For the week of July 30th

                             “They started the C-section and Spike is in surgery.”


We would be hard pressed to find a soap character who had a worse week than Kendall.  Kendall went into labor 4 months early while on the way to a meeting she hoped would save her company from ruin. In order to spare Spike from seeing her upset and in pain she handed him over to neophyte kidnapper Greenlee. Greenlee’s actions resulted in Spike’s spleen rupturing. On top of all that Kendall had to suffer the indignity of singing the Boom Chica Boom song with Babe. 

All those happenings make it official: Kendall has replaced Bianca as Pine Valley’s Job. Bianca had taken the Job job over from Brooke “if it wasn’t for bad luck she’d have no luck at all” English

However, I am fairly certain that Job’s hair had nothing on Kendall’s. Only on a soap would a surgical cap come off to reveal cascading curls. (I kind of hate Kendall for that.)

AMC truly was a soap this week wasn’t it? Kidnapping, babies in danger, a hero defrocked, a villain performing a heroic act and a newly reconciled couple in danger of falling apart over their children.

It was quite simply the best week AMC has had in years.

How the hell did that happen?

Well, for one thing it wasn’t a Carey-centric week which is always refreshing.

For another, Adam EVIL Chandler saved Ava’s life and in a very heartfelt moment sent flowers to the Slaters. David Canary, with or without good writing, always plays Adam as a complex character but it was nice to see the script actually supporting the notion that Adam has a heart.

And Erica did not play the diva card but behaved like a mother trying to help her daughter all the while knowing there was very little she could do. Erica even apologized quickly when her good christening intention turned out to be exactly the wrong thing to do. Erica’s small moments are always Susan Lucci’s best ones.

Babe and Jamie even sort of admitted that stealing babies is never the right thing to do.  Their realization was years too late but it was something. (I still am waiting for Babe to realize that telling JR about their son’s (fake) death in a note was the wrong thing to do. And no, just apologizing to JR wouldn’t count because he would somehow wind up apologizing to her for having read the note or some such nonsense.)

And this week I was interested in Greenlee for the first time since her return. Ms. Singh did a great job playing punctured lung Greenlee. Unlike some other actors she never forgot she was playing a seriously injured person. Her performance made it easy to overlook the accident’s ridiculous details: the car seat being thrown out of the car, no leaking gasoline and, best of all, Greenlee’s indestructible cell phone!

It’s impossible to condone Greenlee’s actions even though they support my theory about Greenlee unraveling after Leo’s death. Since her return Greenlee has been a one-note character, a pushy stalker obsessed with Ryan and the fruit of his loins. This week she showed herself to be more complex. The flashbacks were a good way to show why Greenlee is so Greenlee. “I want to be wanted” summed up her neuroses perfectly.

This week Josh continued his journey from odious to bearable to downright likeable. (Some viewers even consider Josh lick-able but I cannot go that far. Yet.) Josh was a supportive brother, son and brother-in-law.  Now if the writers would only re-write the rewritten history of Josh being Erica’s aborted abortion…

Annie did all the right things this week. She offered quiet support. A hug here, a kind gesture there means a lot to people dealing with tragedy.  Annie did not make the tragedy about her and sought to give comfort without expecting it in return. (Babe could learn a lesson or two from Annie.) It didn’t even upset me when Annie told Ryan he was a hero. Why not?  Telling your husband he is an ass while his son is recovering from surgery would be poor timing indeed. 

My goodness, I am positively mellow about this week’s AMC and it feels damn good.

What was one of the best things that happened this week? Adam in jeans!

What else. What else.

I could have done without Lily and her statistics of joy.

“Being angry at the world or burying someone alive is not going to bring your child back any sooner.” True, that isn’t exactly the advice Tad gave Ryan but that’s what I heard him say.

Spike was so cute pulling his foot to his mouth that I wanted to kidnap him.

“Spike has been in danger since Greenlee got back in town.”  Ryan said that like it was a startling revelation. Am I imagining Zach, Kendall, Annie and Erica warning Ryan countless times about how dangerous Greenlee was?

“You open your eyes and the room gets better.” Even when his world is falling apart Zach always finds the right thing to say. Sigh.

