September 28, 2007

GH Ramblings

I have never liked Logan or warmed up to his character. I wanted to feel sorry for him when Scotty dissed and dismissed him, claiming that someone like Logan could never be his son, but I couldn't work up much indignation. I felt for the child Logan once was, and how it must have hurt; not having a father while growing up, but I couldn't bring myself to feel sorry for adult-Logan.  Why?  Maybe because he is a victimizer of women and has always been? (Is this why Cody wants to break his sleazy neck?) Maybe because he seems not to have one iota of respect for women in general?

The fact of the matter is, Logan has sexually harassed Maxie from day one; even though she was his supposed best friend's girl.  He has shown no loyalty or respect for Coop's relationship and the friendship they supposedly had.  He has no loyalty, nor (methinks) does he grasp the meaning of the word.  And, I'm sorry... how stupid does he have to be to throw in his lot with RIC LANSING, to double-cross Sonny?  And beyond stupid that he seems to have absolutely no fear of The Stone Cold One.  (And people call Jason The Borg?!) Add to this the fact that he appears to have a multitude of dishonorable discharges from the Army and that brings into question his loyalty to his country.

Now, for Logan to physically assault Maxie because she did EXACTLY what he KNEW she was capable of (and likely to do)???  No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, nooooo!  It was his own stupidity that cost him Lulu.  Yes, it was Maxie's idea for Logan to seduce Lulu then dump her, but Logan is the big bully who added the part of sleeping with Maxie as the payoff for breaking Lulu's heart.  He WANTED to sleep with Maxie - so bad he could taste it.  So much so that he eagerly reminded her that he fully expected her to pay-up immediately.  So, as with all males within that certain age demographic in PC, Logan starts to like Lulu in the process but he never thought to break the deal with Maxie or just plain tell Lulu the truth before he ever fall for Lulu.  Big surprise.  I gave him credit when he went to Maxie and said he wanted to call off the bet.  Through some very, VERY sloppy writing, his wanting to call off the bet (and Maxie's calling off the bet herself) just fell through the cracks and the bet was suddenly on again.  WTF?!!  That was something that was never explained and shame on Guza for missing what none of the fans missed:  a huge gaping plot hole!

So, when it came right down to it, Logan slept with Maxie - with GUSTO!  Not because she blackmailed him into it, but because he WANTED to! He wasn't forced to sleep with her at gunpoint or anything.  Now, JAX was forced to sleep with someone he didn't want to.  Big difference in the two.  Huge. Logan changed the rules in the middle of the game and decided he wanted to keep Lulu as his girlfriend.  Maxie did what she and Logan planned together to do to Lulu from the beginning. When Maxie did the inevitable, and decided that she just HAD to have him in the sack, he could have easily shut Maxie down. Yes, she threatened to tell Lulu about their bet; so what?  Logan had Lulu eating out of his hand, so how hard would it have been for him to deny, deny, deny when Maxie spilled the bet-beans?  For that matter, he could have just gone to Lulu and told her about the bet himself - making it seem like he was just playing along with Maxie to get the dirt on her sleaziness for Coop's benefit.  But did he?  No!  He took the slut-that-ate-Port Charles by the horns and rode her to his hearts content.  Something he didn't have to
do, but something he very much wanted to do.

For Logan to then PHYSICALLY attack a female (even Maxie) for any reason is beyond evil.  Slamming her 60 pound frame up against that wall could have easily snapped her fragile bones, for crying out loud, not to mention given her a concussion or brain damage!  I was glad to see Coop grab him off of her, in spite of his own hurt and feelings of betrayal.  I was also glad to see him actually sit down and discuss in further detail why it is he can't have any further involvement with Maxie.  He told her, in kinder terms than she would have favored anyone else with, how desperately toxic and destructive she is - not just to everyone else, but herself, too.  Nicely done.

Coop, if rumors are to be believed, will soon be departing PC - and not to move to another town.  My question is "why"?  Why? Why? WHY?!  Coop has so much potential to be a great character, if only they would USE him!  And with a last name like Barrett?  Why, why, WHY has NO ONE ever questioned him about any possible relation to Brenda or Julia Barrett?  Especially Jax and Sonny!  Killing off Coop would be a huge mistake, in my opinion, because it would be a waste of, not only a great character, but a wealth of storyline potentials for several key characters.  I sincerely hope TPTB reconsider killing him off - IF that is really what they have planned for him.

