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I like Johnny & Lulu.  I think they have chemistry.  I like Johnny.  I have a feeling there is more to him – more to his sister.  And you know what?  I’d like to find out what that is.  Because the Z’s?  They are new blood.  Good Lord, GH needed some new blood.  Or fresh ideas.  And if I can’t get fresh ideas, I’ll take new blood.


I do wish they weren’t mobsters though.  I am beyond tired of mobsters.  I’m tired of shootouts, and car bombs, and snipers, and kidnapping and empty threats.  Don’t even get me started on my thoughts on little boys with guns.  Or little boys wanting to be like their mobster daddy.  And daddy acting like it's out of left field.  Pfft.


Maybe that’s why I find Johnny interesting.  He really doesn’t WANT to be a mobster.  He doesn't want to be like daddy.  I think he’d be much happier playing piano in some lounge somewhere.  I’m much more intrigued by the man that is sucked into the life against his will than the on who chooses the life despite having other choices. Perhaps I’m so tired of the current mobster schtick because – well – because we know it all.  We know why Sonny is claustrophobic.  We know why he has all those conflicted feelings concerning women – and why he’ll treat ‘em like dirt one minute, then put them on a pedestal the next.  We know why he’ll never leave the mob.  It’s all about the power – about never being that helpless, powerless little boy in the closet again.  We know.  And now – we’re kinda bored by it.  He’s not moving forward.  He’s not developing.  Ok – he got treatment for his bipolar disorder, but he still goes cold towards a woman the minute she doesn’t fall into line.  He’s stale.  And I’m bored by him and by the whole status quo.


The Zacchara’s, on the other hand, are new.  We are beginning to get those first glimpses into why Claudia is so hard.  And why Johnny feels like he has to put walls between himself and anyone else.  It’s new – and hopefully it will be fresh.  For now – it’s interesting in a way that Jason and Sonny haven’t been in a long long time.


Not to change the subject, but I am tired of Spinelli’s Philip Marlowe daydreams.  Not that I have anything against the whole genre – I don’t.  After all, I *am* a huge fan of Moonlight – and all that is is a Philip Marlowe type detective with fangs.  Well, and a smoking hot vampire detective.  But Spinelli’s Marlowe fantasies just don’t fit Spinelli.  I could see it if Dillon had these type of daydreams.  Dillon had a history of loving all movies black and white.  Spin’s fantasies, on the other hand, seem straight out of left field.  Honestly, considering his age, and his love of pop culture, wouldn’t it make more sense if Spinelli was picturing himself as Magnum, P.I.?


Wouldn’t THAT be way more fun?  I can just see Jason as Spinelli’s “Higgins.”  I see him as all uptight, and with a fake British accent.  Oh - and a suit.  Johnny could be “Rick” and Milo would be a much lighter skinned “T.C.”  I’d much rather see Spinelli rockin’ a monster 80’s stache rather than a fedora.  I’m telling ya – THAT would be entertainment folks.  It would fit Spinelli’s wacky personality so much better.  Not to mention that Maxie just doesn’t pull off the whole 40’s femme fatale thing.  But put her in some 80’s monster shoulder pads and some big ole hair? 


Yeah baby.


(By the way – PTB?  Feel free to steal that idea.  No really – it would be worth it just to see ONE Magnum fantasy.  Just one.  That’s all I’m asking.)



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