Hearing only music as Kendall and Spike were rushing to surgery was perfect. It heightened the emotion when we finally heard Kendall yell for her son. There hasn’t been a more painful scream since Bianca screamed after hearing Miranda was dead.  

“That woman has some issues.” Yes, Krystal, Amanda does have some issues but they don’t include DNA switching, kidnapping, faking deaths or trading oral sex for grades.

“I’m all alone, too.”  Is this the beginning of Ava and Adam being BFFs? Highly unlikely but it is fun to imagine.

“It’s the least I can do.”  No, Krystal, the least you could do is to leave the Valley.

Erica acknowledging how perfect Zach is for Kendall was nice. Now if Erica would just realize Ryan is an ass.

“Daddy, where’s Spike?”  Yes, I hate what Greenlee did but when she finally called Jack “Daddy” I was moved. 

“I’m going to check on Spike.” Just when I thought Zach couldn’t be more wonderful, he says that.

“A stupid cosmetics company run by a group of crazy women.” Once again, Ava dares to speak the truth.

Derek’s hair is turning grey. Well, that’s what dating Krystal can do to you. 

Will this week’s spoilers make our hair turn grey or not? Let’s see.

The sadness continues at PVH.

Baby Slater needs surgery to repair a hole in his heart.

This would be the perfect time for the evil but sexy Dr. David Hayward to return, wouldn’t it?

Baby Slater gets a name and it’s Ian.

It’s sweet that the name honors his Aunt BIANca, isn’t it?

Zach sits outside the operating room waiting for news about his son.

Boy, and I thought Zach sitting outside the morgue so Simone wouldn’t be alone was sad.

Ian’s surgery is successful.

At least there’s good news about one of Kendall’s sons.

Ryan finds it difficult to stay positive about Spike’s chances for recovery.

Hopefully Lily won’t show up with statistics about survival rates for babies who have had spleen surgery.

Annie brings Emma to the hospital to see Ryan.

If Spike and Emma share a scene will it be too much adorable-ness for us to handle?

Zach can no longer hide his pain when he hears Myrtle’s voice.

Credit where credit is due.  Megan McTavish got something right when she created this friendship.  It was just about the only good thing she did for AMC.

Ryan tells Kendall not to feel guilty about what happened to Spike.

After all she wasn’t the one who told Greenlee she could be an active member of Spike’s family and then changed her mind.

Kendall grows closer to Josh when she sees his concern and love for both her and Ian.

Which reminds me, has anyone let Trey know about his new nephew? I am fairly certain that prisoners can get messages from family. And what about Reggie? I assume Jack knows where he is but maybe not.

Erica’s grows increasingly angry at Jack for standing by his daughter.

Seeing the other person’s point of view really isn’t Erica’s strong suit, is it?

Josh and Greenlee’s recent closeness seems to have evaporated.

Psst, Greenlee, kidnapping a family member is never the way to win a man’s heart.

Spotted Dick probes Greenlee.

Mind out of the gutter, please. Aidan asks Greenlee questions about what really happened.

Greenlee tells Aidan that she did steal Spike but changed her mind.

Every woman crumbles when probed by Spotted Dick.

Greenlee heads over to Fusion where Di and Babe are less than sympathetic.

And why should Babe be sympathetic? After all, it’s not as if she ever kidnapped a baby or two. 

Amanda shows Greenlee more understanding than her co-workers.

Of course she does. A side benefit of having a schizophrenic mother is understanding aberrant behavior. 

Greenlee feels the need to apologize to Spike. Unfortunately for her Kendall arrives and attacks her former best friend.

Greenlee is lucky Kendall doesn’t have a knife strapped to her thigh.

Other stuff happens, too.

Ava works with Derek and Jack to trap a drug dealer named Lenny.

Lenny is a popular name for lowlifes. Wasn’t a bad guy named Lenny somehow involved in one of the Julia/Noah storylines?

With Zach distracted by his family emergency, Adam makes a move to snatch back CE.

It only seems fair since Zach used Adam’s vulnerabilities to get control of CE in the first place.

Jonathan pleads with Ava.

“Please, please dress up like Lily again.”

Here’s to another week in the Valley!

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