By Mysti


Shattered Delusions



Carly has always considered Jason her rock.  Her go-to guy.  When she needed a boy on the side, she had Jason.  When that was over, he was still the one person who didn’t judge her.  When her relationship with Tony blew up in her face, Jason was the one she turned to for help.  Scheme after scheme blew up in Carly’s face, and always she had Jason for her safe refuge.  She trusted him completely – she knew she could always depend upon him to be there for her – to keep her secrets, to not judge her.


How utterly devastated she is to finally realize that she will never be Jason’s go-to gal.


It’s finally dawning on Carly that her devotion to Jason is not returned.  She has always justified her devotion to him as being returned in full.  It was ok that she continually chose Jason over her husband – because the two of them shared a special bond that no one else could touch.  She needed to be special in Jason’s eyes – she needed to know that there was one person out there who valued her above all others.


You would have thought after he made her re-marry Sonny the last time, she would have gotten a clue.  But it took this – finding out that he kept such an important secret from *her* - for Jason to finally break her heart.  And as we all know – a Carly in pain is a force to be feared.


I love how her first reaction is to blame Elizabeth.  Because it’s easier to blame Elizabeth for “manipulating” Jason than to accept that he actually might have chosen not to tell her on his own.  Easier to blame Elizabeth than to think that Jason believes her choices are the right ones for her kids – or that perhaps Carly’s choices were wrong. 


Like a wounded child Carly lashed out at the woman that Jason dared to trust more than herself.  Because make no mistake, that is what hurts Carly most.  Not that Jason had a child with Elizabeth – a woman that Carly has hated since the moment Jason turned to her after the Carly/Sonny hatesex when he was shot.  She has always resented that she lost Jason’s full trust that night.  And she resents that Elizabeth gained it.


What cracks me up the most though, is Carly’s reaction to idea that Elizabeth wanted to keep Jake’s paternity a secret.  Oh the irony of her jealousy and hurt.  But that’s Carly – what’s good for her is never ok for anyone else. 


Of course, she will immediately prove that Jason was right to keep her out of the loop.  Carly has already started scheming to make herself invaluable to Jason again.  To prove to him that she is more valuable female in his life.  Of course, in doing so, she will just prove that Carly’s devotion is as destructive as always. 


It’s enough to almost make me feel sorry for Carly as she embarks upon her pointless madcap doomed-to-fail schemes.


But only almost.


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