecure brat -- no one can deny that, but the idea that she would bring harm (physical or emotional) to a child simply does not compute.   While she will gleefully rip an adult to shreds in her typical "Do unto others BEFORE they have a chance to do unto you" fashion, I could never see Greenlee purposely hurting a child.  Now, for those of you who are positively loathing Greenlee Smythe Du Pres Lavery right now?  Prepare yourself to go way, WAY beyond loathing in the very near future.

Allow me to preface this with a small disclaimer:  I do not believe for one moment that Greenlee purposely crashes her car in order to do herself or Spike in, but the fact remains that she intended to steal Prince Spikemaster from his family, in order to assuage some of the pain and emptiness she feels at not having been blessed to be his Mommy - thereby taking him from the only family he has ever known - thereby causing Prince Spikemaster emotional agony.  Yes, the Spikemaster may only be a lad of one tender year, but he knows who his Mommy and Daddies are, and he WOULD miss them terribly, had she managed to abscond with him to parts unknown.

Old Greens did some despicable things in the past, especially when she first came to town, but this goes beyond despicable.  This goes beyond cruel.  Leaving Ryass out of the equation entirely, Kendall and Greens were actually making progress toward restoring their friendship and trust.  Left to their own devices -- without interference - I think they would have made it there and both women would be the stronger for it.  For Greenlee to even entertain the thought of stealing Spike from Kendall - after all the progress they've made -- it's downright reprehensible.  In my opinion, it's unforgivable.  AS unforgivable as Babe keeping Miranda from her BFF Bianca - which was something even Greenlee condemned.

I don't understand why TPTB brought Greenlee back for the sole purpose of having everyone hate her.  And yes, from everything I've seen and heard around the net and in person, more people loathe her than like her.  Why? Why? Why? Why? WHY?!  There were so many other ways to bring Greenlee back, so why go this route?  Greens was on the right track when she left PV.  She'd seen Ryass for who and what he truly was and she left skid marks on his arse (rightfully so) as she sped out of town, so why the turnaround?  Why bring her back as the simpering sod, so desperate and bedazzled by Laveryitis (still?!) that she couldn't see straight, much less remember WHY she left town in the first place?!

I know the old saying about absence making the heart grow fonder, but YEESH!  Greens was never stupid  (until she fell for Ryass)  but she tossed her rose-colored glasses, wised up and left his sorry arse in the dust.  Now she's whining and pining over him... AGAIN?  What happened to her self-respect?   What happened to her grit and intelligence?  What happened to her memory?  LEO was the love of her life, not Ryass.  L-E-O.  The one she didn't have to pretend with, the one she didn't have to transform into a Stepford wife for.  Leo, who accepted her just the way she was and loved her all the more for it. 

Reinfecting Greens with Laveryitis was a huge mistake.  Huge.  They could have brought her back to town and had her all but ignore Ryass - there still would have been the "angst" and drama they were looking for, because, my lovelies, we all know that there is nothing more enticing to a Lavery than something (or someone) they cannot have.  Annie still would have felt insecure about Ryass' feelings for her because it would have been all too obvious that he couldn't STAND for Greenlee to ignore him.

But I digress...

Now, I get the social consciousness angle behind the storyline, I really do, but why do they have to pick on the Spikeman?  Hasn't that poor kid been through enough?  He's only a year old and he's already seen more pain and suffering than most adults see in a lifetime!  Plus... He's SPIKE!  Spike rocks!  (Just ask Zach!  He even has a T-Shirt that says so!!)  I think we're all a little sick of poor Spike being jeopardized, aren't we?  Now they're putting the Zendall whelp in harm's way as well?  Mark my words, friends, I predict that the sturm and drang will be epic in proportions if TPTB decide to kill the Zendall baby - and I will be leading the charge!

