September 11, 2007

Oh dear…

Looks like Guza’s getting carried away with his mob-centric storylines again.  And he’s bringing little Michael into the fray (again).  I have to wonder… Does Guza HAVE children?  I’m inclined (and hopeful) to believe that he doesn’t – else why, why, WHY would he be giving Michael lines like:  “You HAVE TO kill them, Dad!”  And, not in some childlike, oblivious, doesn’t-know-any-better kind of context either.  Not like your child going to a big brother or sister; wanting them to beat up the neighborhood bully because they stole your lunch money.  We’re talking murder for REVENGE.  Michael KNOWS what it means when he says that someone has to die – he KNOWS.  He also knows that his father is no mere coffee importer – else his family wouldn’t constantly need bodyguards or be in jeopardy. 

That’s what’s so frightening about that scene between Michael and Sonny.  They took what should have been a deeply poignant moment and shattered it by having Michael demand retribution for his poor, murdered Nanny – his second (and most available) mom.  While it was nice that Sonny spoke about how revenge only puts a hole in your heart and poisons your soul, I can’t help but feel like those words rang a little hollow to Michael’s ears.  Then, lo and behold, before the ep was over, Sonny was on the phone with someone demanding that Letitia’s killer be brought to him.

While it is normal to want to assess blame for the loss of a loved one; and Letitia most assuredly was deeply loved by Michael and Morgan, it is not normal; nor is it acceptable for a child of Michael’s oh-so-tender years, to be calling for the swift execution of whomever it was that snuffed out her life.  It ruined (for me) what came next:  Michael’s dissolving into tears as the full impact of what happened to Letitia hit him.  No, Michael, it wasn’t fair.  Letitia was essentially his mother for at least a full decade.  She was, as Carly wisely admitted and pointed out, the ONLY constant in his and his brothers’ life.  She was the one who took care of them during all the times when their parents couldn’t be bothered, or when they took off gallivanting all over the globe at the drop of a hat.  At least they ALWAYS had Letitia (even if WE didn’t see her onscreen that much).  There is no doubt in my mind that Letitia would have been HORRIFIED to hear Michael utter those words.

Now, I firmly believe there is a reason why TPTB have not gone ahead and SORAS’d Michael, and his name is Dylan Cash.  When allowed a moment in the spotlight, Dylan Cash can give a performance that can blow you away.  Like Kristen Alderson over on OLTL, he is one child actor who has the ability to hold his own with a powerhouse (adult) co-star like Maurice Benard.  He doesn’t need to have the adult dialogue that his co-stars have, however, nor SHOULD he.  That scene could and would have stood just fine without having little Michael calling for someone’s head on a platter; and Dylan Cash is up to the challenge.  As great as Dylan Cash is as an actor, all I could say to myself was “Oh. My. GAWD!!!  Did GH just GO THERE???!!!!  Did they just have a little kid tell his daddy to kill somebody???

Under Guza’s poison pen, this tragedy just proved what so many have expected / suspected all along about Michael:  He is going to grow up and be one big, scary, ruthless mob boss who will put his father to shame! Michael has certainly seen his share of heartache and tragedy since his birth.  He’s also seen a lot and LEARNED a lot from his father and his mother's messy mess of a relationship.  Add to that the fact that he has AJ Quartermaine’s blood running through his veins, and we may end up with not only a vicious mob boss, but an alcoholic one, too.  One who is too savvy for his own good, or anyone else’s.  AJ was an intelligent man, he just didn’t have a lick of common sense. Michael seems to be cut from the same cloth. 

Also, WTF ever happened with Michael’s therapy?  After the whole Faith-AJ kidnap fiasco?  It’s obvious the kid is in need of major therapy, so why isn’t he getting it?  Will he get it after this?  I mean, it’s really scary to come face-to-face with the realization that your CHILD wants you to kill someone, without even blinking an eye, and Sonny DID look appropriately horrified, but will that be enough?  Will Sonny do for Michael what he clearly refuses to do for himself?  He’s already bagged his own therapy (for his bi-polar condition) and he’s back on the booze (something strictly verboten given his condition and the meds he has to take every day). 

I think Sonny DOES realize on some level that the life he's chosen for himself is NOT the life he wants for his children.  Problem is, he hasn’t taken any steps to actually put THEIR needs ahead of his own.  Neither he or Carly have ever done that. In fact, of the three of them, Jason has been the ONLY one (aside from Letitia) who has always put the needs of the children FIRST.  With the impending mob war looming on the horizon – one that promises to put all other mob wars to shame - will Sonny NOW (maybe) understand where Jason has been coming from, when he repeatedly tells him how he does not want his lifestyle touching HIS son?  If Jason’s near-miss with a murder conviction didn’t illustrate that point for Sonny, will this war – and the targeting of women and children – finally drive that point home for him?


