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I’m not sure why I’m not more enthused about GH these days.  It’s more balanced than it has been in years.  No longer am I forced to watch Lucky be the buffoon while Jason is the superhero.  I find myself fascinated by Maxie’s grief over both Georgie and Coop, and strangely moved by her total faith that Coop is not the text message killer.  I’m refreshed to see Spinelli doing something besides fawning over Jason.  Luke’s back home, Tracy is looking smashing, and Robin is finally in the family way.  What’s not to like?


Well, Carly’s obsession with baby Jake for one.  I mean really – Gladys Kravitz has *nothing* on Carly when it comes to stickin’ her nose in where it doesn’t belong.  I know she’s always been obnoxious, but I just don’t get why she is so obsessed with Jason having his son.  I wonder if she’ll think twice about it when she finds out Michael is packing these days.


Wouldn’t it be cool if Logan were the Text Message Killer?  Then there would at least be an explanation for why he acts like such an ass most of the time.  And what happened to his Texas tattoos?  Dangit – that was the best thing about Logan.  Hmph.


As much as I wanted to throttle Maxie back when she was feeding Lucky pills, now I want to just sit her down, give her a hug and a cup of coffee, and tell her that it’s all going to be ok someday.   Darn Mac’s hide – he should be doing that!


So far, I am intrigued by Claudia, although I don’t care for her with Sonny.  The whole thing seemed a bit forced.  I think I’d be much more interested if I wasn’t so sure that this whole “mob war” will end like every other GH mob war – with Jason & Sonny coming out on top, with the cops looking like goobers, and the latest mob molls cooing “you were so BRAVE and you did what you had to DO.”  Yawn.  Been there, seen that, didn’t care enough THEN to even bother getting a t-shirt.


I really really like Nadine.  I like her compassion for Nik.  I kinda like them together.  It makes me hope he has surgery and gets rid of PretendEm and moves on with his life.  I mean, if he’s not going to go searching for Sparky, then I can live with him and the blonde nurse.   I can just *see* Helena’s reaction to having a hockey fan in the family.




I absolutely adore the new friendship between Alexis and Diane.  These two are much more interesting as friends than as adversaries.  GH has been missing real female friendships lately – it’s very nice to see one again.  One that makes sense too. 


Someone should tell Sam that she’d have a much better chance to fight up serial killers if she’d just quit wearing those damn spike heels.  It’s impossible to walk in those damn things – much less run.  If she *must* wear them, then I do wish she’d use one to puncture the foot of whomever is attacking her. 


And that’s about all I have this time! 


Y’all have a great week!


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