So, instead of Spike, why don't they pick on someone else?  Why couldn't it have been Greenlee who suffers the loss of her hearing as a result of the accident?  That is still a social consciousness issue, plus it smacks of karma; or Divine retribution.  Swift "punishment" for the crime of child stealing.  It's not often that major characters actually pay for the crimes they've committed and this would be Greenlee's penance.  It could, instead of completely demonizing her, actually give her a shot at true redemption.  Watching her struggle with something else, besides her Laveryitis, would be riveting drama.  Seeing Greens overcome a sudden handicap would also give her a way to relate better to what Lily (her sister) lives with every day, and it would give them a great way to bond - which is something they desperately need.  Move Greens out of the Lavery orbit and into the bosom of her Montgomery clan.

Speaking of Lily, sisters and bonding; making Ava suddenly deaf would accomplish the same thing I was talking about with Greens.  It would humanize Ava more, and put her on somewhat equal footing with Lily for a change - not identical, but similar.  Having a disability of her own, would help Ava to understand Lily on a whole other level.  It would also (hopefully) move her out of that OTHER Lavery's orbit and back into the Montgomery home.  I can totally buy Lily helping Ava to learn sign language and lip reading; and it would draw them even closer as sisters.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not wishing accidents and disabilities or pain and suffering on anyone here... (Well, maybe Ryass and Jonathug, but I'm TERRIBLE that way!) ... but, since they are determined to go with a suddenly deaf storyline, I'm just REALLY wishing they'd  leave the children out of it!  Anyone else?

Onto some GH musings...

Why, why, WHY haven't TPTB made Sonny's lawyer, Diane, a regular yet?  Why didn't they do it the moment she first appeared in Port Chuckles?  She is one of the freshest, most fabulous characters EVER to appear on GH!  I haven't met a single person - online or in RL who doesn't absolutely LOVE her!  She steals every scene she is in...


Maybe that's the problem?  Maybe they are afraid she will steal Sonny's thunder?  Or Jason's?  If that's the case, let's all do our best to assure them that THAT is not what would happen.  She elevates those scenes - makes both Sonny and Jason come to life - even when Jason is just staring at her.  Seriously.  She even makes it tolerable to watch Ric when she's in scenes with him - I don't even CRINGE when she is onscreen with him and THAT is saying a lot!  Get that woman on contract before someone else steals her away!  And for the love of peanut butter, see to it that she does NOT fall under the spell of the magic dimples!

Also, I know there is an upcoming scene where Diane (and some uniformed cops) arrive at JASON'S penthouse (hear that, Sam?  JASON'S, not YOURS) just in time to keep Sam and Carly from killing each other and, personally speaking?  I can't wait to see it.  I would love to see her give Sam the royal Diane smackdown.  If only Sonny, Jason or even Amelia had TOLD her about Sam's part in the Jakenapping!!!  Even if she didn't drop a dime on her, it would be fun to see Diane get a few digs in here and there before the truth eventually comes to light. 

I'd also like to see someone tell Spinelli about Sam's involvement in the Jakenapping.  As much as it would devastate him to know the truth about her, it would at least lift the Goddess-vision he sees her with from his eyes and he could finally, FINALLY tell her off with as much disdain and heartlessness as she has shown him time and time again. 

As much as I love the (long overdue) bonding scenes between Alexis and Sam, I would have loved for Alexis to call Sam on her hypocrisy.  I kept waiting for it, while Sam was wanking on about how JASON ruined what they had together with his continued lies and betrayal, I was pleading with Alexis to say something - anything - about how Sam started that particular ball rolling with her revenge "Sic" sex.  (ICKY!!!)  Not in a judgmental way, of course, but as a point of reference and a way of keeping it real with her.  To her credit, Sam DID take some responsibility for SOME of her lies - so that's progress.  Too bad she didn't go all the way and admit to Alexis her part in the Jakenapping.  Ah well... baby steps, right?

And oh YAAAAAAAAAAAY!  Look!  It's Anna-freakin-Devane!!  I was positively giddy to see her descending through the skylight in Patrick's apartment!  Dare we hope to see her in a few (more serious) scenes as the kick-ass super spy she is?  I'd love to see her give Jerry a sound thrashing for what he did to Robin (especially) and the others (generally) at the Metro-Court.  then I'd LOVE to see Robert come in and have a whack at him, too.  Bliss!  Okay, I'll be honest, I'd just like to see Supah!Spy-Robert, period!

That's all I have for now, my lovelies... The bar is open and the drinks are on me!


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