By Mysti


It’s the Story, Stupid



I have just about had it with GH. 


I do not understand their fascination with the Mob.  Seriously – it might have been groundbreaking 10 years ago, but now it’s just tired and sad.  I have absolutely no interest in watching yet another woman fall prey to Sonny’s charms, take him to task for his lifestyle, then mold herself into yet another mob moll.  It is boring.  It has been done.  And it is fast forward fodder.


The one thing that I appreciate about GH right now is the story surrounding Georgie’s death.  I’m beyond bummed that they have killed her off, but the performances surrounding her death have been spectacular.  It is so nice to see John J York and Kirsten Storms show us what they can do.  I’m really looking forward to seeing Felicia back in town – to kill off Georgie without her mom would have been so wrong.  Which brings me to my next point:


It’s time to recast Frisco.


Oh I know.  Jack Wagner *was* Frisco.  But dammit – it’s beyond time.  If they can recast Carly a million times, and AJ, and Prince Nik, then by golly they can recast Frisco.  Just think of the stories they could tell!


I for one would be thrilled to see the show gravitate away from mob wars and mob molls and gunplay and hostages and strangulations and all that crap.  Let’s have the good guys take Port Charles back.  Bring Frisco back to not only clean up the town, but also to deal with the fallout from his daughter’s death.  You know – the one he conceived and then abandoned?  Give Maxie a chance to actually know her father – not her DAD.  Nope, her dad is Mac.  That’s another story they could explore.  How he let another man raise his daughters.  Not to mention how he couldn’t be bothered to come back for his own brother’s funeral.  Have Lucas come out of the attic and tell his Uncle Frisco off – and introduce him to his life partner as well.  


Not only that, it would be a good excuse to keep Felicia around.  It would give Maxie more to do – and maybe a little support after everyone finds out that Coop is the dreaded Text Message Killer (and please – do not get me started on how we have to lose Coop and keep Logan.  It’s just wrong.  And I’m sure y’all don’t want to listen to me rant and rave about it because believe me, I am about it).  Felicia would have a hard time taking Frisco to task after her recent abandonment of her girls – but then the two of them could bond over that again – and maybe fan those flames of romance!


You remember romance, don’t you?  I know the writers of GH don’t.


The fact of the matter is, the show is floundering.  Ratings continue to drop, and even uber-fans like myself – who not only watch but *write* about it – are losing interest.  The Powers That Be have already tried stunt casting, sweeps stories and killing off major characters in a vain attempt to boost those ratings.  It hasn’t worked.  I’ll tell you what *will* work.


Stories.  Write compelling, thoughtful, well-constructed *stories.*  That’s why people watch soaps.  For the story.  Viewers only watched gunplay because it advanced the story.  When you have gunplay just for bang bang’s sake – it doesn’t draw us in.  How can we be drawn in, when we all know exactly how it’s going to turn out?  We all know that Sonny & Jason will emerge victorious – subduing the bad guys while the cops bumble around like fools.  Where’s the drama in that? 


No. Where.


Give me stories.  Give me tales of grand romance and star crossed lovers who aren’t star crossed because one would rather kill people than raise his children.  Let them be star crossed because they think they’re related.  Or because one has never really learned how to commit because her father couldn’t be bothered to stay home and raise *his* kids.  Have the man who raised everyone else’s children someone how find love again – and have a child of his blood – preferably a boy child, because the thought of the Scorpio name dying out hurts me deeply.  If you must have Elizabeth being fought over by Jason & Lucky – have it a *real* tug’o’war.  Have them equal but different – the hot safe cop vs the hot dangerous thug – and let the two men respect each other.  Better yet – have them work together to solve a mystery, and then they can both show their worthiness to be loved.  Give Liz a *real* decision to make – and for pete’s sake, could she agonize over it a bit?  And  PLEASE – don’t have her just ignore the years she did love Lucky.  We know she loved Lucky – we WATCHED it.  Quit trying to brush it under the rug.


Give me stories of real revenge – of Nikolas finally finding a way to deal with Helena.  Not just locking her away – but living a full life in her full view – raising Spencer Cassidine to be a mix of Spencer lightheartedness and Cassidine courtliness.  Ok – so Princess Emily is dead – fine.  Bring Gia back.  I miss Sparky.  I miss the sense of fun she had.  And while you’re at it – fix the whole Alexis’ daughter thing.  Find some way to prove that Sam *isn’t* Alexis’ long lost daughter, and make her Liz.    Have Luke reconcile himself to Nik - can you just imagine a big ole Cassidine/Spencer/Quartermaine Christmas?  Then watch Helena’s head explode!


Just give me stories.  NEW stories.  I’m *tired* of the mob.  I’m *tired* of death.  I’m tired of knowing what is going to happen – even if I don’t read spoilers.  If TPTB want to improve ratings – then give us STORIES.  That’s all any viewer really wants.


It's certainly not what we're getting now.


Y’all have a great week!


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