October 13, 2007


*blank stare*

Ummmm.. Where to begin?

*more blank stares*

Uh....Ava... I love the "idea" of Ava.  I like the idea of Lily have a flesh-and-blood sister on canvas.  Unfortunately I, and many others from what I hear, absolutely hate, loathe and despise Ava with the intensity of a thousand suns.  Levin Rambin is a FABULOUS actress.  She breathes life, honesty and believability into the character of Lily Montgomery.  Talented actress that she is, she also makes Ava "real" for us.  A little too real, given how poorly conceived and written the character of Ava has and continues to be.  Perhaps therein lies the problem.  Levin can play a tree stump brought to life - that doesn't mean we want to see a tree stump sucking up all the air time on AMC (or ANY air time!)  It's a crying shame how badly written Ava is.  She is so completely unlikable and one dimensional.  I understand that they were probably trying to make her the polar opposite of Lily, but they went too far overboard - or not far enough.  If they were trying to go for a Stuart-Adam redux they seriously missed the mark.  At least Adam is LIKABLE; Ava?  Not at all.  Add to that the fact that they put her with Jonathug?  Bad, bad, BAD idea.  It's completely icky!  No, check that... It's downright sick!   Yet they continue to bring her front and center and the more they do that?  The more I look away (read: FF).  I'm sure that's not what the desired outcome is for TPTB, but it's what I and many others (more and more everyday) are forced to do, because she is just that hateable!


It's not too late to try and salvage her.  If they gave her some real depth, some warmth, some humanity, some vulnerability and a freakin backstory so we'd understand why she is so... so... so... what's the word I'm looking for here?  Damaged?  An attention-whore?  Yes, they threw us a little tidbit about how badly her own mother treated her, but that wasn't enough to explain why Ava is the way she is.  And did I mention that putting her with Jonathug was a bad mistake?  Not just because he's a Lavery, but because he's Jonathug; and... well, there's that whole Lily factor too.  Being the attention whore that she is, it's inconceivable that Ava would stand still (for even one second) at being an obvious replacement for her much-beloved younger sister.  Ava is Lily - without her humanity and depth - but able to be touched and have sex.  There is nothing else to see in her BUT that.  Seriously.  Otherwise, how could Jonathug so suddenly be so madly in love with an empty vessel?  He keeps telling her that when he looks at her, he sees HER, not Lily.  Um... yeah, we believe THAT line, don't we?  There is nothing to Ava except her physical resemblance to Lily and her attention-whoring ways.  Then again, this is a Lavery we're talking about here, so...

I say, if there is any hope of salvaging the character of Ava, TPTB need to get her away (far, FAR away) from Jonathug and all things Lavery and center her back in the lives of the Montgomery clan.  While we're at it, bring Reggie Montgomery back.  If anyone could cut through all of Ava's bull and make her walk the line, it would be Reggie! 

Moving on...


Wow!  What a little goldmine they've found in Brittany Underwood / Langston Wilde.  I love, love, LOVE that they are throwing her and Dorian together!  Dorian and Langston are and will likely continue to be the personification of what Dorian and AdriYAWNa SHOULD have been.  Finally they have given Dorian someone worthy of being a daughter to her.  (I know, I know, Lang is not her real daughter, but then again, AdriYAWNa is nothing like what a real daughter of Dorian Lord would be, so...there!)   I love that the meddling Dorian of old stuck her nose in where it didn't belong and, in the process, gained herself a new charge.  Also, this is meaty material for both women to sink their teeth into and they are both equal to the challenge.  Langston's story is truly heartbreaking - the essence of soapiness.  Yeah, it's improbable that a fifteen year old could actually pull off what Lang did for a year and a half, but, so what?!  It's GREAT drama!  I am really looking forward to them exploring this storyline further and to seeing Langston struggle with suddenly having a mother figure in her life again.  After all, she had no one telling her what to do for a year and a half, so she's gotten accustomed to calling the shots for herself all by her onesie.  It's going to be difficult for her to sit back and allow Dorian to mother her - as well meaning and loving as Dorian can be, she is intensely meddlesome and it's going to create some friction between them - no matter how grateful Langston is to her for "rescuing" her.   Bring. It. On.  Oh, and let AdriYAWNa leave town or be killed off. 

*emphatic nod*

Onto the other drama in Llanview... Manning vs. McBain, et al.  I mentioned this a few columns back, but it bears repeating.  Yes, Todd is a complete arse, but he's an arse who loves and deserves to have his child back.  Even the judge agreed.  People are so down on him for behaving... well... like... Todd - as if that were a sudden change in character for him.   I have heard people wanking on him about how he should be more understanding and grateful to Marcie and Michael for taking care of his son all this time... Uh, yeah... One half of that duo was knowingly and actively doing everything he could to keep Todd's son away from him.  Because it was best for Tommy?  No.  Because it was best for him and his wife.  This couple, to whom Todd is supposed to behave so graciously, were full of sympathy and well-wishes for him to find the son that had been so wrongly stolen from him UNTIL they learned that Todd's son was actually the boy they were raising.  Then, suddenly, it wasn't so horrible that Todd's son had been stolen from him. Suddenly, they had no more sympathy for him and the hell he had gone through to try and find his son.  Suddenly, Todd was the devil incarnate and they were pulling out all the stops to make sure he could never get his hands on his own son; without much more than a passsing concern that he might even lose his other two children in the process.   It didn't matter that Starr and Jack could be hurt, as long as they could hold onto a stolen baby.