Onto Lulu... WTF are they doing to this girl?  Does she have a contract renewal coming up or something?  Because, suddenly, she has become one of the most unlikable characters on the show!!!  Using Spinelli the way she is, emotional blackmail, and the cherry on top?  Her getting involved with Johnny Zacchara (even over the phone!)???  Lulu has made her fair share of mistakes, but never before has she been utterly stupid.  Please, please, PLEASE do not make Lulu another victim of whatever came over Lucky that changed him from a great guy into an utter putz!

Speaking of Lucky... No, moron, you do not get to be pissed off at Lizzeh for hiring the FABULOUS Diane Miller to represent her in the divorce.  She didn't do it to hurt Lucky, she chose Diane because - first and foremost - Diane already knows about the sticky situation with Jake's paternity; that makes one less person she has to explain herself to.  Also, really... who ELSE was she going to hire?  There may be hundreds of qualified attorney's in the fictional town of Port Chuckles, but not so many that are currently on canvas.  Alexis?  Well, she IS Sam's mother.  That alone makes her a non-viable option for Lizzeh.  Ric?  He's the D.A. and so not the person Lizzeh would turn to for anything, particularly after the way he treated her during Jason's trial.  Trevor?  *shudder*  HELLLLL no!  Why not go with Diane?  She does have other clients besides Jason and Sonny - so what if she's Jason's lawyer.  Schmucky's just peeved because of Diane's connection to Jason.   *eyeroll*

I do have to give kudos to Steve Burton, Rebecaa Herbst and Greg Vaughan for some out of the park performances this week.  As much as Schmucky annoys me lately, and as irritated as I have been with Lizzeh for not ending the Jake-farce as well as her marriage sooner, it was truly heart-wrenching to see them both finally acknowledge that there was no hope for their marriage - a marriage that should never have been (the second time).  We all knew it was over, but for the burial, but it doesn't make it any less sad.  Nicely done.

Can I just mention Diane Miller again?  LOVE her!  Can we please, please, please get her on contract before someone else (who actually knows what a goldmine she is) snaps her up and whisks her out of PC, the way they did with Amelia's Annie Wersching?!  Please?  That woman is a breath of fresh air and she steals EVERY scene she is in.  She has chemistry with even an inanimate prop, for crying out loud!  Let HER be Spinelli's long-lost-mommy.  Please?   PLEASE?!   PLEASE?!!!!

Speaking of Annie / Amelia, I really hope they give her a spectacular sendoff - one by which she is able to expose all of Sam's evil deeds to the world.  (Hopefully Lucky would see her for what she really is and then run, run, run as far away from her as he can.)  I hate that they dropped her story so quickly and so suddenly.  I know a lot of Sam's biggest fanatics hate her (mainly because she has always told the truth about Sam) but it really is a loss for the show and the fans to have had this just fizzle out without any kind of resolution.

One last gripe?  Can we talk continuity for a moment?  Fans were primed and ready for the Jason-Carly verbal smackdown - after Carly burst into Jason's Penthouse and announced that she was going to protect him from Lizzeh no matter what.  That was the tail end of Tuesday's show, so everyone expected them to pick up right where they left off the next day but... WTF?!  Nothing.  It's like she just made her pronouncement and stormed out.  Suddenly it's the next day and we get NOTHING?!   Instead they save that scene for Thursday's episode.  *shakes head*  Also, in the same episode, we see another HUGE gaping continuity hole.  One minute Jerry is in Sonny's office, being threatened for the umpteenth time and the very next moment - before they even finish that "conversation," Jerry is over at Wyndemere, getting his arse kicked by Nikolas!  Talk about whiplash!  Can we finish one scene before moving onto the next, please?  Very, very sloppy, and not a way to earn those "Best Direction for a Daytime Drama" Emmy's.  Just saying!   

Until next time... You can find me at the bar!

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