Speaking of which, now would be the PERFECT time for Carly to learn the Jake-truth.  She is finally in a position to actually listen and understand Lizzeh’s very real fears about exposing Jake and Cameron to the dangers of Jason’s world.  Carly is finally, actually, truly AFRAID.  What better time to tell her the Jake-truth and KNOW that she will (for a while at least) keep her mouth shut and not judge Lizzeh or Jason for making the decision they made to keep Jake’s paternity a secret?


Mob stuff aside for a moment, I wasn’t in love with the way they chose to break the news to the boys about Letitia’s death either.  Did they really have to do it like that?  I mean, it was pretty blunt – not that there is ever a “good” way to break the news that one’s Nanny/Second Mom has been murdered, but still… And, was it just me or did the little cutie who plays Morgan look genuinely distraught – almost as if he thought that the woman who PLAYS Letitia was the one who died in real life.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s an adorable little moppet and I LOVE him with all due madness, but he’s not THAT good of an actor!  Poor little guy!  I really felt for him.


Back to the murder… was it just me or did they make it look like any number of people could have committed Letitia’s murder?  We know Nik was off  *somewhere* doing *something*… Then Ric comes in – out of breath, sweating, and with his shirt torn.  WTF?!  Jerry, too, had the opportunity – given that he’d given Jax and his crack hotel concierge the slip and disappeared for a while before showing up in Sam’s hotel room to feel her up.  (I’m sorry, but really… she’s only like    ]thisbig[   and the only place he can get a firm grip on her is her… uh... nevermind…)  And while we’re on the subject of murderers and targets, can someone explain to me how Sonny’s island is any safer than his PC compund?  Hitmen have gone there before looking for Sonny’s loved ones.  It’s not like the island is any big secret.  Heck, it’s not like the island on “Lost,” virtually anyone can find it!


Onto the subject of stupidity… How stupid is it of Sam to leave her doors and windows unlocked – even in a hotel as “secure” (snicker-snicker) as the Metro-Court?  Even though she’s using this pending mob war as an excuse to seduce “Stupucky,” (Shout-outs to 'Reign of Terror' over at there is still a very real possibility that she might actually end up as a target in this war.  It’s a slim chance, but it’s there.  So, not only does she hire and immediately fire the lamest bodyguard ever (Stupucky), but she runs around town, leaves her door unlocked and – when Stupucky arrived – slightly ajar, while she lounges about in the hottub out on the terrace.  Several ways a mob hitman could kill you with that particular scenario!  And Stupucky is so stupid and so horny, it doesn’t even dawn on him to care that she CLEARLY doesn’t seriously fear for her own safety!  “Sam’s mostly nekkid in a hottub?  Lizzeh, Jake and Cameron who?!”  So much for him wanting his marriage to work.  (Not that I EVER believed that!)  Now, lest I only pick on Sam and Stupucky, we have Nem to consider.  Why, why, WHY did they leave Lizzeh home alone with two very young kids, when there are psychos running around out there killing Nannies?  Not just any Nannies, mind you, but one connected to Sonny and Jason.  Um… gee, Em… You already looked at Lizzeh like she’d lost her mind when she said that Lucky would protect them (See?  Even his oldest friend knows he’s an inept putz!) and she didn’t need Jason’s bodyguards.  True friends, like Nem are supposed to be would have just sat tight and waited for Stupucky to come home.  And REALLY true friends, would have made sure bodyguards were watching them anyway!


So there you have it, folks.  If TPTB at General Mobsters… I mean HOSPITAL… are planning to keep the mob as a central focus for the foreseeable future, I’m guessing Michael will grow up to be the new mob badass, possibly stepping into his father’s shoes after Sonny finally meets his maker, and his first act being to exact retribution on whomever killed him.  Jake will probably grow up to be the brilliant doctor Jason was “supposed” to be.  Morgan will probably be the new enforcer (cries at the mere thought) and Krystina will be the brilliant mob lawyer, working diligently to keep her brothers out of prison, and Molly?  She will probably end up like Maxie – negative attention is better than NO attention.  As for Cameron?  He may have been so traumatized by Sam’s actions (like scaring the bejeebus out of him by those thugs in the park, and her trying to destroy his mother) that he may become just like the loose cannon his bio-father, Zander was.


I.  Am. SO afraid… Hold me?!  


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