Todd was right when he told Bo and John that, had it been him who absconded with Tommy, they would have thrown a dragnet over the city - not to mention the State - within seconds of finding out what he'd done, but since it was Marcie?  They were giving her all the time in the world to get away with his stolen child.  Is it any wonder Todd behaves like an arse?  Even Bo - who should be absolutely OUTRAGED by what the McBains, Rex and AdriYAWNa have done, is dragging his heels and showing absolutely no sympathy for the man who has had yet another roadblock thrown into the reunion between him and his child.  Bo should have done more than suspend John; he should have fired him on the spot.  He should have dragged Michael and Rex and AdriYAWNA down to the precinct and AT LEAST questioned them about their part in the furtherance of the baby-napping begun by Spencer.  There is no question now that Bo knows that Michael KNEW the truth about Tommy long before it came out that day in the courtroom.  He knows Michael committed perjury.  That alone should have him spitting nails, but is he?  No.  Why?  Because it's just Todd who was victimized - no big deal.   So he goes over to tell Nora that Marcie kidnapped Tommy and (likely) fled the State, but does he mention Michael's perjury?  Nope.  Shame, shame, shame.  Bo knows what it feels like to have a child stolen and he should be acting just as pissed off as Nora was when she warned John that she would go after anyone who did that to someone else - even if that someone else was Todd Manning. 

That said, this is giving us more gold in the form of Kathy Brier's performance.  WOW!  She is working this storyline for all she's worth, isn't she?  Don't get me wrong, I don't feel sorry for her - anymore - but she is rocking her scenes!   Great job, Kathy.  Really great job. 


I know this is likely to get me some hatemail, but I have to say... I really haven't missed Sam McCall these last few weeks at all.

*dodges rotten tomatoes*

I have, however, discovered a new depth in my Lucky-disdain.  Talk about an arse!   Why is it obvious to everyone BUT Lucky that he's being a complete and utter jerk?!  How does he not get that he can't just turn on a dime and suddenly not be okay with the very custody arrangements he and Lizzeh agreed upon JUST because Lizzeh hired (the fabulous) Diane Miller to draw up the papers?!  How childish and petty is this ponce going to get?!   Honestly, his Jason-envy has reached epic proportions and it's really gotten tired!

Another thing that (I've heard) has people buzzing mad is the sudden introduction of the Night Shift staff.  I do understand the sentiment from the non-Nightshift fans - truly.  It had be confusing as hell when these people and storylines popped up out of nowhere.  It wasn't exactly a seamless meshing of the two shows.  Even as a Nightshift fan, I found the transition to be rather jarring, but at least I knew who all the players were and what the storylines were about.  That said, I am personally thrilled that they brought over some of my favorite players.  Dr. Leo Julian, for one, has oodles of potential and I cannot wait to see him utilized - especially if it means that he will be working alongside Monica Q and Bobbie Spencer!   How great would that be?!  If they still plan to revisit Maxie's heart problems (as rumored for so long) then it would be nice to see Leo, Monica and Bobbie working together to save her.  Maxie and Leo already have an established relationship (from Nightshift) and their chemistry is amazing.  In fact, I'd almost rather see Maxie develop an infatuation with Leo than for her to keep on pursuing Logan, Coop or Lucky. 

Kelly and Lainey weren't new to the GH canvas, but they were so ridiculously underused that it felt like they were new.  Cody was a relatively new player in town, but he was introduced on GH before Nightshift began, so he's not a new-new face; and his storyline with Lainey and her father was INCREDIBLE.  That man can act and the chemistry Cody and Lainey share is off the charts.  I am SO glad they brought him over.  Really, the only character I'm not happy to see over at GH is Leyla (whom I referred to in my NS Recap columns as "Skankla").  I think I've run into MAYBE three people (out of hundreds) online who actually like Skankla - the rest absolutely abhorr her.  Not all of them hate her simply because she moved in on Patrick despite knowing that he was involved with Robin - most hate her just because she is so... well... hateable.  I'd so much rather they have brought Nurse Regina over instead of Nurse Skankla.


Newness aside?  I'm hoping everyone gives these new storylines a chance.  After all, how long have we been complaining about the mob stories overshadowing General HOSPITAL?  Yes, we could have wished for a smoother transition, but that's not what we got.  Now that these stories are here, I hope everyone can begin to embrace them rather than to balk against them.  After all, the show was called General HOSPITAL for a reason.  I, for one, am glad to have a chance at more balanced (less mob, more hospital) shows in the future.  

Until next time,

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